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Hola Manuel

I’ve got a new Issue for you.

It comes on the background when you load the page. “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘baseurl’ in /users/enjarts/www/enjarts/wp-content/themes/delight/functions/lib/pix_functions.php on line 763

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘baseurl’ in /users/enjarts/www/enjarts/wp-content/themes/delight/functions/lib/pix_functions.php on line 762”



Thank you for the heads up. I’ll fix it ASAP.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, I have to update delight from version 3.4 to version 5.0.3!!!!! is it dangerous??? how should i do to avoid a crash?

Thank you!


Hi Nathalie,

the best way to avoid crashes is make a backup of everything and restore it if something went wrong. Or making a clone of your site on a test directory (maybe by editing your hosts file too) and test there previously. Unfortunately I don’t know other ways.

Manuel :-)

Hi, i would like to see the live preview of the theme, but the page is empty, can i see it? thank you very much..

I´m gonna go for an update from 3.2.3 to the 5.0.4 Version – can you please give me a hint how to save the theme settings (e.g. footer text, switched on facebook, Site Name, Colors, etc?) Thank you so much and the theme is still great!!!

Hi JenSommer,

please, hang on, a couple of users have had a problem with the last update and their custom settings. Contact me in a couple of days, and I let you know something more specific.

Manuel :-)

I just tried to install the update by using filezilla and replacing the delight.zip file but all of my custom settings changed. Is there a better way to update the theme without losing all of our custom settings (background, fonts, logo etc.)?


Hi Studiospace.

That’s strange. The update via FTP shouldn’t touch the settings of the admin panel because they are stored in the database. This is the first time it happens, honestly. And the last update doesn’t involve the database at all. Did you change name to anything among the files you uploaded?

Hi Manuel,

since the last updates of Delight and Wordpress, I have big problems with contact forms: Contact form 7 seems not to work anymore ( doesn’t send message) and Pix contact form has strange behaviour! for ex: it says that message wasn’t successful, but it send the message either! – on the back end, it doesn’t register correctly the field but mix everything…

Thank you for helping!

Honestly no, I don’t… doesn’t it send the emails or have you also trouble with the admin panel or something else?

No, admin pannel is ok, it just doesn’t send email, and it happened after upgrading to WP 3.6 ( before upgrading Delight). But if I make a brand new installation of Delight + wp 3.6 it works, so it had this some strange reaction after upgrading…

I see… strange. Thank you for the heads up

I get this error inside my Galerie (Warning: Illegal string offset ‘featured_video’ .../wp-content/themes/delight/taxonomy.php on line 416

data-title=”“excerpt=”“data-action=”Enlarge picture”date-description=”“date-rel=”portfolio”style=”width:338px; height:191px;”>

hier ist what about line 416 and 417:

<?php if($pix_array_term[7]=='show') { ?>_="" video="" else="" picture=""> <?php if($pix_array_term[9]=='show') { ?> data-rel="portfolio"<?php } ?> style="width:<?php echo $imgwidth2; ?>px; height:<?php echo $imgheight; ?>px;"> <?php } ?>

         <?php if($pix_array_term[8]=='show') { ?> class="goto-icon <?php echo $featured_cb; ?>" <?php echo tooltip_info($the_term, _('Go to the attachment page','delight')); ?> style="width:<?php echo $imgwidth2; ?>px; height:<?php echo (2+$imgheight); ?>px;"> <?php } ?>


Hallo, I installed the update. but wenn i try to edit or creat a new portfolio, i have this error

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in …wp-content\themes\delight\WPAlchemy\MetaBox.php on line 562


My apologies, I already uploading a patch, however you can replace your file delight / WPAlchemy / MetaBox.php with this: https://gist.github.com/Pirenko/7022890/raw/3a25989cb0aaa8d7ae96c68a314089fbb11f4435/MetaBox.php

Sorry for the issue. Manuel :-)

Thank u Manuel.

hello! can I get the share of the pages?


sorry, could you clarify? Can’t you display the buttons to the social networks below the articles?

Manuel :-)

I installed the update Version 5.1.0 and it works well, but if I try to edit a page I have this error:

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in <”path to my directory”>/wordpress/wp-content/themes/delight/WPAlchemy/MetaBox.php on line 562

I am the only one with this error, or do you have a good idea what this could be?

Thanks Rene

Additonal information: When I return to the Version 5.0.4 it works fine, so it would probably be in the new version?

My apologies, I already uploading a patch, however you can replace your file delight / WPAlchemy / MetaBox.php with this: https://gist.github.com/Pirenko/7022890/raw/3a25989cb0aaa8d7ae96c68a314089fbb11f4435/MetaBox.php

Sorry for the issue. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, wow, congratulation and thank you very much for your perfect support.

hello! can I put the “social share” off the pages?

You want to get rid of them? In this case just go to Delight admin panel -> Blog -> Pages -> Show share section in pages

Let me know. Manuel :-)


Navigation was hidden on an iPad. So just updatet to WP V 3.61 – now Navogation is hidden everywhere. Need help immediately.


Did you update Delight too to the latest version? http://www.pixedelic.com/delight_current_version_changelog.php

Manuel :-)

Hey Manuel. I selected a featured image for a posting, but a black bar appears underneath the image (http://www.paulperkins.com/category/test/). Also, there is any way to bring the feature image into the post? Thanks, Paul

Hi pperkins,

it seems you are using images loaded before installing Delight. Please, in this case, run this plugin and let me know: http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

I am using Delight in Multisite. When creating a Page and assigning images as Background, in which database table will I find these images? I am writing a plugin and need to locate these images for the Subsite Page in question. Also is the first image in the list assigned order:0?

Thanks, Rob

Delight still uses WP Alchemy plugin for the meta box. The options on the page are saved as meta boxes so they should be on the table “_postmeta”.

Manuel :-)

Thank you!

Hi, a question: i used the theme on a fresh new wordpress installation. In the Delight control panel i can simply use the ADD ELEMENT feature to add slide images. If i try to use that in articles or pages i can’t add any images. I click on the button but nothing happens.


yes, i have the latest. if i send you a private message with login you can check it ?

Sure: manu[at]pixedelic.com (remind me this discussion too please)

sent just now thanks

Hello, I have a problem with the colors for the header. When I change the “Header text color” nothing has changed. http://cwgrota.pl/

Regards Chris

I should take a look into your admin panel. It is expected that the color of the social icon changes. But maybe the file permissions on your sever have changed and the file generated from your custom settings can’t modified anymore. If you can, check the file permissions of this file: http://cwgrota.pl/wp-content/themes/delight/functions/includes/css_include.css

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel,

I have installed you theme and everything looks great but… I have a problem with Events plugin, I tried with myEventon and it doesnt works, now I am trying with Event Organiser and looks what happens if you press into the event:


I hope you could hel me with it?

Thank you!

Hi, I think you should disable the native breadcrumbs of Delight: go to Delight admin panel -> General -> Navigation -> Show / hide breadcrunbs

Please, let me know. Manuel :-)

Excellent!! It is works for me :) thank you very much! ;)

Hi Manuel,

Could you help me. On our site www.pedalprecision.com I have always used a ‘slideshow’ setup for the homepage as background images.

Since updating to a newer version of WP, the button for ‘Add Element’ where I piece together a slideshow doesn’t work at all, I only have one image that I can use. Are you aware of this problem and if so could you let us know what the fix is.

Thanks very much!

Yes, I’m release an update, however in the meanwhle you can replace your file delight/WPAlchemy/MetaBox.php with this: http://pastebin.com/qSwag9Qe

My apologies for the issue. Manuel :-)

Worked like a charm, thanks!


Thanks for this amazing template, but by some reason my admin panel is comletely messed up. I;ve uploaded using WP and FTP but it doesn’t seem to resolve anything. Attached the screenshot to illustrate.


Any solutions?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks.;) I will try that.

Thanks, that worked..(:

Hi, I update Deliht theme, since i don’t see anymore “widget” option in apparence

Thanks for your help

Sorry for my english

I’m sorry, I’m not sure to understand if you have a problem or if you have fixed the problem by yourself. Could you clarify please?

Manuel :-)

I didn’t see “widget” option in appearance. I see Themes, Cuztomize, menus and editors but no widget anymore since update delight theme

Hi, just check on the demo version and everything seems to work fine. Are you sure you’re logged with the admin account? Would you contact me via email and let me enter the dashboard to take a look? manu[at]pixedelic.com (remind me who you are and what the problem is).

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, yesterday I installed the theme. It is very nice, but there is something wrong. I can’t “add an element”. Both in pages/articles and price table.

Any ideas?


Hi dhallwas,

I updated the theme a couple of days ago to fix this issue. Could you check if the new version has got the same problem please?

Manuel :-)