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How do I get my HOME page to be the HOME page and not a DEFAULT PAGE that says HOME ?

I created all my pages and published them. Then I went to APPEARANCE > MENU and set up my MAIN NAV and selected it for the Main Navigation.

I have 2 pages that we are dealing with HOME (which should be the home page with the sliders, etc…) and PRESS (which will publish all the blog posts).

So here’s what I have tried with crazy results:

1. I set up the PRESS page by using the NEWS template. No problems. And the index page shows up the way it is supposed to until I use the HOME link in the navigation (It just goes to a default template page). Pressing the logo works fine, though.

2. So, I go to READING SETTINGS and select “Static Page” and set FRONT PAGE to “Home” and POSTS PAGE to “Press” and then SAVE . Then, when I choose HOME or the main Logo, I get the default template pages. When I select the PRESS page, it now displays all the Home Widgets and stuff.

3. If I reverse the settings and set FRONT PAGE to “Press” and POSTS PAGE to “Home” something weirder happens. When I press HOME it takes me to the correct Home Page. When I choose PRESS it takes me to the correct Press Page. But when I click on the logo it takes me to the PRESS page as well.


Now, this all works normal if I choose not to have the HOME page in the MAIN NAV and set the READING SETTINGS back to the non-static selection, however, this site will probably be dealing with an older demographic and needs the HOME link as well as the logo to link to the widgeted HOME PAGE .

Make Sense?

Go to Appearance -> Menu, choose this setting to set the homepage. Homepage is available by default but it’s hidden in View All Tabs, and most people didnt found it.

Wow! That was easy. I would never have figured that out.

@plentong I am still waiting on your response from 10 days ago…dude, come on, just respond!

Before i purchase im interested in building a website where i can portray my company, healthy smoothies and such. Which obviously i can do with this, but i also plan on selling books and such on the website is there any ecommerce plugin that would work with this theme?

Hmm, I never use any ecommerce plugin before so I dont know if it will work or not

Hi Plentong, Can you tell me please how can I create subpages of the Food page. I have created categories for the Food Entries but i cannot figure it out how to do what you have in the Demo. I don’t know how to do a Dessert Subpage to the main Restaurant page.


Love your theme! Really!

After you create the food entries, you just need to set the categories in menu, Appearance -> Menu. Check this screenshot:

Hi, good job! This is a wonderful theme! Please, just a doubt, I bought this theme but I’m having problems with the subitems of menu “PRODUTOS” when open it, it is showing very big something like the principal menu. What can I do?

Please, look at the image:


Can you give me thr url? Also give me wpadmin access, contact me from my profile page

URGENT I’m having trouble to change the menu’s URL ( eg."menuscat"/apptizers ) to ("menu"/apptizers )

I would like to give this theme a good rate, could you help me please? :)

It’s interfering in my website’s optimization. If you goggle ‘menuscat food’, you’ll find tons of websites using this theme.

Sorry but you can’t change it into menu or menus because wordpress already use that functions. So you need to change with another name, for example: hungry

1. Change all “menuscat” text into “hungry” in functions.php 2. Change all “menuscat” text into “hungry” in taxonomy-menuscat.php 3. Now chnage taxonomy-menuscat.php into taxonomy-hungry.php

I didn’t try it yet but it should work. Oh and you cannot use foods or food because I already use that function.

I was wondering if its possible to change the footer on the blog page so that it only registers the “footerbottom” part. With all the text and widgets in the footer on EVERY page we don’t want duplicate contetnt for SEO purposes. Could I just copy a piece of the footer and make a footer2.php?

Hi plentong,

Thanks for the answer. I manage to fix it by following your instructions :) But now I having trouble to search foods, the widget ‘search’ only searches for pages and posts. Is there any way to include foods as well?

Thanks in advance :)

Yeah, because the foods layout is different so the result could be bad. But if you want to activate it just edit functions.php and change

‘exclude_from_search’ => true

From dl_foods custom post into: false

hi how can i change the text style of the header ive tried everything but still the same i want the about us etc in italic many thanks

I already replied your email

Hello, I’m having an issue with the sliding image behind the main menu items on top. The image is shown over the entire menu, not like your demo where it only slides over the current selected menu item. Why is that?

Actually the hover over the to menu seems to be disabled. even the menu highlight does not happen. but if I click on the menu item it does take me to the page associated with it.


Hi could you give me your url? so I can check it and fix it.


I had to manually add a menu to the menu creater and assign it to the to menu. not it works.


So you already fixed your issue?


How do I widen the width of the template, like it is in the demo?

Also is there any way to list the foods in a certain order. For example, rather than the most recent first, if I could assign each food a number, then be able to display it in order – that would be great!


Hi, Go to Theme Setting, there is setting to list the foods by alphabet

Fantastic support on this theme, thank you.

I made a couple of silly css mistakes and they were fixed quickly and professionally. First rate customer service!

Many thanks :)

Hi again,

Thanks for answering my previous question. Although you didn’t answer the second question, I managed to figure it out :)

I’ve some more questions if you will…

1) How can I make the long grey panel in the footer, smaller? 2) How can I apply quotes in the testimonial widget like you’ve done in the psd?


1. What do you mean smaller? reduce the width? or height? You need to reduce back_footer.png height to reduce the height. 2. The psd is the layout from HTML version, so it little bit different from the wordpress. Looks like I can’t make it looks like the HTML version so I change it

I would like to reduce the width of the whole footer.

You need to reduce the width for #placefooter, #footertop & .placewidgetfooter from 990px into another size. For example we change it into 800px. Now you need to change .boxfooter width. 800 – 60(margin) = 740. And divide it with three (because you have 3 .boxfoter). 740/3 = 246px. So the width for .boxfooter must be 246px

On the homepage, I did: Theme Settings > Homepage Slideshow > Uploaded Slide Left Images 1, 2, 3

But my homepage still displays a text box with Recent Post, Comments, etc.

The Middle and Right boxes display uploaded pictures nicely


To see what I was talking about, please see: Thanks

Hmm, the slideshow looks normal. Can you explain it to me what the problem is?

Hi, I figured it out and fixed the problems before you saw the site. Thanks,

Greetings. Is there an easy way to upgrade to the latest version of the theme easily to keep all of my current settings?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, you can just replace it with the new file. But you need to make the backup of your old file if you change the css file or another php file

I have a couple of problems: 1. For some reasons the sub-menus are not displayed well. Check out my site, Try clicking on “Locations” for example. The “Round Rock” and “Great Hills” tabs are not close together. 2. I use “Food Categories” and “Food” to create the food menu via “Appearance > Menus” . But all the “Foods” appear on one page if I choose the “Foods” template for that page. I wanted to have sub-pages under “Menu” that display items group by categories. Please show me how to do that. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I already answer your email