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Is there a sample data to kick start this theme on purchase, especially those used for the demo.

Thanks. It worked!

Please am having problems removing the dollar sign from the menu. I uploaded my currency, but still didn’t reflect. The link is here

Hi, did you press the Save button (after uploading icon)..? Did you deleted cache? may be you are using any cache plugins. Have a good day

I agree with agenziatag there should be an option in theme settings to remove the animations from home page the website will look much more professional

Hi, in next udate we will add this option. We are working on it. Have a good day

Hi CRIK0VA, how can i change in the slider the timing of single slide?

The duration in seconds?

thank youu

good night

Hi, this is not possible. The theme doesn’t have this option. But if you have skills in javascript, you can make it manualy. The file you need is js/scripts.js the flexslider function, add an animation speed attribute. Have a good day

1. I would like to reposition the ‘Site Logo’ a bit more to the left of current position, and a bit higher so it is not placed on top of the ‘Logo Caption’.

2. I also would like to have my ‘Footer Logo’ appear centered like the copyright text to it’s right.

Link: email me at for login information.


1. You can use the Custom CSS field in theme option and add you custom css code to replace the logo image in the needed position.

2. The same, you can use custom CSS field to add custom code.

Have a good day

OK, I see the Custom CSS Styles box under ‘Advanced Settings’, however, I don’t know what code I should use to get the proper alignment for my logos. Can you help by providing the code?


For footer logo – your logo stai in good place. No need fix.

But for footer use this code. Add in custom CSS field in theme options h1.custfootlogo {line-height:60px!important;}

Have a good day

Hey when is the update coming out?

Hi, we are finishing the update. Very soon we will upload it. Have a good day

About Us 1 Page – I have added my images using Add Media button, it has created a slider with the two images HOWEVER, it has also added those two photos below as a background image and pushed my Information text further down the page. What has gone wrong? Email me for login info to see the issue.

Hi, Just remove the image from the texteditor. You should use attachment images for slider, bo need to add it in the editor. When you uploaded, you pressd add media, but needs to simply close the modal window. Have a good day

Ok, I removed the images from the text editor. My problem is I cannot find where to edit the slider images. What is currently there are two images from the demo file. I looked in the editor “template-about”, I also looked in the Slider Options. Still cannot see where to edit these demo images. Thx for your help!


you need to edit the about page. Press add media botton. Select the option “Uploaded to this post” and you will see your current images. You can remove theme, or check the option “Dont display in gallery”.

Have a good day

Hi Crikova! How can i set the color theme in a degraded without the spot color? As the example of theme preview page.

Thank you!

Hi, what do you mean? In theme options panel you have options to chnge the color scheme or to use own. Remove own colors if you want to use a predefined scheme. Have a good day


I have a problem with the background but i cannot sent directly a email for attache a picture for this problem can you please contact directly to my mail for i can send the problem


Hi, use the form on my profile page with your problem, we will reply. Have a good day

hello, i’d like to know how to change the message of the text sent by the contact form. I mean when the email arrives it’s in English and I don’t mean the body of the message, i mean “Name:” “Surname:” “email” that stuff. If you could just indicate me the file i have to modify it would be just great.

Hi, you need to change the file alethemes/etc/contact.php file. Very simple. Have a good day


How would I go about removing the moving arrow from sub menus?


Hi, add this code in custom css field in theme options panel #mainheader .topslider .navsection .navigationbox #topmenu ul ul li a {background-image:none!important;}

Have a good day

Hi there

I’m looking to place a link to an external site on one of the slides on the main homepage slider. I tried using the

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, the sldier doesn’t support links. If you have some skills in php or html, you can manualy make it possible by editing the file header.php. Have a good day

Hey man past month you say you will update the theme… My client is waiting .. I dont want to change the theme … Its a very nice theme! please upload the update soon! Thank you!

Hi, we are working on the update at the moment. The update is not ready yet. When it will be ready, you will be notified by email. Have a good day

Hi, I have a client who bought this there, and now he needs it to be translated. I’m using WPML to translate the whole thing, everything works fine except for the home page. Where do I change the content for example from English to French. Because right now, the default language is English and when I create the translated page of the home all the stuff (except for the menu) stays in English and there’s no way for me to change those content. Actually I can I always go in the code and change the PHP for say, but I want make it so the Client can change it himself. Thanks

Hello there, thanks for answering, I would like to know how to translate the hope page, because all the fields are being populated in the Theme options where there are no way of me translating each field itself. I’m using WPLM. All the other pages were translated easily by simple creating the translated version, but the since most of the field from the home page are coming from the Theme options I’m not sure how to translate it. I know I can always do it in the code, but I wanted to use the CMS to do so. Thanks

I’ve manage to translate each field of the home page by using custom fields value in the Page template. Now there’s an issue with images in the Gallery. The images are not responsive on smaller screens. Please refer to this link: I’ve resized your demo site, one of the single gallery and as you can see the images of the slider does not resize. What whould I do? I don’t want to change the whole javascript pluggin for the slider.


Do you use the last theme version? because in the last release we added a WPML xml config file for better translation.

The problem with gallery is a current issue. We are working on a new update and very soon will upload an update. You will be notified by email when the update is ready.

Have a good day

Hi, first of all nice theme. Second, i look all over the comment and did’t found solutions for translation. Few words are missing in .po file and i have updated it in poedit. I contact page are some words missing in single dish are description and recipe. On front page under our menu “read more” missing. Few of the are in .po but they don’t work. I have set sl_SI in wp-config. Help please.

Hi, yes all words should be as the tag and after rescan with poEdit. We are working on a new update, we will sure fix these issues in the next update. Have a good day

Thanks, you to


Hello buddy, thanks for the great work on the delizioso skin. I would like to gets some help on setting up some stuffs on my website.

Alright. this is what I made so far. My issue in here is how can I add/delete stuffs on the homepage. I tried adding text it didn’t work, I tried removing the gallery i didin’t know how. so how to gets more control on this homepage besides using the already made examples ?

I guess that’s all I need to know so far. thanks in advance.


Hi, if you are about Menu section – just use the menu post type section in admin panel. Add items and it will shows on the home page menu box.

Have a good day

No, I’m talking about the homagepage. the main page… How to remove the 3 icons of the homepage ? – Clients reviews ?

you can open the file page-home.php and remove items manualy from source file.

Have a good day

Hi, first thank you for the great Theme. :grin: But I have some Questions about: - How I can change the Language? The German language translation isn´t correct. I had edited “wp-content/themes/delizioso/lang/de_DE.po” but it doesn´t get my new translations, the old ones stay there - I want, that “Phone” ist an optional field, not a required field, how can I cange? - when I create an Event, there Is an empty slider on top (no images but back and next arrows < > ) When I add a new slider, the empty slider stay and the new one ist under this. How can i fill the prepared lider in the events?

Thank´s for the support :D

Hi, no bugs, you don’t need to add images in the content. After uploading – close the modal window.

Ohh, stop. The event single page doesn’t have a gallery. It’s a static image, no? – where you have arrows? no arrows.

Have a good day

Ohh, ok, than I put it away by my selfe. I fix the problem and put in a seperat yallery. I don´t know, why tey are there :P

But thank´s for all the Help and the awsome Theme :D

Have a good day.

Hi, I wanna add on a basic page a fullsize slider like the one on “about us 1” ( But I don’t now how. Furthermore, can you tell me how can I set a top slider like the home top slider but for the other page.

Thanks in advance,

Have a nice day

Hi, are you a purchaser? i don’t see the status. You must write your message from the puchaser account.

Have a good day

I’m working for someone who is a purchaser and I don’t have his purchaser account. Whatever I found out by myself for the slider.

However I noted something on your demo. With Google Chrome, go to the Home Style 5 Page ( and do a refresh on it with F5… Menu’s items and other things are missing. The same thing is happening when you do a “open in a new tab/window”. I can’t check that on a other machine but maybe it’s just something wrong with my PC.

Have a nice week end

Hi, i tested and it’s fine. Work perfect. Probably it’s a local problem, may be with the browser. Have a good day

I created categories and subcategories in the menu section, but if I click on the parent category (navigation menù), in the breadcrumb menu, appears to me not only the name of the parent category but also one of the subcategories (and more precisely the name of the subcategorie of the first product that appears on this page). If I click on the product of the subcategorie, instead, on the breadcrums menù, the parent category and the subcategorie disappears. (See image and Why? How can I have the correct navigation path?

i can’t publish here the email. You must write a presonal message using the form in my profile page. This message will go to my email automaticaly.

And are you a purchaser? I don’t se the purchaser status.

I have two accounts on ThemeForest. andrianiannalisa is the one from which I bought the template. Yesterday I had a problem with thia account and didn’t see the answer. However, I sent the email from the form of the your profile page.

Hi, we will reply by email. Have a good day

How can I set the Recommended dishes for each dish?

Hi, you don’t have this option. The system get random or last items. In next update we will try to make and option to set necessary items, but at the moment this option is not available.

Have a good day

Hi, besides some small issues viewing your theme on my iphone 4s i love your work pretty much!

i´m almost done with my setup, but one thing i need so badly:

on the frontpage, there is the “our menu” box. beside “latest events” . i need a “see all menu” link which leads me to all of my added menu items. exactly those link like the “latest events” box got, named “see all events”.

can you give me a tip how to get this done?

many thanks! sebastian

Hi, you can add changes in the page-home.php file. the bottom of the file.

Have a good day