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I agree with imagu I will def buy if it is supported on mobile so that they can see the work and contact me, buttons are tiny. This theme looks promising make it so I can either preview it on mobile or use it on my phone and I’ll for sure purchase!

Just bought this theme and notice these two mostly because I had a look at the PSD folder

1. No fonts came with this template 2. The images on display didn’t come as well – no major – but would have been nice.

Hi, Thanks for feedback!

1. ThemeForest is not allowing to include Cufon fonts to newly submitted themes. But you can generate one in couple of clicks (please google it for details). MOREOVER you can switch to Google Fonts option – there are 500+ fonts available! ;)

2. Well, those images are copyrighted – we cannot redistribute them. Thanks for understanding!

Hi, I wished if this was just an HTML Template. I’ll be pleased to purchase the HTML ITem if you make one in the future. Very good job and I hope too much purchases for you. M. Badr CHOUFFAI. Microsoft .NET Softare architect.


Amazing looking template, as all your templates are. Looking at the typography page on the demo there seems to be a half hidden horizontal scroll bar, why is this?

Also the twitter feed for the tweet on ‘scotch tape photography’ goes into the margin, so is something wrong with the twitter feed widget?



Can you, please, provide a link to the screenshot of the issue – I cannot reproduce it. Thanks!

how can i send you a link?

Just pot here. Thanks!

I viewed your demo on an iPhone 4 and the photo albums do not look great, navigation buttons are too small to use and zooming in makes the display very messy. Will this problem be resolved?

Hi I feel that The google map shortcode, and the partner shortcode/menu lack documentation. or may be I’m just useless ?

I’ve noticed the following: If you land on home page and then click on an other page of the menu you will go there and the background slider of the home page will keep running (thats cool) But if you go directlly to this page you will have a blank BG without slider. If you want to have a slider on those other page , you will need to create them (a bit of a waste) expecialy considering you can not reuse the picture of the home slider, you need to reup them ..

ps: i figured the “partner short code” but i’m still trying to understand the syntax of google map

I have a comment about viewing the standard image gallery as seen on the typography page on your demo. When viewing an image of the gallery and using the keyboard to navigate through other gallery photos, there is a problem when thumbnails are not fully displayed in the gallery. Each time when vewing a photo in this way, the complete background ‘shakes’ and a scroll bar is briefly seen. This does not look nice. This is because the viewer is trying to maximise the photo from the original gallery position and because the thumbnail connot be seen fully, it causes a problem. This will be a problem with large galleries of many rows.

Can this be fixed, so that when navigating all photos in the gallery using the keyboard, the background does not shake?


When viewing a password protected photo album, the password entry box displays at the extreme top left of the screen, can it be made to display in the centre of the screen?

Hi, That is standard JavaScript modal window it must be shown in the center… What browse and os are you using?

IE 9 on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

That’s strange – we cannot reproduce the issue. Can you please provide a link to a screenshot of it? thanks!


1) When inserting benefits or services, can the user decide which icons to use? 2) Are there different icons for different currency? 3) Can the icons used on the conctact page of the demo be chosen by the user?

4) Are the above icons inserted using shortcodes?

Thank you


1-2) These icons are NOT predefined. You can simply upload whatever images you like.

3) Those ARE predefined icons. But you can achieve the the same layout for custom icons by simply inserting image and text right next to it.

4) yes

Many thanks. Just to clarify, Icons for 1-2 are not supplied with the template? Can you indicate where I could get them from, as they match the look of the template?


Those couple of icons are custom-created by our designer. We can provide them to you.

Hi, great theme ! I want to buy it but just a question before, what is the ideal format for the full width images on the home page ? Thx.


Can you please be more specific what you mean by “format”: file format (e.g. PNG, JPG, etc); image dimensions in pixels; image proportions (4:3; 16:9; portrait; landscape)?.. Thanks!

I’m back… i mean the dimension in pixels… sorry


We recommend to keep images from 1200 to 1600 px on the bigger side

What is the option for the logo? Can I change it to fit my logo perfectly?

Hello, yes

in internet explorer 8 is giving the following error and can not view the portfolios correctly. Line: 2 Char: 66488 Code: 0 URI: http://www.marcelofotos.com.br/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.8.3


Thanks for report. I’ll pass it to our coder. Meanwhile, please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – our staff will get back to you ASAP.

Does this theme support Arabic language? Thank you.

Hi, It was designed for LtR languages. To tell you the truth we never tested it with RtL :(

Will you update it anytime soon? I really like it and would love to purchase it! Many thanks.

hi, really nice template. Thx a lot!

two things:

1. how do i use the “like buttons”?

2. a 500px link would be nice in “Social Links….”


Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

i just discovered another problem, i hope i can explain in with my english.

I host my site on a shared webspace with a friend of mine. So the adress to my side is www.”myfriendsside”.net/”myside”. But i linked my domain to this side and covered the adress line, so that it only shows my domain name and not the “real” adress. Long story short, because of that the social links don’t work when i am not logged in to wordpress. It only opens an empty page with still my domain name in the adress line. in another wordpress template i could avoid that problem my telling wordpress to open a link in a new tab/window. can i change this in your theme? Thank you!


Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

okay, thank you

Great Template; some questions: 1- Can one substitute other social media links such as LinkedIn?

2- Is it possible to have the Gallery Thumbnails at bottom instead of left side as it is in the Portfolios?

3- The site is amazing, but wondering if the password entry interface could be redesigned to look like the rest of the site? The existing Toggles interface would look great.

4- Lastly, again, a design tweak request. For Tabs, could the highlighted tab be made the only dark copy, [the non-selected tabs greyed] and the fine line removed that is currently remaining under the Tab Word itself.

Thank you, this template could be just the one I’ve been looking for!


Theoretically all this can be done. But it requires significant amount of customization which is, unfortunately, far beyond the scope of theme support :( You can consider hiring a freelancer to help with it.

Ok, stepping back for a moment, is the shape of the current Logo [a truncated rectangle] and the shapes of the menu bar [also truncated] adaptable without too much trouble? I have a programmer who can modify, but I don’t want to rebuild the template.

2- The button under the logo is removable/ can say anything? 3- The vertical scroll bar at right: can this be omitted/ not used?

I think the functionality is incredible, really liking the large thumbnails, but the shapes are too specific to my eye. They are unrelated to the company’s identity, but if morphed, could be fine.


If I understood you correctly, your developer will be able to do all that things effortlessly. Moreover it’s more HTML-codding task than programming (it’s much easier). But I strongly recommend you to consult your dev specialist before making purchase… just in case :)

Greetings! Great design…but the menu on mobile is far too small to work for us for now…which is the only thing barring us from buying this. Can the responsive design be turned off?


We are not planning to change it in nearest future. Sorry. (BTW, menu is usable in landscape mode)

Hello, is it posible to replace jw flash player with jw html5 player ?


Yes. PLease refer to JW Player documentation to force html5 version over the flash

Attention, important notice!

Hello guys!

Currently, we are providing help-desk software upgrade. Our new Support Portal will include such extremely useful modules as Knowledge Base and Troubleshooter. We hope that these improvements will help you to solve product-related issues even without submitting a support request.

Considering the circumstances mentioned above, support tickets submission will be withdrawn from Feb 15th till Feb 20th. Meanwhile, you will be able to use our Knowledge Base for self-supporting problem solving.

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