Discussion on Dentalia - Dentist & Medical WordPress Theme

Discussion on Dentalia - Dentist & Medical WordPress Theme

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Hi Request the team to please look into my private ticket. #3488087


All support requests are cleared, including yours. We reply 99.7% of tickets within 24 hours, with an average turnaround time of 6 hours.

Hi there, two questions: 1. the ‘Slider Revolution’ plugin has a security vulnerability (Wordfence scan). Can we get an update to the patched version (6.6.13) or newer? 2. Is the theme compatible with WordPress 6.3?

Hello, My apologies for the delay in our response. Due to health challenges within our small team, we had to pause development momentarily. But I tested the theme with 6.3 and it should work as promised. You can delete and re-download the slider to get version 6.6.14. Expect a theme update from us by the year’s end.

Best regards, Timea

Thanks for the update! I’ve tried to delete and reinstall slider revolution (via Appearance -> Install plugins), but it won’t be updated. When reinstalled it also doesn’t show any updates. Can I manually get version 6.6.14? For example via WeTransfer.

Please get in touch through our help-desk support.orionthemes.com. You can file a ticket under the Bug Reports category.

No active support is required.

Hi, I wonder if the theme is compatible with WP 6.2.2. It seems compatible with WP 5.9 on your page. Can you confirm?

Also, Thema was last updated 1 year ago, won’t there be new updates? Thank you,

The theme site origin plugin isn’t working (demo import won’t happen) and it keeps prompting me to install another theme. The latest update seems broken?

Hi, everything seems to work on our end.

Please open a ticket at https://support.orionthemes.com/ and we’ll take a look at the issue.

Hi, how can I limit the number of posts displayed in the blog view? Thanks in advance :-)

Hi. Go to the Settings » Reading in the WP dashboard and change the value of the ‘Blog pages show at most’ option to the number of posts you want to display on your blog page.

Hello Orion-Team, I extended my subscription, but i cannot add a ticket. I have an issue with the @orion image widget. Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes


Hi Niels, I’m not sure what might be the cause of the issue, but if for some reason the system doesn’t let you post in the “Dentalia” category you can try “Bug reports” or send us a direct message here on Envato. Best regards, Timea

Hello Orion Theme, i started to have an issue. i cannot change images in the @orion image. When I open it i see only a field with a date. It is the same when I am in the live editor. Other elements work. I tried PHP 7.4 and 8 … but i suppose this is JS.

Attached is a video. Thank you very much for your help. Best wishes Niels

Is this theme not updated any more? Even if we don’t have an active support account, we should get updates still.


You can always download the latest theme version from https://themeforest.net/downloads, with or without active support.

If you are looking for updates from WordPress Dashboard, then you can install the Envato market plugin https://www.envato.com/lp/market-plugin/.

If you are experiencing any issues with the theme, you can file bug report for free. No active support required https://support.orionthemes.com/.


lukin88 Purchased

I updated this to Version 2.2 because of WordPress 6.1.1, but now the Dental-Icons on my site are missing (didn’t change them) and when reinstalling the Dentalia theme plugin it causes an error: Download failed. cURL error 28: Connection timeout after 10002 ms.

This url is not working, the zip is faulty… https://orionthemes.com/downloads/dentalia/dentalia_plugin_2/dentalia-plugin.zip

Sorry but I think this is not a case for a 50$ support renewal.


lukin88 Purchased

So the servers still seem to be down. So I’ll try to open a ticket. thx


lukin88 Purchased

So… I tried but had no luck… it isn’t possible to open a ticket…

it says… Sorry, support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired. You will need to extend support or purchase a new license.

When opening a ticket, choose the “Bug reports” category. Dentalia category will not work without active support.


xsyn Purchased

Hi there, I have a very good suggestion: An updater, so instead of me all the time downloading the theme and uploading new versions with FTP, perhaps you can built this into the theme. Years ago you could do it with Envato plugin, but this cant be done anymore.

Hi, As far as we know, It is still possible to use Envato plugin for theme updates. https://www.envato.com/lp/market-plugin/ You just need to set up API key with Envato, add it to Envato plugin settings and you can update your theme from WordPress dashboard.

Complying with GDPR when using Google Fonts


as you know in EU it’s not allowed to get Google Fonts direct from the Google CDN, because it violates the GDPR rules and reveals the IP of the user before giving his consent. A German court fined a website using Google-hosted webfonts for violating Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).​

Is there this option to your theme or will be implemented in the near future?

​See also this post from WordPress itsself regarding this issue​: https://make.wordpress.org/themes/2022/06/18/complying-with-gdpr-when-using-google-fonts/


You can use Dentalia with local Google fonts.

Please see the tutorial on how to load Google fonts from a local folder inside of a child theme here: https://orionthemes.com/knowledgebase/how-to-load-google-fonts-locally/

There is also a sample child theme provided for Dentalia, which will load the default fonts from a local folder.

For any additional questions, please contact us through our support https://support.orionthemes.com/

How can I update the theme to Dentalia 2.2 without loosing all the customizations I have?

Hi, For updating the theme, please see the guide here: https://orionthemes.com/knowledgebase/updating-the-theme-and-plugins/ This update shouldn’t influence any of the the content or the theme option settings.If you have some specific customizations, like modified php template files, you’ll need to move them to a child theme first. If you have any questions or need assistance with some specific, please head over to support and open a ticket: https://support.orionthemes.com/

​Hi, Theme is not compatible with PHP 8 we have updated our wordpress 6.02 and theme dentalia 2.2 and now the featured images of the Pages Feature Widget are not displayed.​

We observe that if we change to php 7.4 it works but in php 8 it does not

Hi. Our developement version of the theme is on php 8 and it works like it should. Please open a ticket and provide a link and access to your website. We will check what is causing the issues on your end.

https://support.orionthemes.com/ Bug reports category does not require active support.

Hi OrionThemes, Can you advise please?

I have just been chatting to Alex @ SiteOrigin regarding some page speed issues that I currently have.

I’m getting “Ensure text remains visible during webfont load” in pagespeed insights.



need to set the font-display property to “block” due to it being an icon font. Swapping won’t work as icon fonts aren’t regular text.

What is the best solution? Adding font-display: block; to the CSS? If so can you advice which CSS files I need to edit.


Forgot to say I have 92% currently on mobile & 100% on desktop for The main Ortho page if you want to check. If I can get this font issue sorted perhaps I’ll have 100% mobile :-)

Hi Orion Team, can you advise. Currently using the hero section at the top of my pages. When I test on pagespeed insights I get the “Serve images in next-gen formats” warning as the image is being picked up as PNG and not WebP. even though I use Imagify and the WebP file has been created.

Any ideas how to rectify this?

Hi. I randomly checked one of your pages and this issue didn’t come up. Page speed was impressive! :) My suggestion is to try and regenerate the webp image which is causing problems. This Imagify documentation page might give you some insight: https://imagify.io/documentation/how-to-check-if-webp-image-is-displayed-on-your-site/

Thank you. If sound a solution. Speed just got better.

​Wordpress got errors with wp includes files. We tried to resolved this but can’t get success. It seems the issue is with the core plugins of the theme.


Hi, The error says “Call to undefined function wp_should_skip_block_supports_serialization()”. This is a WordPress core function, and it should be loaded by default. It looks like some of your WordPress core files are missing. Something might went wrong with the WP upgrade.

The error is not caused by Dentalia theme, we don’t even use the missing function anywhere in our codebase.

I recommend you to reinstall WordPress files.

For any support related questions, please open a ticket at https://support.orionthemes.com/ . If your support expired and you find a bug in the theme, we have a “Bug reports” support category, which is open for all and doesn’t require active Envato support.

Hello, Im doing a website for a client and when I press anywhere on the website it shows a black screen with the cross on top right. How can I fix this?

Hi there. Is the theme compatible with PHP 8.0?

So far we didn’t recieve any bug reports for PHP 8 compatibility.

If you experience any issues, please report them here https://support.orionthemes.com/ and we’ll help to resolve them.

After updating I immediately get the error “There has been a critical error on your website”. So did not work for me. I went back to 7.4.

We’ll be happy to look into it. We’ll need login credentials. Please open a ticket at https://support.orionthemes.com/

Bug reports ticket category is open for everyone and does not require active Envato support.

What is the latest version of your Dentalia plugin and how can we get the latest version. Getting major error on our site caused by the plugin


The latest version of the plugin is 2.1.9 (compatible with theme version 2.1). You can simply delete the plugin, then a notification will appear, asking you to install it. Click install and the latest version will be downloaded.

If this does not resolve the issue, please open a ticket at https://support.orionthemes.com/ and we’ll help to resolve it.

Hello, I am using the theme v.2.1. Is this the latest version and is it going to be compatible with PHP 7.5? I am asking because on the theme page on Themeforest the latest update shows as of 2020. thanks

Hi, Yes the theme is compatible with PHP 7.5. We push most of the updates through the Dentalia plugin, which is updated more often. The theme should work without issues, but if you do notice any, please report them to https://support.orionthemes.com/

Hi, I have a client using Dentalia theme v.1.5.2. Is the update to the latest version of the theme a seamless process with minimum or none manual updates?

Also,regarding the licence cost, how many months of updates are included?


Hi, Please see the updating guide for details: https://dentalia.orionthemes.com/documentation/how-to-update-dentalia-wordpress-theme/

You can download the latest (2.1) version of Dentalia from ThemeForest -> Downloads section. There is no time limit for updates. If you own the license, you get free updates. Download the “Installable WordPress file only” version.

When you download the latest version of the theme, just upload it in Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload. This will update the theme. Then you can update the Dentalia plugin in the Plugins section.

Since your version is quite old, there is one additional step. In Theme Options -> Compatibility -> Rebuild Theme Options section, just click “Rebuild” and Save. This will update your Theme Options to match the latest Dentalia version.

If you encounter any issues, let us know on our support helpdesk: https://support.orionthemes.com/


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