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How do i remove the scroll, so that the page just gets as high as the content. All our test users want the scroll function gone :)

Great template dude. Hoping for an answer soon!

Thank you for purchasing my item.

1. You can’t add extra menu, because template supports only 4 menu items.

2. You can’t remove scroll, because all pages loaded with ajax and their height is animated by jquery.


Would you please guide me towards removing the scroll function? We got 27 user tests in now, 21 of them mentions the scroll as either not working or highly annoying.


I’m sorry for my late response. It was holiday in my country.

This is little bit harder to remove its scroll. Open jquery.demdous.js file from js folder.

line 112 and line 152: demdousPageholder.animate({ height:”430px”....... 430px is content height. Increase its value in order to remove scroll. Then, increase footer value to animate properly, line 109: demdousFooter.animate({top:’505px’}.....

Hi Demdous,

I bought this template, and love it, really great job. I am using it with dynamic data, and have it working fine on the index page. Seems your template has the index page, including other pages like the about.html page, for some reason, and php variables i have on the ‘about’ page, won’t show. (I already changed it all to php pages, so it is working) it just doesn’t work when I have variables on the pages that are included once you click “about” etc.

Will it be possible to have dynamic data on the pages being included?

Thank you, Shane


Thank you for purchasing my item.

I’m sorry , I didn’t check it with php codes. I used jQuery load() function. Please, check out load() function’s options. Also, use your variables as global variables. Maybe, this helps.



how can I call an additional HTML page from inner-content?

For example: If I add a new HTML link to about.html and want to load it like the same way as about.html it doesn’t works. Surely it is loading the new HMTL page but it won’t be loaded as “inner-content”..

Thanks for your support.

Re’s, this case I’m not sure if it is usable…

Which file loads the logo/icon, if anyone add the app to the home screen of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch? It seems Ajax takes only a screenshot of index.html.


I’m sorry. I don’t understand your question. Please send email to me by my profile page. This is html template by the way.

..surely I know, it is HTML . But it can be used as “web app” too. If you create a QR-Code and scan it you can install the front page as web app to the home screen of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and usually on all other iDevices. Then it looks like a native app..

Unfortunately, it seems I can’t use it. Great style and cool layout! But with too many restrictions…


Hi Demdous,

Did you ever figure out a better way to remove the scroll bar function? like Dannetdk asked? Other than just making the page bigger. I have dynamic content coming in, so the height will vary, but instead of scroll bars, I just want to be able to scroll the whole page to the bottom, without using scroll bars within that inner-content area.


Thanks, Shane


Thank you for purchasing my item. I’m sorry it is impossible right now. If you know javascript well, then you may try to change it. All animation scripts is in the jquery.demdous.js


I am having an issue with any page, when loaded in the vertical, when turning the device to horizontal the vertical scrollbar remains in the middle of the wider page, and the content does not extend beyond this. In the reverse, a page loaded in the horizontal, when turing the device to vertical, the page shifts 50% off to the left of the browser and is unreadable. This is on iPhone. If the session starts in either vertical or horizontal planes, from the main menu, then the site works perfectly – it’s just when you change orientation “mid-visit’. Thanks for any help you can give.


I try to find its solution.

Thanks, any help is much appreciated!

i cant upload on my word press

It is html template.

what sort of server requirement are there. We have tried this template of two different servers – works on one but not the other. email sent

sent message.

Good design and slick animation, but because you haven’t addressed the fixed height of the loaded content, the user basically ends up with half a screen view content, which is, quite frankly, horrible to use.

Also, its restrictive to not let the user add another menu item, and this doesn’t appear to be made clear anywhere before buying.

Shame, because I like the design, and was looking forward to using it.


(Newbie alert)

Want to use this for email vcard.

*Is this a good one for a newbie? *What program do I need to customize data and colors?

Please let me know. READY to buy.

Thanks and await your kind/ prompt reply,

Scarlett newbie

My inner pages are not loaded via ajax even from the version that I just unziped without any changes. I just get waiting gif. Why is that?


Please, use it in hosting environment. Test it in localhost or in your server.