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Hi is there anywhere I can show the menu at full width on the homepage?


Yes you can.

if you want the menu in full width simply delete in header.php the class “wrapper” at menu div.. very easy.

How to remove time and data from posts ??

When I put mouse over the photo … I want to show the Name of the Post not the Category Name and data ….

Please can you help me ??

replied by email

I want only to hide other categories….not to delete all….. i want to leave category that i have click with her subcategories

or to show only subcategories that i have clicked.

Is it possible to add an eCommerce section?

Hi, At the time the theme haven’t any ecommerce plugins.. In next updates probably i will add this option.. but you can make some customization to enable support of WooCommerce for example..

How i can make a custom redirect link for Our Menu that are shown on homepage ??

Hi, you cant make.. in the Our menu box are shown latest 6 items from menu. You can make it static in page-home.php.. but you need some skiils in php and html.. page-home.php is the file you need.


I know how to change the "Site Color" and the "Manage Background Color" BUT How do I change the color of the Menu Background, Opening Hours Tab Background, Client Reviews Background, ect. ?

thanks any help would be appreciated.


Hi.. some elements you will find in partial/css-custom.php (css gradients) andsome elements are images.. in css/images.

The site color in theme options panel change the default links color, not the all site color for this theme (because are many gradients and it’s a little diffucult to make it)

Hi there :) I just purchased the theme, and for some reason, the logo, slideshow and opening hours etc aren’t showing up on the frontage?! Everything is set correctly e.g. static page set to Home etc, but the front page is pretty much blank after setting everything up correctly :(

I really need to get this sorted asap…much appreciated for your help :)

Hi, you created the slider..? copied the slug and added in theme options, slug field..? probzbly the theme can’t get your slider because the slug is not selected.. Check or give me paswords i will help.

Please like our fb page – and rate 5 stars our theme. Thanks.

I want only to hide other categories….not to delete all….. i want to leave category that i have click with her subcategories…...........or to show only subcategories that i have clicked.

This is not possible.. You can or remove all, or put the subcategory name… to show all subcategories needs hard coding.. the theme doesn’t support at the moment this option..

Hi, how can I change the colors of the theme (the red gradient header and footer? Also I am using greek language, the google fonts are not changing when I change them to trebuchet…


Costa P.

Hi. Thanks for purchasing.

To change the red gradient go to partials/css-options.php and replace the colors.

About support greek it should work.. give me in pm the link i will test.. and write the info with passwords to test..

Hoe I can change description for every photo here ?

Every photo to have different description…

Hi, sorry but i don’t know any plugin that will help you.

This needs a custom gallery system.. Our team can create a custom gallery for you, but this will cost, because is not a default theme function.

how much ?

write me a pm with description how it should work and i will tell you how much.

more Client Reviews is possible?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.

By default only 3 reviews is supported. But if you have skills in php you can add more in page-home.php. Or we can help with customization, but this will be not free.

Hi again! Thanks for your help with the slider-slug on FB. I’m struggling a bit with finding where to change the default pink colour in the css. Can you tell me what parts I need to change to go from the default pink colour on the menu bar and on the ‘opening hours’? Thanks in advance!

Hi. Gradients colors are in partial/css-options.php i added this colors in the php file because on future i planing to make it editable all colors from theme options. To edit the gradient go to this file and edit. About opening hours – it’s an image. you need to change in the psd file and cut new image with your color.

Hello, i purchased your beautifull theme,

i follow you documentation for slider but the slider and Opening time doesn’t appears on my homepage, i create the slider, insert in the homepage and add the correct slug, but already not displayed, for the Opening Time i writted correctly the information but not displayed,

i have sent a mail directly with my url login and pass thanks for your help it’s urgent

Hi, all done, replied by email.

Hi again Crikova :)

I followed your instructions, and I changed the gradient colour in the CSS file. I have a problem where the colour is showing up fine in all browsers except Firefox :( I reverted back to the pink colour and it shows up fine in all browsers, but when I change back to the colours I want, it does the same thing again and doesn’t display correctly :( Can I email you my details to have a quick look? Much appreciated! Love the theme, but I really need it display correctly :)

as i said in first letter. You add a bad code.. clear the code and all will work perfect.

Hi again :) I’ve tried what you’ve suggested…still getting the same problem in FireFox…when you say ‘color-stop(0.27, #da67401), here is a mistake.. the code have 6 elements #da67401’ i’m unsure as to what you mean by ‘clear the code’. Can you show me what the block of code should be to get this working? The theme did say it has ‘unlimited colour design’ but it doesn’t without having to change the php file. I really need to get this sorted asap…thanks for all your help so far, it’s appreciated…

da67401 here are not 6 elements.. but 7… in each line you made the mistake.. in one line you have #a67401 and in other #da67401

Hi, I have a little problem, when I publish the “reservation” page, it appears on “home” page, I’ve tried to do a lot of things to solve this, but It’s been kind of hard. Thank you for this theme, is really beautiful :)

If you read this, please don´t reply me, I just found the way to fix the problem. Thank you!

Hi, can you let me know which plugin for multiple language site will work well with the theme?

Thank you

Costa P.

Hi, you can use or qtranslate on WMPL..

Hi, thanks for your answer. Qtranslate is fine but how can I translate the elements of the theme like the opening hours?

using poEdit soft and creating or editing the po files in languages folder

why my website loads very slow

what plugins i can use to load it faster….?

hi, the page load slow because you have images.

about plugin i cant recomend you one. one way is to optimize the size of images for faster load.

how to optimize it ??

Cant view link to see site. :(

hi, probably the hosting have some problems, now the site is loaded correct..?

2 things before I purchase…do I have to have the hours displayed on the image like that? Also, when loading is there a way to get rid of the animated loading shape that spins? Just doesn’t go with my vibe. Thanks.

hi, you can disable animation on loading (preloader) in theme options panel. About opening time i don’t understand exactly what you want, but from source file you can make everything with this box.

Also forgot to ask instead of the icons for the about us, events, etc can you put images instead?

yes, you can upload your images from theme options panel. images or icons, what you want.

CONSOLE ERROR: i can’t insert image in editor : too much recursion window.original_send_to_editor(html); metabo…ver=3.6 (riga 116)

hi, can you give me in pm the password i need to check the problem.

hi, the plugins are the reason. I disabled all plugins and it works fine.