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I want my homepage to show specific portfolio category, so I just go to “Theme Settings -> Home -> Portfolio Section Category” and select that parent category I want. But it did not work after I click “Save All Changes”. How can I use this function properly?

There is a small error in the theme itself, thanks for the heads up. If you want send me a private message for the updated theme zip as soon as it’s ready.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

I just purchased this theme for my new wordpress site but when I try to download it I get the message “uploaded file exceeds the upload max filesize directive in php.ini”. I downloaded the wordpress only files as a zip folder. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the delay. Make sure you are only uploading the delta.zip folder only and not all the docs, sample data…etc (Delta-1.4.zip).

Also this error is very common in WordPress, please increase your memory limit allocated to PHP, please see here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Increasing_memory_allocated_to_PHP

First, I LOVE this theme. I am still learning and have a few site fixes, but I think these relate to my novice skills and not the theme. Here is what I would like help with, though:

1) I’m using the blue accent color and want to match it in images I upload by framing the photos in black and blue to match the theme. What are the RGB & PMS values/codes of the blue you’ve used? 2) One of the errors I get on the site when testing for Accessibility is that the images do not have descriptions. However, I do enter descriptions for images – is this a theme issue or a Wordpress issue? [I’m certain you already know this, but Accessibility is how user friendly a site is for individuals with disabilities. So, for example, if a person who is blind uses a “reader” to describe a site’s content, the software will read text and the descriptions of images—that’s why the descriptions are important.]

Thanks in advance for your help!

I was working with customizing the theme style colors and tried to add a custom logo. What happened was the my home page stopped loading – I get a swirling circle and a ? where the photo was. I went back and selected a return to the default but it didn’t help. And now I can’t figure out how to get back to square one. I hadn’t even put anything on my home page yet. Help, please

I had two questions, on your demo site i noticed you had a recent work widget on the footer of all the pages, in between the text widget and latest new widget. I was wondering how to do that because i couldn’t find it in the widgets? also on the portfolio link there is a drop down for two separate portfolios , is there a possibility of doing that as well? i know how to make the different categories but is there a way to make two or more completely separate portfolios? for example, when they hover over portfolio and there’s a drop down that says photography and go just to that portfolio. please let me know, thank you.

lol i messed around and figured out my second question :P, i’m sorry i’m new to WordPress. still need help with the first question though, thank you!

On you demo site you have the widgets on the bottom, how did u create the “Recent Work” one in the middle?

I used a custom widget built-into the theme – “Recent Posts With Thumbnail” then I selected the portfolio post type.

Thank you very much for the response! I did have another question, also on the demo site all the portfolio items no matter how much text they have line up perfectly with one another. My portfolio items don’t line up they seem to form a stair type pattern. They start higher and seem to go downwards (sounds weird I know) but please if you have a chance please check it out http://www.igormonteiro.com/portfolio/ . I don’t know if it’s a setting or the browser. I just thought it was strange because the demo site they all lined up perfect and had a lot of text in the discription. Thank you again, love your themes!

I have tried to install this theme but it just returns the information that”The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.Theme install failed.” What should I do?

Sounds like you may be trying to install the entire package with the sample data and docs. Extract the downloaded zip on your desktop and locate/install only the installable theme zip.

Thank you so much! That really helps!

When I wanted to apply the portfolio, after it is shown in the website. When I click the items, there’s no reply. Nothing shows up. Then what should we do? Thank you!

I have figured it out. I think it is because I have another plugin on portfolio.

Great, thanks for the heads up!

I have a question here. When I make the page as portfolio, I wanted to show a table but it shows the codes for the table. How should I deal with it? My website is here: http://siriusmachineusa.com/products-2/

Thank you so much for helping me out!


I purchased this theme. I am having a problem with the header. It is not functioning even after a fresh wipe and install. I would appreciate some help with it. you can see what I mean on the main page at integrateddefensetraining.com the black bar that would hold the menu is way too big. I am not sure how to fix it. Thank you in advance.

I should mention I did not touch any of the standard coding. I simply cut and pasted my data into the fields to populate information for the pages.

After careful review it is actually the slider. I am will simply remove it. I am not sure why it changed.

Alright ;)

How do I get all my portfolios’ text underneath images to have the same numbers of lines so they can all lined up? I don’t think I need anything wrong nor changed anything on each portfolio when i entered them in but after entering them all when i pull my website up the portfolios are not in line. Hope you understand what i’m saying please help.


Very Good theme!

Please check, the menu is not centered. Can You point us to the right direction? http://ehitus.vesiroos.com/

All the best, Uku

Looks like you figured it out ;)


On the Home Page my my portfolios are not working. Under Who We Work With there is one, and there should be 5 different places. I have changed the permalinks, refreshed and then changed back and nothing.


Looks like you got it working ;)

Happy New Year!

Hi, I just found out that if I use non-square images, they don’t show up in the page that comes when I click the featured image. I can see them on the home page or list view pages, but once I click the thumbnail, I can’t see them. This happens to the blog pages too… Do all the images have to be exact square? Is there anyway I can use non square images?

You can definitely use non-square images, sounds to me like maybe image cropping isn’t working on the server. Can you make sure ImageMagick is running on your server? (its a php extension) and if not at least the GD library which is what WordPress uses as a fallback.

You may have to ask your webhost about this if you aren’t sure.

I asked the hosting company and imagemagick is installed.

greenon7@green1004.info [~]# convert -version Version: ImageMagick 6.7.9-10 2012-10-05 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org Copyright: Copyright© 1999-2012 ImageMagick Studio LLC Features: OpenMP

Can you check if this is the right version?

Thanks for a great theme. It’s all up now at www.hamednaseriart.com However, now that I have all the portfolio pictures loaded and assigned to three different categories and all updated… you can see how on main page it has all three buttons and SHOW ALL but when you click the other category buttons it goes blank. Suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

... I’m using Delta as recommended by Tyler Moore on his YouTube video for getting started with WP… And ALSO- in the Blog (pages) post (posts) section it doesn’t show any way for people to post comments or all the links to FB twitter etc… can you look at it, thanks. Just point me in the right direction. Thanks so much again!

Hello WPexplorer,

I want to put our portfolio on the homepage, but only with pictures and without the text excerpt. I can’t find a way to let the text disappear. I only want to have text after I click on a portfolio picture.

Thank you for your support.

My site is here: www.ranagmbh.de

You can simply add some custom CSS to your site to hide the text. Example:

.home .portfolio-entry-description {

Thank you for your reply. Your solution works perfectly.

If I want to force the portfolio pictures on the main page to be square where can I adjust it?

Thanks for your support!

Currently you can only alter the image height and you can do so at Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio. Enter “290” for the height which will then make the images 290×290 (square).

Our theme has suddenly disappeared with all our content. Our server guys say they can’t help us because the database is pointing to to192.129.186.35 and rmayers_rmayersblog. Can you point us to how to restore our theme and all our content?

Unfortunately we don’t offer support for server issues, this is outside the scope of the theme. To restore the theme you can re-download it from your ThemeForest downloads, but restoring your content is something you will need to do. Since we have no idea how your server was setup before it would be almost impossible to assist anyway.

I would highly recommend keeping daily backups of your site. We personally use and highly recommend VaultPress – https://vaultpress.com/

the portfolio section wont display more than 50 items, please check my site https://goo.gl/aD7ZJ7. in the theme option I already set to -1 or even 100, but still only displays 50. pls help

Thank you for your patience over the weekend. Wow your site looks great!

That’s pretty strange, it should display all posts. Would you be able to submit a private ticket – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/ – with temp WP and FTP logins so I can take a look and fix the issue for you? (please request your ticket be sent to me – AJ – since I’m the theme developer I should be able to fix things up quickest and if needed push out a theme update).

- AJ

Hello WPExplorer,

I’m having difficulty finding a theme that fits my needs. I want a clean, minimal theme to display my photography. I did look through at all your themes and did not see one that would appear to work – but I realize that a given theme may be able to be modified to do what I want.

Two questions, please:

1. Do you have any themes that will achieve most or all of the items below?

2. How much custom CSS would be necessary to achieve this – i.e. none, some, a lot, extensive

Thank you for your help!

  • Simple text menu
  • Clean, plain color background
  • Header, footer
Home page:
  • Space at top for small logo and menu
  • Five to Ten medium-sized images that denote categories with captions below each one
Category pages:
  • Option for introductory text at top
  • A layout that displays each photo in that given category in its native aspect ratio – one to four columns
  • Clicking on any given photo opens (perhaps) a light box, with next/previous arrows
  • The option to put text to the left or right of the image being viewed

Oh great…I think I just answered your latest comment. If you are going to be using RML let me know in any follow up replies to that original comment so I can then provide suggestions accordingly.

- AJ

I’m not clear on which original comment you mean. Yes, I’ll be using RML. Should I post in Total Comments from now on?

Yes, that would be best so I know what theme you are referring to. With 50,000+ customers it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everyone. Thanks!