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Hi i have a problem with the “insert shortcode” button in the page editor: it’s disappeared!! Here it’s a screenshot of my admin panel. As you can see there is only the “insert slider” button but the one for the shortcode is missing. What’s wrong? Thanks for your help.

Check if you use the last version. Because on new WP 3.9 the old theme have problems with the shortcode button. We have updated the theme and fixed this issue. After update clear the browser cache. Have a good day

I am using WordPress Version: 3.9.1 and Theme Version: 1.4 I suppose it’s the latest version since i got no update request for the theme in the admin panel… However, I still do not see the shortcode button! Please can you tell me what to do?

After update clear the browser cache. The last version is 1.5! On window press ctrl+F5 Have a good day

Hello, I am having serious problems with the ‘animation on scroll’ option. When it is selected, a lot of my content is hidden on the page. I use firebug to see the problem, and almost everything is changed to “visibility: hidden”, even when I scroll down. This is all the content I have added, like the opening times, the “about us”, the reviews, everything. I have disabled the option so that my content can be seen, but I don’t know what to do if I want to use the animation on scroll because it has stopped working since the update. Thanks.

By the way, I have no plugins installed and the problem is still there. Thanks for the help.

Hi, can you show me a live link i will try to test. Have a good day


I uploaded a logo and a background image for the homepage, but I don’t see them on the website. What did I wrong?

Hi, Probably you use a cache plugin and the site load an old version. Clear cache. And make sure you saved your changes. Have a good day

Hi, Thanks for your reaction. I cleared the cache with this methode, but it still don’t show the logo + background image.

Here are some screenshots.

Hi, in your screen you have problems with the home slider, and not with the logo. The logo is on the slider, but the slider is not set up. Go to sliders section and create a new slider. Add images and save. Copy the sldier SLUG. Go to theme options and paste the slider slug in the slug field. Save. Test your home page. Will work perfect. The Image you uploaded is for inner pages header.

Have a good day


I have a problem, i can’t create layer on slideshow.

Or how i can integrate revolution slideshow on this theme.

Hi, the theme doesn’t have options to add layers on sliders. If you want to use a revolution sldier, you need to install it and to make some customizations. Replace the default sldier code with the revolution init php code. The fiel you need is header.php Have a good day

OK, thank you. I will try to put revolution slider.

Have a good day


How to translate Home Icons box Name and Description using WPML?


Hi, the theme is fully WPML compatible. The xml config file in included in the theme folder. You should read your plugin documnetation to know how to translate custom fields. Or yu can also contact the WPML support team or use their forum. Have a good day

Hello, I’d like to add information/text (a short description of the category) to the Menu Category pages: Beer, Wine, etc. at the top of each category page, but I don’t see where I could possibly add short code or a slider. Any suggestions?

Hi, the archive-menu.php is the template for menus gallery page. The taxonomy-menu-category.php is the file for each menu cattegory. You can customiza and add your code in these files,. Have a good day

Hi, i’ve a little problem: I can’t see any page with this template :S

Thank you

You can send me the admin panel password i wil take a look and try to find a solution. Have a good day

Sended, thank you

Hi, ok, the support will reply you via email. Have a good day

What is the name of the font that you used for the logo of the Template? I should create a draft of the logo. If my client will appreciate it, I’ll buy it!!! :)

Hi, the logo is custom. it’s not a font. I down’t know any simmilar fonts. The logo psd is included in the archive, but each letter is a figure, not a font. Have a good day


I sent you an email to say that I cannot get the home screen the same as the template. The slider and opening hours do not appear. I will send you the details again?

Hi, we have no any emails with this issue. In my opinion the problem is in the slider settings. Create a slider and add images. Save. Copy the slider slug and paste it in Theme options panel – SLUG field. Save. Have a good day

I have read all the comments in regards to dummy data import and I have uploaded the XML file as instructed. Why does the home page not look as it does in your demo?

Hi, the home page is used some data from Theme options panel. But the XML files can’t import data for themeoptions panel, theat’s why these data should be setuped manualy. (for example paste the slider SLUG in theme options, etc) Have a good day


My website is nearly completed but I still have an issue. The search bar on top only searches through the news. Can it search only the products?


Hi, the search field works with blog posts only. It’s possible to enable for menu items, but the result style will be the same as blog posts. In alethemes/config.php file you can enable it. Have a good day

I am also having the same problem as @voozer, when I scroll down the home page my events and menu does not show. When I look at the css the visibility is set to hidden

Hi, you should upload all items (not 1 item), because the js use the top position. Try to upload and make as on our demo – Have a good day


I am very interested in your theme, however I want to know if following functionalites are available:

1) Can I have Static Header bar, that is when I scroll page down, I should still be able to see Title bar, so that I can click on it to go back to any page

2) Can I have scroll up button appear on right hand corner, so that I dont have to use mouse to scroll up, instead just one click should take me up the page

3) Is it possible to have pages on the home page (as links), but not on the header menu.

Thanks for your quick reply. Sher

Hi, the theme is absolutely as the demo preview. All options from the preview are in the theme and all options that are not in the preview, the theme will not support. Have a good day

hello Crikova…let me know if I can use the revolution slider instead of slider that comes by default with the template. I just want to work a zoom effect. Regards

Hi, you can use any sliders you want, but you will need to change source files to remove the old code and paste the new. Have a good day

hello, I can not understand three things: 1) how to configure the thema “Delicious” for multiple language? I know I can add the code into partials \ lang.php. Can you give an example? 2) Where do you set the default language? 3) How can I create the sublevel menu? (I saw in the demo that you can do)

Thanks in advance Gianfranco Facchini (Italy)

buongiorno, non riesco a capire tre cose: 1) come configurare il thema “Delizioso” per linguaggio multiplo? Io conosco posso aggiungere il codice in partials\lang.php. Tu puoi fare un esempio? 2) Dove si configura il linguaggio di default? 3) Come posso creare il sottolivello del menu ? (ho visto nella demo che si può fare)

Grazie in anticipo Gianfranco Facchini (Italy)

1. You should use multilingua plugin. Exist a lot of different plugins. for example use qtranslate. The switcher code find in plugin documentation.

2. in the plugin.

3. Learn defaults wordpress admin panel. drop the menu to right and it will take the sub level position.

Have a good day

Thank you for your response. I know the sub-menu from the panel of wordpress. The restaurant menu section I inserted with categories and subcategories, and I thought that the menu navigation was defined automatically. The only item that I can connect to the menu navigation is a menu item store that is not seen with the sub-category levels but with a unique voice. Even in the screen where the restaurant menu does not display categories. Are there any shortcode for the categories of restaurant menu? thankes

Grazie per la cortese risposta. Io conosco i sotto menu dal pannello di wordpress. La sezione menu del ristorante l’ho inserita con categorie e sottocategorie e io pensavo che il menu navigatore si definisse in modo automatico. L’unica voce che posso collegare al menu navigatore è a voce menu archivio che non viene vista con i sotto livelli di categoria ma con una voce unica. Anche nella pagina che presenta il menu ristorante non visualizza le categorie. Esistono degli shortcode per le categorie dei menu del ristorante?


Hi, on the menu page press the top button called Screen options. Check the Menu categories section and it wil ladd the tab with all menu categories. After from the tab drop necessary categories on your menu.

Have a good day

Hi there, I am interested to develop a grocery store website. Will this theme work for that? Also, there are themes that are worth $55 (Espresso) but I like Delizioso’s style. Am I missing some key functions if I purchase this relatively cheaper theme?

55$ themes support woocommerce plugin. Delizioso doesn’t support. Thats why the price is smaller. Have a good day

Do you have a theme that offers Woocommerce? If so, I want to look at it and possibly replace Delizioso. If not, is there a way I could return this theme and use credit to purchase another theme? I appreciate your help.

Hi, our Cafeteria theme support Woocommerce – You can check it. Also you can install woocommerce on Delizioso too, but you will need some customization to make the shop working on delizioso. On Cafeteria the shop is already integrated. Have a good day


Really happy with the theme. One thing I would like to adjust. I want to align the events beneath each other. So there is only ‘one column’. If not possible i would like them to be aligned straight. in stead of scrambled.

Could someone give some advice.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, this is not possible. You need some skills in CSS and HTML to make it possible from source file. The css is – css/general.css file and the page-home.php is the home 1 page style.

Have a good day

Hi, i bought your delizioso template, i’m in the process of translating the site to spanish. I have a multi network setup, in the spanish es_ES version everything is translating except for some things that are not complete in the .po file which im already adding them.

The problem is the translations for the custom types Events, Galleries and Menu the translation is not working/showing.

For example:

delizioso/page-home.php line 128 we have Read More

In the delizioso/lang/es_ES.po file the translation string is there line 78

But the output is not begin translated.

Please help any ideas of what the problem could be.


Sebastian Viteri.

Hi, probably the word “Read more” have some hide characters. Remove that line and write manually that code and try one more time. Do you understand me? Have a good day

I found the problem, ”#, fuzzy” entry. By the way, im in the process of completing the translation of the es_ES.po im spanish native speaker. When i’m done i’ll send it over.

ok, Thanks) Have a good day

Hello- I am needing to add more team members to the About Us page. How would I go about doing so?

Thanks in advance.

OK, send me a cost to do so.

I tried to add the following code to template-about.php, and create a fifth but it didn’t work. : (

<?php } ?> <?php if(ale_get_meta(‘fourthphotoperson’)){ ?> <figure class=”tubmapost”> <figcaption class=”cf”> <?php echo ale_get_meta('fourthnameperson'); ?> <?php echo ale_get_meta('fourthprofperson'); ?> </figcaption> </figure>


the code is not right, and you should also add other code in the second file.

Contact us by Personal message form on my profile page, we will decide the price.

Have a good day

Hi there, I’ve set my email address in the General Settings, and sent a test email from the contact form. None of my test emails from the contact form are coming through to my email address. Any suggestions to get this to work?

Thanks in advance!

Update: I wasn’t filling in all the fields. It works now.

Another issue: My map is not spanning the entire screen and cuts off on the left side. Any suggestions?

Update: I changed the width to “100%”. It’s fine now.

ok, Have a good day