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I really like the theme, but i wonder: how hard is it to change the color of the images in the supplied PSDs? i would like to implement the theme with a bit less pink / more to purple color.

I want to completely turn off the responsive feature on the website How would I go about this?

Hi pcm-IT,

Hmm, I must say this may be tricky. Could you please add a new support issue to so our support team can work with you on that request?

Thanks, createIT

Nice theme, your team does great work! I’m trying to center the main menu but can’t seem to figure it out. Can you please help me?


Sure we can help you – just create a new issue at and we will send you required CSS snippet.

Thanks, createIT

I submitted a concern on your support section and I have not been contacted regarding my issue. I need to complete this project ASAP and the size of the logo is not acceptable. When will I hear from someone?


If your issue is still not resolved, please send me an email to – I will try to speedup things on our end.

Thanks and sorry for this delay, createIT

Hi, I have a question:

is it possible to have the social icons above the adress on the iphone as it is on the computer or ipad? they are not appearing and the adress needs to be upper.



It may require custom CSS code. Could you please post this question on our support forum:

Thanks, createIT

First, let me say that it is a beautiful theme. However, I was wanting to do some customization and found it a bit difficult. The theme does not use the bootstrap grid and only a two column layout is possible out-of-the-box. The columns use % widths and many of the class elements are fixed width (box shadows, etc.) Also, the class names are not very intuitive and took some time to figure out how each behaved. I do like it, but I wish I had know this information prior to purchasing. My project requires adjustments to the column widths, making many of the layout features useless unless the image widths are modified. That said, if the overall layout is what you need, it is nicely done.

Hi, I’m interested your theme but I have some questions: - Does the template contain working email script? - Is any possibility to add more locations (pins) on the google map?


1. yes, email script is included in the package 2. yes, since this is just pure HTML theme – you simply need to add some code :)

thanks! createIT

Am I missing something, or does the gallery not include lightbox functionality?

Hi! There are different functionalities on gallery page, which are highlighted instead of lightbox. But this is pure HTML – you can change/replace code in as many ways as you want. If you prefer to have lightbox there, you can just use different, ready-made markup.

thanks, createIT

Just a shame that for the. The design is great but the technical quality compared to what else is available on the marketplace doesnt justify the price imo.

Thanks for your comments – we will thoroughly consider this. But unfortunately I’m afraid that it is impossible to please everyone.

Kind regards, createIT

How do I got about customizing the slider for the wordpress version?


We are using Revolution Slider in WP version which comes with a many customization options, you can find more detailed information – here

Thanks, createIT

Once I removed the product pricing, it removed the side bar from the page and the footer changed sizes.

Looks like comment should be assigned to our other product. We will continue in your second topic.

Thanks, createIT

Hi, it’s easy to change the main color?


Most motive color elements are created with background images, so unfortunately it requires creating new custom backgrounds (or editing existing ones) if you would like to change background colors. That’s why we prepared several predefined color variations – you can check how they look with template switcher

Best Regards, createIT

I am working on a site that we did not design and they are using the Discussion on Delimondo Cupcakeheaven Fully Responsive HTML theme as a child and the Seafresh theme as the parent – Does the Seafresh theme come with the Cupcakeheaven theme?


We have two separate products for HTML Templates based on this design: Cupcakeheaven and Delimondo and one WordPress theme (link: here) which contains child themes for 5 different flavours (including these two). So WordPress version of Delimondo comes with Cupcakeheaven, and HTML doesn’t.

Thanks, createIT

Good evening

How can I create a gallery from a set of images?

as this example

Four image set

I appreciate your response


The page that you have linked contains detailed instruction how to install the lightbox script and create example gallery. If that’s not clear enough for you – feel free to contact our support team at – guys will be more than happy to explain you how to add this to our template.

Thanks, createIT