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Hi Delipress, for your next updated, I suggest to add feature for Video, it will be help for music sites owner that already use your great theme to provide video contents.

Thanks :) http://www.AlbumBaru.Com

Thanks for the suggestion.

i would like to ask if someone uses the ONE LEFT widgets have reported the same problem.. At reload thumbnails move from LEFT to right. I asked the you how to fix the problem and you said selecting Display Full Image of First Item” which is an option not even available for this widget. I notice also COLUM LEFT or RIGHT move up and down when reloaded or uploaded. This looks terribly umprofessional. Non plugin to solve this bug or the only solution is a refund?

having talked with some Wordpress experts, this problem may be caused by the fact this theme is not updated to the latest version: wordpress 4.4. The demo works. The widgets in my wordpress 4.4 don’t. So this may be caused by that.

Dear Tien,

i wrote the support address and asked for the support in different wordpress sites referring to your theme.

They suggested that, if the demo doesn’t have problems, the problem mustn’t be also in my version. the demos are correct. The problems must not occur in my version. So there is some programming problem.

I’m also consulting wordpress experts and they say that your theme is not updated to the latest wordpress version and that may pose conflict problems. Wordpress is currently running on 4.4 Clifford, and your theme doesn’t support it as far as I can see it.

I’m using 2 widgets for pages.



Now, Going down to an updated version of wordpress to test this is risky and poses security problems, so I cannot pass from 4.4 to 4.1, but I suspect this may cause issues.

Could you please investigate on the matter or provide any suggestions?

https://wordpress.org/support/topic/does-44-conflict-with-anything may problems are reported with Wordpress 4.4. You maybe should provide updates for your plugins as wordpress keeps updating.

Hello, I’m using a child theme with this parent theme and my style sheet wont seem to work without using the custom codes box. Any ideas how to get this working?

Hello. Did you use the child theme that we provided in download package or you create a new one? I don’t get the idea about relation between style sheet and custom code box. You copy all code to custom code box?

Send you domain to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact I will take a look.

Yes, I did use the provided child theme. I’m referring to the custom codes located with your “Theme Options” box. However, I would like to only use the style.css file within my child theme.

I replied your email, please check.

Hi Tien! Do you have plans to make new updates? Specifically to woocommerce files, they are not more compatible with the new woocommerce 2.5 Thank you for your support!

Hello. I am on MagOne project (new theme). So I will update all themes after releasing the MagOne theme.

Ok. I’ll keep waiting! And good luck with your others themes.

Thank you very much.


I’m interest with your product I plan to create a Review Site with Function :

A) For ADMIN 1) Can Create Any Category and Set Default Review Points sample is Admin Create Audi from Category HOME>CAR>AUDI and Put default Points for Rate and Review like HANDLING,PRICING,SUPPORT

2) Can Put Default Information for each Post, sample post about Nokia 925, will be show as table for information about Spec of that devices above on Rate and Review

3) On each Post have option to put Prices table and this prices information will show Prices based on Member who gave informatiion about latest price of the each post/product.

4) Can Invite Any Customers From All Social Media (FB,Twitter,Linkedin,etc) to give a review on specific page

B) For REGISTERED CUSTOMERS 1) Can SIGN UP with any Social Media 2) Have option to send url from Review Site to Social Media when they put a review on our site. 3) Allow them to give Rating and Review Word on each page that Admin already created like on Audi Page. 4) Allow them to request new Category. 5) Each Review they give or submit can receive like/dislike rating from any member including free member. 6) Can send message between member (private message)

C) For Free CUSTOMERS 1) Can give like or dislike from each review from register member

D) For SITE BEHAVIOUR 1) Will make Auto Post/Review Head to Head or Versus between each Post on same Category, sample is if we have Post Audi and BMW, so when any visitor search Audi vs BMW on search engine,it will show BMW vs Audi head to head on our site. 2) Support for Compare up to 5 Post and easy to drag and drop each items post (not just 2) 3) Show Most Famous Post Category and Top Review Person. 4) Send Notification to Each Member when they on top of most Like Review. 5) Advance Search – will show many option for it so any visitor can search with many setting like prices or else

If some function not available please tell me which one is already have and which one is not and can you do custom work or at least tell me what i should do or combine any plugins ?

Kind Regards

Sorry, this theme major purpose is for Magazine. The review system is not complex as you want.

hi, tiennguyenvan delipresstheme error, google wmt tools missing author missing entry-title missing and micro test data microdata error itemType =.... help me plzz

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Hi Tien, I need to add H1 tag to my homepage. Currently I’m using “recent posts” on my homepage instead of a static page (this is the point that I can’t use the page title as H1). How can I do it? Thank you again for your support.

Hello, in that case, the theme must auto display page title as H1 and other post titles in recent posts as H2. Please share the site so I can take a look.

Hello, in that case, the theme must auto display page title as H1 and other post titles in recent posts as H2. Please share the site so I can take a look.

I send you an email with all the details. Thank you very much for your support!


You haven’t updated this theme for a while. Are you going to make any updates and will you keep updating this theme in the future?

I am interested in your theme but need to know. Also, please tell me can I make sticky widgets on the sidebar?

Hello Ped. I will update this theme soon in future when I finish some releases for MagOne theme: http://themeforest.net/item/magone-newspaper-magazine-wordpress-theme/14342350

If you want to use sticky widgets, just consider install plugins from wordpress.org: https://wordpress.org/search/sticky+widget

It’s simple.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Is it possible to change the URL of the logo ? I don’t see nothing in header.php

Hello. The requirement of Themeforest is logo must have link to home page.

But if i want to change the url to another home page

Hello. You can find in header.php

I just want to give Tien a thumbs up for his ultra fast response to a support question I had in first day. Took him less then 3 minutes after ticket submitted to respond to me. Thank you.

Hello, Thanks for your theme. For the mobil format, i have a problem for the space between images : http://i.imgur.com/m2fGZsd.png?1 What can i do ? Thank you.

I can give you the access to the admin account if you need.

Yes. Please send login information to: https://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact


I have send you a message :)

how to remove this popup ? http://prntscr.com/c47d9p

We are having problem with Faebook API, so just please input manually into Social Counter widget.

hello, i got problem instal the child theme

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the index.php file.

Theme install failed.

Any Solution ?


Please make sure you downloaded the install-able file. I think you downloaded the “All files & documents”, in that case, just extract and explore the package to find install-able file.

Hi I’m also getting that popup ,cant seem to get rid of it.

Hello, what’s popup? I don’t understand.

Is there any option for review in the article? or must install review plugin?

Yes, the theme has its own review feature.

Hello, Is it possible to control manually by the author the trending so only the important posts will be shown on the homepage?

Hello. You can sticky those posts or group them into a category. Thank you.

hello … when we have a new update?

Hello. May be not soon when we must redesign whole theme and apply Sneeit Frame work to it to make it most powerful.

Will you be providing an update soon? There are some features I would like to see implemented, like more mobile support and the ability to change sharing settings on pages.

1. I need to know how to upload new fonts, the methods in the documentation do NOT work no matter what I try. 2. I want to stop the zooming in on pictures and the disable lightbox feature does not work. 3. I need to get rid of the share box on pages, I don’t need a share box under ‘about, staff and privacy’. 4. The load more posts button is very slow and moves the page back to the top, how can I stop it from moving the screen back to the top of the posts? Thanks.

Hello. Please send ticket to http://support.sneeit.com

Thank you very much.


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Hi TienNguyenVan, In my homepage (http://www.albumbaru.com) I have used Article Column Widget. How to disable the images, I need headline text only. Thanks for help!


Please submit ticket to http://support.sneeit.com if you want to request support.

Btw, your support term was expired, so appreciate you can expand it to request support.

Thank you very much.