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Another question Manuel i’m sorry :)

Is this siteweb : [links removed by staff]

When i go to “collection/créateurs” i see the “Filterable portfolio page” it’s great but I do not see all tags

I would like see all “tags” like this [links removed by staff]

Thks for your help

I’m sorry, you can see only the tags of the items visible on the page, the filter can’t load items from the next pages.

Manuel :-)

Hello, I am using different WidBGs in every different page, but my backgrounds are not getting stretched. This is the URL to my site: www.pedrosimao.net. What should I do? Thanks!

Hey, I found out myself how to solve this. Thanks

Hey, Could you add a pack of Colorbox Themes to the next version of delight? I love these themes: http://codecanyon.net/item/colorbox-theme-pack/5485161?ref=joshwinn Specially the Minimal theme.

Is that possible? Thanks

Sorry predrosm, could you provide your site URL please?

The problem with the date seems due to a wrong way to translate the text or something like that. If I were able to see the site it would be better.

Manuel :-)

Pixedelic, very nice of you. I actually found that it was caused but the qTranslate plugin. So, nothing to do with you. Sorry for that lame question. If anyone ever ask you again, tell em to set the advanced settings of the qTranslate plugin better. Thanks again,

Thank you too!

Hi manuel I create somes Portfolios with one relation ships i create a relation betwen portfolio created Next i create a menu with this relationships but the page is empty only the relationship name’s appared.

My company create rugs with designer help. I would like create a post with all rugs by designer.. It’s possible?

Thks a lot.

Not sure to understand what the problem is, however I recommend to use the galleries in this case, because for the galleries you can decide the layout you prefer from the admin panel. The other archive, instead, are displayed with the default layout.

Use the relationships only to create the filter on the page. Please, watch the tutorial to better understand: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/create-a-portfolio-gallery/

Manuel :-)

Sorry for my English so bad. My company sell rug create by designers. I create portfolio for each rug. I create a “post” for each “designer”. I want display on this post for each designer all rugs create by designer. Is it possible?

I’m sorry, no, it isn’t. The portfolio taxonomy isn’t multi-level, you can only create subcategories.

Manuel :-)

Is it possible to increase the size of the column? [link removed by staff]


I’m sorry, the change to the layout is not included in the support because it could affect other things that are related to the layout itself, like the size of the thumbnails, the forms etc.

Manuel :-)

Hi… Theme purchased. Well done. One issue. I put a text for the website description. But in the head of the source code, the ’s appears as \’s. What’s wrong ?

Sorry for that, you’re right. I’ll release an update ASAP.

Manuel :-)

Great. Thanks.

Hi Manuel,

I bought your theme, it’s great. Thanks for it! I’m using the google maps background functionality, I saw that using Google maps engine is not possible at the moment. It is a pity, I would love it.

However on your demo website there is a note on the colosseo: “No, I don’t live in the Colosseo, it was just to impress you. For particular places (like this) 45° map is available at zoom 18.” http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/delight/background-google-map/ How did you do that ?



there is a box called “Indications”, both on the page backend and on the admin panel too. I just used that. Do you have any problem with it?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

Is the jQuery version up to date for Delight v5.4.1? – This is the version I have installed. I am looking for a bug in my plugin. My plugin ties into Delight and was working earlier this week but now the jQuery/ajax is hanging. It appears jQuery just updated, potentially after Delight v5.4.1 was released: http://inagist.com/all/426772028549365760/

Thanks, Rob

Please ignore – I commented-out the php code within the ajax call, (while keeping the ajax call & function), and the jquery worked. I still don’t know what’s wrong with the php code within the ajax call as I didn’t change a thing but I don’t think it’s Delight.

Thanks, Rob

Hi, Could you please send me the codes to acces “admin panel” for the site demo Thks.

Sorry, just restored the demo login: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/delight/wp-login.php

Manuel :-)

Hi, I love the site but would like to change the header to fit my logo better and be a bit larger. Can I do this without getting into the code? How alignedrenovations.com thank you

First of all fix the problem with the link to the home and remove the image you used :-) Then, upload the image you want to use as logo into Delight admin panel -> Colors and images -> Header -> Header background image. Now you need only some lines of CSS. Go to Delight admin panel -> Styles and type:

#logo {
padding: 0;
width: auto;
height: auto;
header a {
width: 158px;
height: 65px;
padding: 20px;
background-position: 20px;

This is just one of the many approaches. Something has described in the documentation too.

Manuel :-)

It seems that several plugins is not fully compatible with your theme.

WP Business Directory Map List Pro – Searchable Google Maps

And WPML, for this plugin i knew it before to buy this plugin.

I sent you a mail

Could you also tell me why in particular the plugins are no more compatible? Do they return any error messages? In many cases, the first problem with the plugins that have their own custom post types is due to the breadcrumbs. Even if I haven’t changed anything for the breadcrumbs since Delight 4.0.11 I can only recommend to try to disable them on Delight admin panel -> General -> Navigation -> Show / hide breadcrumbs

However if you prefer, contact me via email, provide as more info as possible about what in particular doesn’t work, provide FTP and WP details and I’ll try to understand why the plugins stop working: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

i will send you a mail

I’m sorry for my question but how put a widget in a post?

Delight doesn’t support widgets inside posts. The only way to display a widget is to put it into a sidebar and display the sidebar beside the post.

Manuel :-)

yes i saw that thks you

I need a more advanced search than that included in your theme search form. We sell carpets and I need a search module that filters the color, size, material etc. ... The problem is that all the plugins that I found on CodeCanyon works via a widget that uses only delight theme with sidebar widgets. Plugins like “Filter Taxonomies Widget plugin” or “Advanced Search Form” are fine but I do not think you can use it with your theme. Do you have a solution? use as your search engine with tags portfolio.


I’m sorry, but Delight is a portfolio theme, not built as ecommerce and honestly I don’t have a solution. You should put a widget into a sidebar, but the search bar in the header can’t be hooked by a plugin, I’m sorry. I can only recommend to contact a freelance if you want to customize the theme.

Manuel :-)


I’m sorry, as you can read on the description item page, the first version Delight was compatible with was 3.5

Manuel :-)

I updated WP to the current version and Delight settings are now visible and working perfect.


Hi thanks for the theme i purchased it about 1,5 years ago.

There is portfolio on my webpage and there was slideshow in it. I couldn’t see the slideshow on the page;


despite there is slideshow tags in it. It was working but now it doesn’t.

Then i updated the theme and wordpress now but i cant edit portfolio pages. In admin panel when i clicked the add new or edit one of the portfolio item, it doesn’t show me the page. The page is empty and there is no explanation like error or something.

Have you any idea about it?


It is fixed now, theme isn’t compatible up to wordpress 3.8.1 thats the reason.

Sorry Ghorky,

what kind of slideshow are you talking about? The shortcode seems to work fine on the demo site, and it runs WP 3.8.1: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/delight/shortcodes-slideshow/

Manuel :-)

I understood the breadcrumbs included in your theme, it’s great but not in Google. WordPress SEO included breadcrumbs in Google with the code in header.php : <?php if ( function_exists(‘yoast_breadcrumb’) ) { yoast_breadcrumb(‘


‘); } ?>

Could you please tell me where can i add this code?

Don’t forget, if i actived the breadcrumbs in delight (Show / hide breadcrumbs) my plugin wp business directory don’t work.

Thks a lot for your help

Manuel, the Breadcrumbs is great with seo. i see it except for the blog.

I’m sorry but makers in Google map markers do not appear anymore, i will send you a mail

I’m afraid it depends on the fact you have move the site. However I also replied to your email.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel I have a problem when i import media (pictures), i see in my FTP 22 files for each picture instead 4 ou 5. It’s a real problèm for backups and mainly the quota limited of my hosting. I have over 9000 (instead 2000) to only 400 medias files in WordPress

Hi jnemyair,

Wordpress crops and resizes the images you upload to the media library. This serves to display the right size of each image when requested. That’s a native function of Wordpress. Of course Delight, since has got many layouts, declares many image sizes… the only alternative was to use TimThumb that resized the files on fly, but it was not safe and highly unrecommended at the moment.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

I’m using the tooltip in the portfolio. In my case, the tooltip shows the title and excerpt. The text in the excerpt is just plain text like your example http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/delight/gallery/five-columns-gallery/. Is it possible to edit the layout of the excerpt in the tooltip? And also to use hyperlinks in the excerpt?



I simply used this function to display the excerpt: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_the_excerpt

Maybe you can try a 3rd party plugin like: http://wordpress.org/plugins/rich-text-excerpts/ but I can’t assure honestly it doesn’t generate any issue.

Manuel :-)

Thanks Manuel, with that plugin I can now change the look of the text in the tooltip. But there’s a conflict when using hyperlinks. I want to link some words to another page. I will email you a screenshot.

I think the issue is the reason why I used excerpt time ago… I’m afraid you can’t use quotes and html tags inside the tooltips.

I don’t understand why you would make such a nice theme and then not add something as basic as audio for the homepage? The client wants music when the slideshow loads on the homepage. Everyone wants music with slideshows these days. And i can’t figure out a workaround in your code.

In previous posts you said use the music shortcode in the editor but that doesn’t work for the homepage and on the other pages it looks bad. What else?

Please help me out here – how would you do it?

I don’t think everyone wants music with slideshows… I read some articles days ago that recommended to avoid music in site if not strictly necessary, especially with auto-play features.

I’m sorry, I can’t add a feature like that at this moment to the theme, I can only recommend to hire a good freelance or to contact a service like this: http://goo.gl/9VB9DX

Manuel :-)


Is there anyway to customize the look of the price table? ...great theme by the way…


the colors of the price tables depend on other elements to avoid that an endless admin panel. So the only way to customize the price tables without touching the other elements is to use an “element inspector” from the browser and type your own CSS code into Delight -> Styles.

Manuel :-)