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Its the theme works ok with the new version of wordpress 4.2.2?


Cool, Thanks!!


The theme works ok with the new version of wordpress 4.3.1?



Hi, I have a problem with the theme … Homepage below where it shows a preview of the menu and events. I can not show the menu and even events … remains only a white background. How can I do? thanks Seba

Hi, we are sorry for the delay. Please, use the support forum for help. Thanks.

Hi, i installed this template in 2014 with WordPress 3.6.1. Now i have to update the template and the wordpress to 4.2.2. I have downloaded the “installable wordpress file only” its correct? Then i’ll upload via ftp on my server and at last i’ll update wordpress on the control panel. It is correct? What i have to do to don’t loose all the work on my website? thank you for your answer

Hi, we are sorry for the delay. Please, use the support forum for help. Thanks.

Hello I need help with this theme. How can I center the menu slider down the bottom of the home page?

Please, use the support forum – for support.

Hi, I have a problem with the slider in the “Delizioso” because I can not find a place where I could change the duration of sliders. I was looking for a solution to this problem on your forum (, but unfortunately I have not found a solution.

How can I change the duration of the sliders ?

Hi, the theme doesn’t have this option. But if you have some skills in programming you can do it in the js/scripts.js file. The slider is using the flexslider script. So add a parameter for slider speed.

hi, i just installed viaje theme and i have a question about the sliders. i am using a couple of them in inspiration pages. i would like every slide to be linked to a page in the web, i just inserted URL in the URL field of every slide but it is not working and i don’t know why. could you help me out here, please? thx, cheers!

This is a support section for Delizioso theme.

Hello I Just Purchased This Theme And I Apologize But I Think Its Horrible… Its Extremely Hard To Create A Simple Site Using This Theme. I Can Even Figure Out How To Add My Logo Or Name I Went Into Settings And I Put In The Logo Picture And My Logo Name And Nothing Even Happened … I Would Appreciate It If You Would Give Me A Refund Thank You.

Hi, theme comes with a docs file. Please read the docs pdf file and you will have basic skills how to work with the theme.

Need to insert pictures from the location just like this in this model

but can not see how it looks , I find the documentation where to insert the image in the photo field.

Hi, can you be more specific? your link from demo goes to the home page.. can you post some screenshots?


I am trying to find out how to include the events listing in the large white space at the bottom of the home page. I have posted TWICE in the support forum but it doesn’t seem to accept my posts for some reason!!! They just dont appear.

Hi, are you a purchaser? i don’t see the purchaser status here. Also can you show me some screenshots to better understand your issue. Thanks.

Hi Crikova, sorry I have two accounts and I have logged in on the wrong one. If you go to I want to be able to put the events at the bottom of the page where the blog entries currently are.

Hi, the theme doesn’t have this option, but this is possible with some changes. Open the file template-home-5.php and replace the events and blog sections.. Do it in the case you ave some basic skills in editing php files..

Hi Crikova, Great theme! I have extended my support and still haven’t had a response to the issues in the theme updates. Could you please have someone respond to the my queries as soon as possible.

I have replied. Check the deleted/trash folder and remove the old page permanently.

Thanks for replying – i have send you an updated response with a login so you can confirm that there are no duplicate team pages. I have checked this and also had someone double check to make sure. Still cannot work out why this is happening. If we can resolve would be fantastic! cheers carmela

let’s use the support forum. Replied via forum. Use the forum please. Thanks.

hi can we add woocommerce to this for an online ordering system?

Yes. the theme is woocommerce ready. You can use this plugin.

Please review support tickets. I just purchased this theme and many questions have been unanswered for 30 days or more.