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hi, i want to buy tour nice theme, could you tell me if there are some different sliders available? thank you Tony

Hi, I’m using jquery cycle for the slideshow: http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/ So you can only change animation style for the slider

My client would appreciate the movement of your theme. He runs a tour business. Could this be set up for tours and regions rather than food?

mmm, not sure, basically you can use it for anything but the foods menu template can only use for foods restaurant menu.

Hi Plentong,

A question before buying, on the homepage, the two picture displays are portrait oriented, could I use two picture displays that are landscape oriented ?

Cheers… and thanks.

No, sorry, you need to modify a lot of css code and html code to do that

Hi again,

I’ve managed to put the menu above the logo – can you tell me how I centre the both the menu and the logo?


Hi, could you give me the url please? You need to modify the css code for logo and menu

Love this theme! Would like to know how to get the gallery page look like the rest (I am using your gallery setting format) and the search box is on the bottom, the red flag is missing, and the wood frame is not there. I have read many of your replies to others and have been able to figure out all my other questions from your terrific answers! Thanks so much in advance!!

I’m not sure how to post the screen shot here, sorry! I am new at web development, but the site is http://cafebuongiornos.com

Hmm, that’s weird, contact me from my profile page and give me wp-admin access. I’ll check it and fix it

HELP ME PLEASE ! I am happy with this theme with the exception of a few items: 1. I cannot get more than 1 image to load into a gallery. The “gallery options” pull-down does not work in the WP panel. So there is no option to have multiple images in one gallery. 2. The “Food” page has an indent in the formatting which does not match your live previews. I would really like it to look like your preview site. And lightbox does not come up with the linked image as it does on your preview site. 3. The “testimonial widget” formatting is different than your site preview and will not show the quote graphic in the right footer. 4. Bottom logo will not load.

Here is the link to the test site: http://orangepepperdesign.com/wordpress/

Thanks! Kelly

I already answer your email

Hey, thanks for making this theme and the support. I have a few questions and hopefully you can help us out

1. On our site, www.tays-teekitchen.com, we chose to go with the pink option for the theme. We are looking to change the main nav menu from green to pink that matches the rest of the background and purple of the header background to match when we hover. We are also looking to remove the image on the drop down of the menu. Which CSS codes would we be tweaking to make these changes? OR is this an image?

2. How do we import pictures to the gallery? When I go to edit a gallery, “gallery options” does not expand.

Thank you for any help you can provide us.

Hi, I will answer your question:

1. Did you create the Nav Menu from Wordpress 3 menu system? If not, you should create the Nav Menu from Wordpress 3 menu builder. go to Appearance -> Menus and create your menu.

2. You can create gallery by creating a new Page. In the right box you will see “Page Attributes”, choose Gallery template and if you add new gallery it will appear in that page. Please read the documentation file. Or you use Wordpress 3 ‘Post Format’ feature. This theme already support gallery post format.


Hello I am trying to put the html code of a page the following code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”../tour/swfobject.js”> </ script> To view virtual tour enquiry.c, Flash Player 9.0.28 or later version is needed. Please download the latest version of Flash Player and install it on your computer.

<script type="text/javascript">
/ / <! [CDATA [
var so = new SWFObject (".. / tour / twviewer.swf", "sotester", "915", "400", "9.0.0", "# 000000");
so.addParam ("allowNetworking", "all");
so.addParam ("allowScriptAccess", "always");
so.addParam ("allowFullScreen", "true");
so.addParam ("scale", "noScale");
/ / <! - %%  Mode Share ->
so.addVariable ("lwImg", "");
so.addVariable ("lwBgColor", "255,255,255,255");
so.addVariable ("lwBarBgColor", "255,255,255,255");
so.addVariable ("lwBarColor", "255,0,255,0");
so.addVariable ("lwBarBounds", "183,320,549,8");
so.addVariable ("lwlocation", "0");
so.addVariable ("lwShowLoadingPercent", "true");
so.addVariable ("lwTextColor", "255,0,0,0");
so.addVariable ("inifile", "config_TourVirtual.bin");
so.addVariable ("progressType", "0");
so.addVariable ("swfFile", "");
so.addVariable ("href", location.href);
so.write ("flashcontent");
/ /]]>
</ script>

Simply does not work, has some blocking?

Not sure what is the function with that code, maybe you can give me the url? I’ll check it directly from your website

RE: Your response to my original comment.

1. I did create the menu thru the Wordpress Menu System. I’m just trying to change the color of the background of the menu from green to pink or purple (tays-teekitchen.com. Do you change the color of the menu thru that or the style sheets?

2. Thanks

You can change it from stylesheet, however if you change the theme color, it will load different css. So you need to change the correct css file

Can you tell me the exact style it is to change it with in the sheet and what sheet exactly?


Contact me from my profile page and give me your wpadmin access and I will change it for you

Also the Gallery functions aren’t the easiest to work with and the work around you suggested in an earlier post doesn’t really work. I understand you guys are supporting a lot of people, but please respond ASAP as this is hindering launch of our website. We will review the documentation again in the mean time, but a lot of the functions in this theme are not intuative.

You need to create a new page and assign page template into gallery. Now you just need to add new post in gallery custom post, add image in featured images and your gallery will appear.

how is this theme compatible with multilingual plugins like http://wpml.org/ or qTranslate

what parts can be translated with multilingual plugin – all parts ?

Hi, I never try that plugin so I’m not sure if it work or not

Hi there! Great theme! I need help with the following please:

1. remove slideshow from navigation menu 2. when adding links to footer social icons; no link appears? I enetered it with the http://...Is this a bug possibly? I did notice it works if you have home page settings set to latest posts… i need to create a custom home page so I set it as static. 3. Changing the sidebar on the default page to be on the right side?

Thanks in advance for your help:) the url is http://www.chzlouise.com

I already answer your email

I would really like to know how to remove the slideshow scrolling image in the main navigation, can you tell me where to remove the code, I tried deleting it from the header file but it didnt seem to work? Please advise.

Thanks for responding via email on the two previous questions!:)

Hi, I would like my rts to show in the twitter widget. how can I update the functions file?


Very beautiful template sir, my client loved it also!

Everything is pretty much straightforward, except I would like to know how do you have a Foods, Gallery, etc page without the sidebar. I ventured into the php files to try and change it, it did work, but the border was out of line and had many problems.

I would like to know the proper way to get rid of the sidebar. Also how could I move the red ribbon to the left like it is on the full-width page.

Thank you,


Go to theme setting you will find setting to make some page go full page without sidebar. In full width the red ribbon will dissapear, if you choose the sidebar to display on the left, the red ribbon will automatically goes to the left.


Thanks for your reply, but that option is only available if I put the page under gallery template, not all my pages are gallery. I want to know how can I edit the php files for the testimonial, foods, etc.

I was able to remove the side bar, the ribbon, but the alignment still behaves like a sidebar, my php is not better good.

Thank you,

You can edit testimonial from testiomonial-template.php, gallery file is gallery-template.php, foods template is foods-template.php and so on. May be you can give me the url so I can check it

Hi there,

I created a child theme from delicious and after uploading it, the main navigation looks wired. Did you have had this problem in the past or can you tell me how I have to create a child theme in detail from your theme? Is there any specific handling?

Thank you very much!

your twitter feeds are no longer working

Update twitter.js with this one, I will update this theme immediately