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Very good job! Looks tasty, Good luck :)

I love this template! :-)

Do you have a wordpress version of this template.


Yes, we’ll upload it this week, so it would be available to purchase by the next week (after ThemeForest makes their quality control).

Cheers createIT

Its beautiful. Good luck with sales.


Great design, Sure I’ll hire you for some personal projects :)

I can feel your love for your work on this design ;)

sure, let’s get in touch some time!

Thank you for Createit-pl for Creating a WP version cant wait.

hahah :) thanks, we’re pushing to upload it today!

wasn’t cupcakeheaven here before as #3327301, along with Big Restaurant #3452485 and SeaFresh #3287648.

herrbutzie, yes it was, we had to delete it and upload it on another account, due to significant changes to our company structures. It’s all agreed with Envato and we still do support customers who bought the items on the old account.


When are sea fresh and big restaurant going to be available?

Hi Again,

All the items need to get full quaility control cycle again, which takes about 3-5 days. We’re today uploading Delimondo WP, so it should be available to download by the next week. Next in queue is Sea Fresh HTML.

cheers createIT

i wish u have a wordpress version, would there be anytime soon?

yes Renegade, it will be available within few days :)

Where is your Seafresh HTML template and all the other good ones you had a few days ago?

it was on our other account, due to restructuring of our company, we deleted all the items and are now reuploading them to this account (having Envato notified and agreed on that). We provide support for customers who bought the items on the old account, all the files should be available within couple days.

cheers, createIT team

Can this template be fully customized? I’ll looking to change background colours from blue/pink, to browns/blacks/beiges?

Hey Dave,

This template is just HTML template, it’s pretty straightfoward and sure you can customize it that way.

I feel that in fact you wanted to ask about WP theme (it’s here: – is that right?

Cheers, createIT team

Fantastic template! 5 stars. The support was brilliant as well.

Hi there,

how I can add my email to receive the email from the booking?


oups, a double click? :)

Hi there,

how I can add my email to receive the email from the booking?


thanks so far btw ;-)

please mail us on, we will send you necessary files + instructions :)

Brilliant! this make more happy even to buy more of your products.. cheers mates.. I will. ;-)

Do you plan on creating a Drupal version?

Hi unstence, No, Drupal version is not planned right now.

Thanks, createIT

Hi there, this may seem really obvious but how do you make the homepage slider images links? I’ve tried some things but can;t get it working. Thanks

Hi amyteslin,

Yes, I see what you mean – when you add around image it will actually be somewhere else than you think it will be due to absolution positioning.

Could you please create an issue on our support forum here: so our support team will be able to send you a working solution?

Thanks, createIT

Lovely design, one think the top menu does not display sub menu on over just on click, is easy to change this ?

Hi Claudia,

Sure – easy:) Just let us know on about your problem and our support team will help you out.

Thanks, createIT

I was hoping that you guys could help me out. I purchased this thinking that it was a wordpress theme, I uploaded it to my wordpress site and found out pretty quick that this is just html. I was looking for the theme and not a template, guess I should have read things better. I was either hoping for a refund or if I could get the Cupcake WP theme as a refund. This layout looks amazing and it would look great for a site that I am building for my mother. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

Could you please contact me at

Thanks, createIT