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Why does my main menu look like this

instead of as in the demo:

Yes, I set my menu position in the WP Menu options.

Hi, probably you added wrong color codes. Open the theme options panel and all colors fields remove the code. (let it be empty) Save. And the theme will use default demo colors automaticaly.

Have a good day

A question, please. How can i change the email for the contatct form?

Hi, you can change it in the general wordpress settings. Have a good day

Hi, which font has been used to create logo Delizioso? Custom font or what else? Thanks in advance, congrats for your amazing theme

Hi, it’s not a font. It’s a custom figure. Have a good day

Can you please provide a realistic idea of when update will be posted? Days? Weeks? Months? Sorry but I need to know so I can determine if we have to move off this theme, thanks!


Hi. the update is already uploaded. The version 1.4 is ready to download. Have a good day

Hi Crikova

I was wondering if you can assist with some direction on including an online booking bottom in the top black header of the theme beside the location?

It will also need to have a code associated to it for dimmi, which is an online booking company which has many affiliates.

Do you think this would be possible. Cheers

Hi, our support doesn’t include customizations. We help with default theme settings. If you need smth custom, you can order our team, but this will not be free. Have a good day

An Update is ready Version 1.4 – 04/04/14
- Added new section in Admin Panel called Online Docs
- Fixed the testimonial shortcode link issue
- Updated Google Analytics Code. Added option to select Universal or Classic type
- Added option to insert link for About pages -> Teams member photos
- Added new social icons: Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare
- Fixed the menu drop down hover issue
- Fixed the gallery modal window list issue
- Added option to insert language switcher in Header
- Fixed the date format for Events post type (the date format is using the General Settings Format)
- Fixed the event date on Homepage
- Updated the Slider Options page. Remove unnecessary fields
- Updated Languages .PO files
- Fixed the gallery slider responsive issue
- Added option to dissable Homepage animation on scroll
- Fixed some css styles issues

is ready to download

Hi, how can translate <?php _e(‘Information’,’aletheme’); ?> with .po file ?

Hi, You should insert the word Information into your po file and translate it. Have a good day

THANK YOU! For New Update A+ Theme

Thanks. Have a good day

How i can make an image clickable on the gallery…

Hi, the theme doesn’t have this options. You are not able to do this. Have a good day

Sir, I have seen gallery is messed up after updating theme . Have any idea about this. Thanks for your precious time.Have a good day.

Hi, first of all check your last 3 gallery items if is selected featured image. It can be caused because the featured image is not selected. Have a good day

hi Crikova, you are right, my mistake. Again thanks for great and quick support.

Have a good day. Rate the theme 5 stars if you like. Thanks.


I have a problem with the main menu. At the first connexion to, there is no text inside the main menu. But so i read a other page the text appears. We have 4 computers and only one has this problem windows7 and only with google chrome. Have you got any idea regarding this problem ?

Hi, probably it’s a local browser issue. Try to update that browser to last version. May be the browser have some plugins installed that caused this issue. Have a good day

Hi, how can I desinstall Delizioso? It does not work well with all social media. I have to add a lot of plugins a society says. And the readers cannot share the articles in the Blog section. Well, I’m quite disappointed but that purchase. :-( thank you for your answer.

Use the wordpress tools to remove themes. Select other theme and the optiion remove will be available. Have a good day

Hi . How can i delete $ icon i want to Use for the Price in € . Please tell me How it ?

Hi, you have a theme options panel. In this panel you hav option to uplod a custom icon and replace the $ icon. Have a good day

Hello I have a problem. I installed the theme upload image header but I have nothing…

Why ? Thank you very much

thank you very much its ok

Have a good day

hi support

i want to change text “Menu” Tab with “News” can you tell me about it?


Hi, what do you mean? where you want to change, on Homepage? Have a good day


Is there anyway to sort the menu items based on the order that we want, instead of the date of the page added?


Hi, the theme doesn’t have this option. You need some customization to make it possible. Have a good day

Did you ever get the WooCommerce functionality implemented? If not, you mentioned one line of code that needs to go into the functions file to get it working…what is that line of code?

hi, are you a purchaser? I don?t see the purchaser status. Have a good day

Not yet, no…but the ability to integrate WooCommerce is a must-have, so I wanted to find out the status before purchase.

The theme is not integrated. But you can do it manualy. Woo have online documentation on how to make it and in google are a lot of information. Have a good day

Hello I’d like to know ifi can use plug in for event with this template. Is it compatible? whats the plugin forexample?

Thank you

Hi, yes you should translate the PO file in lang folder into your languages. Have a good day

yes i know … i did. I tried again. But for flags on header ?

in header is no widget area. In header is a custom line. You should add your php switcher code in the file lang.php

For some Reason! I cannot get the client reviews to show up, I have information in all the required fields! can you help me please!

Hi, can you show me a live link with problem? or a screenshot? Have a good day


I do change in Po files in lang but not change on homepage.I don’t understand and alsoit’s strange website must be in French and all titles are in english.

Thank you for your help

yes so i don’t understand

seems wordpress don’t take modiffications

can you show me some live links or FTP passwords in privat, i will take a look.