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hi crik0va

does delizioco can be add widget on footer. thanks

Hi, this is not possible. The theme doesn’t have this option. Have a good day

Thanks for update to 1.4. But the theme is still translate bugy. Not all files are translatable. In.po file is word dor translation but you forgot to ad ‘aletheme’ is some code. Then dollar sign on home page is not replaced when you uploaded it in them options panel. Have you consider to add side bar to category menu template beocuse if you have a lot of dishes than you have to scroll to top of page. Do you have some demo how language flags should appear in header. Beocuse when i add wmpl its messy and it is not styled. It is just a sugsestion. Sory for my english.


1. we will check the translation one more time in the next update. (tell us please files) 2. We will fix it for Home page in next update. 3. We will think about a sidebar, 4. You can add your switcher code in the partials/lang.php file.

Have a good day

hello Crikova…¿do you have a video tutorial o common tutorial to know how to use a multilanguage menu in frontpage for visitors? to select the language they want (in fact, i need english and spanish) regards. Wadmn

Hi, you can find in google a lot of information on how to translate a wordpress site. All depends on what plugin do you use. Each plugin have personal tutorials. Our theme doesn’t have this kind of tutorials. Have a good day

Why don-t work good my website here

Hi, probably some plugins block the page, or you made some changes in scripts.js file. Or may be you does’t use the last version. Update the theme to the last version, it should help. Have a good day

if i update, i think I will have problems with css file. I have made some changes on the css file.

If you made changes in CSS only, try to replace all files, but the css files don’t replace. Let it be your old files. Have a good day

But if you canged other files, you are not able to update the theme, because you will lose your customization.

How i can integrate ecommerce on this template _?

Hi, you can read the woocommerce tutorials –

Have a good day


I’dlike change breabcrumb for the item menu So i wanted change in config.php ‘pages’ => array( ‘menu’, ), // Post type is it right ? beacause when i change nothing appears …

Thank you very much

This is not the lne you need. The block you need is in the end of the file. The big array with register post type code. In this array you can change the slug, and names. But you need to have some skills in programing, if you want to do it manualy. Have a good day


How hide footer in home page ?


The theme doesn’t have this option. You can only manualy add changes in the footer.php file. Have a good day


You claimed that this theme is fully supported by WPML, can you please advise how do I translate the home page content to another language using WPML? Thanks.

Hi, you should contact the plugin developer about this (WPML Forum). The theme is compatible. The xml-config file is included in the theme. But how to manage the plugin, should help the plugin developer team. Have a good day

how to use keywords on this template _?

Hi, what do you mean? Use some SEO plugins.


I want to change the language on buttons forms etc. into Swedish. I have now translated the .po file. What do i do next?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

Hi, did you enabled the WP_LANG vriable? Open the config.php file and change the lang variable to your locale.. Have a good day

yes i did change that but nothing happened :) do i need to reinstall the whole theme again in order for it to load?

Hi, you don’t need to reinstall. First check the lang variable. Then check the .po file, if your .po file have all words translated. And after check if you don’t use any cache plugin. If yes, clear the cache. Have a good day

Hello, How can I change the fork & knife icon that appears next to the titles on the Menu pages. I’d like it to be a wine glass or delete it altogether.

Thank you.


1. You can replace the icons manualy in the source files. The folder you need is css/images/ 2. you should remove the height attribute from the block class. .reviews {height:500px!important;} Use this code in CUSTOM CSS field in Theme options panel 3. you can change in in generalcss file, or replace the default image in css/images/

Thank You!

Have a good day

Hi, how can I install the theme like the demo? I didn’t find it in the documentation. Thanks.

Hi, install a fresh wordpress site. Install the theme. Import the xml file from Tools-> Import-> Wordpress import. Upload all data and test. Should work as our demo. Have a good day

The font changer don’t work …

Hi, it should work, what exactly doesn’t work? any screenshots? (You should first select the necessary fonts as first and second to load theme, and only after to select them ass H1-H6 or body fonts) Have a good day

I tried to install the demo content. It did not work.

Hi, what problems do you have? Can you show me some screenshots?


On mobile version the slider is cropped not scaled, this is problematic.

The slider URL does not work. I have placed working URLs in this field however clicking on the slider does nothing.

Also we would like to remove the search bar any way to do this?

Hi, are you a pruchaser? I don’t see the purchaser status


On mobile version the slider is cropped not scaled, this is problematic.

The slider URL does not work. I have placed working URLs in this field however clicking on the slider does nothing. (I now see this is not possible – why then is there a URL field?)


the slider is not croped, This is not a standard banner slider, it is a background slider. And the image in this slider are as background with background-size: cover attribute. This Cover attribute place the image responsive.

The url filed is not available for home page. It is for slider shortcode, for example to use in custom pages. You cn easy add it in your Home slider if you need it, simply be the design the Home slider doesn’t have any links, it’s a bg image, not a banner. $url ($slider[‘url’])- is the variable you need to get the slider for your home page.

Have a good day

Im sorry, but the slider is cropped on the mobile versin, and is not responsively scaled. I can give you screenshots to demonstrate this. I do not understand what you mean by “cover attribute”? Is this a setting somewhere? The cropping of the Slider makes the responsive version of the site unusable for us.

Hi, yes you can remove the attribute cover and the image will be without this style. The file you need is css/general.css In general thsi slider is a bg slider, not a banner as i told earlier. That’s why the croping issue is normal for this kind of sliders. Have a good day

Hi, Can I put the theme in two differents wordpress?? I mean two differents domains. Thanks :)

Hi, you should purchase it twice to use on 2 sites. One purchase is for one domain. Have a good day

Hi, in this new update you have some color picker. Can those colors be changed?Edited?

Hi, what do you mean? Have a good day

Dear Crikova, I tried to search by other support comments but didnt find the right way to update the theme from 1.3 to last. I will grate if you could show how to do it without change theme folder fully or overwrite it deleting coustomized elements. Take advance of this comment to ask also if is possible hide home boxes as reviews from home by option and if there is italian translate of backoffice lang of your great theme :)

Compliments for good job Have nice day minlogic studio

Hi, to update the theme you need to remove the old one and upload the new archive. All theme options data and wordpress data will be saved automaticaly. But if you changed some source files, you are not more able to updte, because you will lose your customizations.

Have a good day

I have noticed That the search works only with the posts. Can you tell me the code to add to the file aletheme/config.php so that the search works even in the pages and menus? thanks

Hi, sure. The line 10 in aletheme/etc/front.php file change the code to

$query->set('post_type', array('post','page', 'menu', ));

Have a good day

ok, now the search works, but the results display overlaps. See screenshot

this is because the search is made for blog posts. Other post types are not supporting for search, their template are different as blogposts. That?s why you see this problem. You need some customizations. Have a good day