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Wow! This is awesome! ;)
good luck with sales!

Thank you bro!


Drop-down sidebar is amazing and very original :))

Thank you Rebecca, There is a lot of jQuery behind that effect, and much effort, so I’m glad that someone likes it

Manuel ;-)

Gr8 Work..! Well done..! Good Luck with Sales..!! :))

Thank you!


cool stuff!

couple quick questions before i purchase:

1. can you have multiple blog pages that displays only specific post categories?

2. can you have multiple gallery/portfolio pages that displays only specific gallery/portfolio categories?



Hi Chris, no, you must put in the menu the Category page or the Portfolio page.

Cheers Manuel

Very original!

Good luck with the sales!

Thank you Tom


Wow! Impressive template and it looks like just what i need. Quick question before purchase:

I’ve got a logo that needs to be about double the size up and down (width is okay as it is) what you currently have on the demo.

http://www.umstot.com/extras/images/logoinverse.jpg gives you an idea of the logo.

Didn’t know if it’s something i could easily change in the wp code.

Thanks for your help!

It’s amazing how much work you’ve put into this template. The admin section itself is so valuable and well thought out!


Hi umstot, you can try by yourself: paste the image url in the admin panel. Go to

Colors & images -> Header -> Header background image

Paste here your image url, then in the field below called “Header background image position” type:

0px 20px

... the margins around your logo. Then in the field below called “Header padding” type:

141px 0px 0px 144px;

Then go to Styles in the admin panel and add to the code you already see:

header {
height: 184px;
width: 181px;

I think it would work, let me know.


Any plans for a HTML Version?

Good luck with sales.

No Massix, sorry! And thank you


Congrats guys! Another great addition to flash like themes on themeforest.

Thank you ThemeProvince… I’m alone, so I’d say guy ;-) Thank you so much!


Truly amazing work Manuel :-) ! I think this is a must have for me !!!



oops sorry- i posted from the wrong login (should be from chipperson )

BEAUTIFUL .. back-end and front! I’m very inspired, and will definitely buy this within the next week.

thanks for being born :D

Thank you so much


Very good job bro. I purchase :)

Thank you iamilkay, If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me! :-)

i just bought this and installed it but when i try to see it on the site, its all blank. all i see is a dark grey background, even after i set an image as the background.

Hi mindfusionfx, and thank you for your purchase.

Very strange, but probably it’s a bug, why not. Can you send me your site address so I can better understand what the problem is?


i sent you info via the contact form on your profile page. did you get it?

Unbelievable abilities and functionality, Awesome Stuff!

Good luck :)

Thank you so much!


got an error in the admin panel

So sorry Chris, probably it’s a bug… I don’t know. Could you paste here the error?


Absolutely incredible work! I am actually looking for a fullscreen layout like this. Will probably purchase next week for project.

Thank you vinvalentino!

Cheers Manuel

I just love it… :inlove: Fantastic work!!!

Thank you


Great Theme! Is there no contact form in this template? Is there also a xml for loading the demo content? Thanks!

No, sorry, no xml… I could, but an exported xml has no feature images, and Delight is based on the feature images.

About contact form: there is a contact form generator: you can create how many contact forms as you want and use them in a sidebar widget (http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/delight/widgets-contact-forms/) or inside a post or page with a shortcode (http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/delight/shortcodes-contact-forms/ ... bottom of the page).



Great theme

Does portfolio supoort videos in lightbox ?


Hi kreolyab, sure, click on a portfolio page and look at the first or the third image. If you click the left icon you’ll open the ColorBox with a self-hosted video (first image) and a video from Vimeo (third image).