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for Customizability

Disappointed with this theme.

Hard to customize (footer wasn't editable, so manual customisation is necessary)
Issues with woocommerce (blank page, so I have used the support, who does the job)
Issues with mouse scroll in woocommerce because of the smooth scrolling option, support helpless).

Too long to get the website working, but it works...


Author response

Thank you for your precious feedback. We appreciate all kinds of feedback from the users of "Depilex Salon - Parlour - Spa - Gym - Multipurpose WP Theme". Just to make things clear, we want to share our views also.

1. The 1st Complain "footer wasn't editable, so manual customisation is necessary"

If the footer isn't editable, what are the options there in the 'Theme-Options' panel? The 'Theme-Options' panel got a separate page only to edit the Footer content as needed. (Screenshot is here)

2. The 2nd Complain "Issues with woocommerce (blank page, so I have used the support, who does the job)"

You updated your WooCommerce plugin before updating the theme. Whenever WooCommerce got an update the themes need to update some codes to match with the updated version of WooCommerce. And, as you said 'The Support Does the Job'. Yes, you contacted us and we updated the theme for you to solve the issue. The support team helped as required, still unhappy :) ???

3. The 3rd Complain "Issues with mouse scroll in woocommerce because of the smooth scrolling option".

There is a Switch in the 'Theme-Options' panel to on/off the Smooth Scroll (Screenshot is here). So easy to switch it Off if any of your plugin got an issue with that.

However, we thank you once again for your precious feedback. We will work harder to make our themes better and better.


for Other


I want to give an updated review and change my rating to 5 stars. We had a bit heated discussion on the flexibility of the theme, and originally I was a bit frustrated at how things were handled regarding my disappointments.

But the support team/development team reached out to me and dealt with the issues like how true professionals and a successful company would do. Therefore, I am happy to change my rating to 5 stars. Every company makes mistakes, even the successful ones, but it is how the mistakes were handled that set companies apart. I appreciate Fluent-Themes resolved the issues in a professional fashion.

Like I said in my previous review, the theme is a great theme with a great out-of-box design. If you want to put up a great looking website without too much coding for customization, then this is a great choice! I do believe the developers will eventually bring more and more features and flexibilities to this theme.

The support team is very good as they are generally very responsive to all your questions and needs. I almost always get replies within 24 hours.

Happy building your site!

for Customer Support

The Wordpress Theme is great.
Brilliant Custumer support, always quick response,very helpful and professional.
Happily please overall.

for Flexibility

A flexible theme that can be modified to build any type of website without any coding knowledge appeals.

for Design Quality

This is an awesome theme! Simple to install – it literally took just around 10 minutes to have the site up and running exactly the same as the live preview. It’s fast, looks great, responsive and there are so many customization options which are simple and intuitive to use. And the drag and drop page builder option is just amazing. Thanks!!

for Flexibility

Smooth, flexible and awesome design is the main features which impressed me. Any sections of the design can be removed/edited/swapped by the easy drag and drop page builder functionality. Going to create our spa website with this great theme.

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