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they arrived. thank you!


You’re welcome. I hope it helps to you. Bulent.

What is the current version of the theme? Or dates of latest files?

I have just only send necessary files. No need to any version.

Everything is now working good for wide pages. thanks.

In what file do I adjust size of cufon fonts? Is it lines 13 or 16 in styles.css? Or some other place?

I need to make body font bigger for my client.


For the titles you must find style.css:

/* ### MAIN SETTINGS ### */

You can reformat everythink in.

Hello, thank you for this wonderfull theme.

Just one problem with the colorbox plugin included.

On my website: http://www.graphic-etiquettes.fr/ Colorbox doesn’t work for Portfolio’s images: http://www.graphic-etiquettes.fr/nos-equipements/

Dou you know why ?


Hi Arnaud; thanks for your interested but I didn’t see your purchased ribbon !. Please verify your user account first. I will let you solutions after the purchased verification.

Rerards Bulent.

i dont buy it, my friend did it… I’ll post the same question with his account in 10 min ;-)

Hi Thanks for your information. Sorry about this verification step but some non-purchased users want support sometimes.

Regards Bulent.

Hi I have send an email to you please check your email.


On my website: http://www.graphic-etiquettes.fr/ Colorbox doesn’t work for Portfolio’s images: http://www.graphic-etiquettes.fr/nos-equipements/

Hi can you insert functions.php bellow the code:


Default Wordpress Gallery With Colorbox

add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_link', 'denizy_colorbox');

function denizy_colorbox ($content) {
    $content = preg_replace("/<a rel="\" gallery="" return=""></a>

If you didn’t get grab the code correctly or any issue please contact me via email I will send this code via email.


Hi I have send an email to aboulin.


I’ve updated my site to latest version of Wordpress and replaced the TimThumb.php and my thumbnails have stopped working.

I swapped the old TimThumb.php back into the theme folder and they still don’t work.

Any suggestions? Should I update to latest version of the theme? My site was created over a year ago and I noticed there is a recommendation to update the theme.

Here’s the site: http://www.muranoeyewear.co.uk

Hi Please clear all files in the cache folder and try again but I highly recommend please use new version of the timthumb. (don’t forget the give permission to 777 to cache folder.)

If you did a big modification of the theme files you can’t update the theme. But if you didn’t made any modification you can update the theme.


Hi Do you have HTML or other version of this template. I dont work with WP

i really like this design but im interested in non WP


hi please contact to me via wpthemess@gmail.com i ll let you know.


I have send you the email. but you did not contact me back. here is my email: alwahy@gmail.com

hi i ve send message please check it

Hi the suggestions worked for the thumbnail issue :-)

I now have another problem…. the sliders on the home page have stopped working. This probably happened at the same time after the Wordpress and security update took place.

I can’t see any of the theme options in the Dashboard…. am guessing this is related. Any suggestions?

hi can you send me your wp login info via email i ll take a look it.

hi your email reject messages. you mailbox full please send me ftp informations via email.

Hi, great theme… But i have same problem as one user before. Theme is not showing thumbnails in any portfolio. Can you post/send solution. Tnx
SOLVED / replace code from here http://timthumb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/timthumb.php to your page here www.yourpage.com/wp-admin/theme-editor.php?file=timthumb.php&theme=denizy

Hi Thanks for using my item and I’m glad you like. Denizy using timthumb so it fixed last months. There are no issue in Denizy now.

Hello, Can I acess the portflio or other sections straight from the middle photos? I mean without selecting options like in the demo.

Also, coul I use the middle photos as independent info from the sections in the menu bar? like just to show videos for example

Thanks a lot for your help

hey Can you provide purchased data first ? I can help after this verification.

Thanks for your understanding.

I can´t , I did not buy the theme, I am choosing a theme between a few options, that´s whay I am asking about customization possibiities here. Other authors has send me an answer to my questions the next day. I dont think answering two weeks later asking for a license is the best way to sell a theme

hey i m sorry for late response but sometimes nonpurchased illegal users wants to get support without buy. I m giving fast support everytime normally.

i didnt see your purchased ribbon and i didnt give answer to you.

thanks deniz

I purchased this theme about 1 year ago and I was wondering why my

tags keep getting removed? I have to manually go in and add
tags to keep the text from grouping together? Any suggestions?


Hey thanks for using my item Denizy but tags working properly

http://www.wpthemess.com/demo2/collis-taeed.html can you share your url or send bia email to me I want to view this issue.


hi, the he navigation (homebignav) is simply not working. I added my own images (e.g.http://skycatering.it/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/kat1.jpg) to the Home Big Navigation Image URL, but the homebignav is not showing up (not even the default theme one) also the Homepage Bottom Areas are not working

please help!!! thanks

Hi; please unset you default homepage from Settings > Reading section to “Your latest posts” after this action your homepage will be turn showing homebignav. Otherwise you can’t see the Denizy’s Homebignav. Also you should set “cache” folder permissions to 0777. Thats all.

hi! thanks for your reply, that solved the issue!!! great theme!!! thank you

Hi i’m glad you have done. Thanks


I just bought the theme and I have a couple of questions.

How can I put a youtube clip into one of the sliders like you did with the middle slider in the live preview.

And for some reason the map does not show up on the contact page.

Thanks for your help in advance!

here’s the website; holgateproductions.com

love the design and would like to buy it…any updates? is this responsive?

thanks deepa

Hi, thanks for your interested. But theme not responsive.

How do I display the contact page?

Select Contact page template when the adding page section.