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Hello, when I open my web site, it also opens the page, how can disable automatically open page… i want open pages with option (+) but not automatically!


Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

it is a great theme and support is perfect !

Thanks dream-theme team. You are the best !

Hello, Thank you so much for feedback!

Hi! I would like to buy this nice theme. I got a few questions: 1- Is it possible to set the home page with simple (fixed) image, not with moving slider, as in Demo? 2- I’m gonna make 3 or 4 galleries with huge amounts of images (atleast 150-200 pictures for each gallery). Is it possible with this theme? Is there any limitation with the quantity of images? 3- I’m not intended to use my site as a blog post platform. The goal is to make a nice, solid and simple fullscreen site for my big portfolio. I’d like to know your opinion: is “Depth” an enough suitable theme for that? Or maybe you could recommend some other theme, wich fit my goal much better than “Depth”? Thank you!


1. Yes.

2. It is not recommended since all image thumbnails are being loaded at the same moment.

3. Absolutely. That’s exactly what Depth was designed for.

Hello how can add video background or from YouTube. I tried > New Pages > Models Video Homepage > Add url videos. However, video does not come out in background :( Help Pls.


Hello i have installed JW Player, but background videos not work. Help Pls


Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. Thanks!


I try to create a new widget area but it not work. I press “add” but nothing happens. Why?

My site is in local.

Hi, Please unzip the following archive and upload it to your theme directory, keeping the same folder structure: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgbiesonlwfqucs/depth-widgetarea-fix.zip


Hello, i’d like to purchase this item as soon as i have an answer:

Is it possible adapt the template of the demo homepage positioning the menu/content div on the left or on the right? Something like this one: http://rouxatparliamentsquare.co.uk/

Thank you so much


I’m afraid Depth will not suit your needs. That site (including homepage) has completely different layout. I recommend you to search for theme that is as close to that as possible.

the images of the slides are cut on iPhone, how can I solve this problem? The images do not scale on the iPhone and then cut … A help please

I cannot see your buyers badge…

the images of the slides are cut on iPhone, how can I solve this problem? The images do not scale on the iPhone and then cut … A help please

Hello, It’s not cut it adapts itself to fill the screen. This behavior cannot be changed easily :( I’m afraid you’ll need an assistance of experienced developer/freelancer. Sorry.

I’m having trouble putting slids background, how should I proceed?

Hello, This is described in theme user manual. Simply unzip the theme package and you’ll find it ;) Thanks!

Is it possible to play background music on this theme? Does it have a built in audio player of some sort? already tried several plugins and no leaves on the music homepage. Could you help me?


Hi. I’m afraid :( You’ll need a pro developer assistance with it.

Hi, i opened a ticket in support section. I need your help, could you please answer me ? Thanks !

Support requests are being processed on business days from 8:00 to 17:00 (GMT 0.0) [normally] within 24h in the order they were received.

Patience, please:) Thank you!

Terrible Documentation, Seriously.. it’s the worst i have ever seen for a theme. The theme is Badly designed and clearly does not work well on mobile. More annoyingly… When adding background images to a page, there is no access to the media Gallery so you have to upload your images every time (if you want the same background).... It would have been helpful to provide access to the Gallery. Just thought i would leave my review of the theme.

Hello, Sorry to hear our product caused you troubles. Anyway thanks you for feedback – I’ll let colleagues know about it!

Can i use slider revolution plugin for slideshow?


Hi, I’m afraid, NO

Hi everyone,

Probably many of you noticed that for past 2-3 weeks our average response time notably increased. For some older products it frankly sucks! We are upset by this fact no less than you. After analyzing the situation we came 2 for conclusions:
  • Large amount of sales of The7 WordPress theme proportionally increased the level of support requests. We were not prepared for that.
  • About 50% of support request are customization.
I’d like to elaborate on the last statement. Despite our Support Policy (http://support.dream-theme.com/support-policy/) clearly states that we do not provide customization. We were actually providing it.

Now we faced the fact that customization requests not only are 50% of all requests, but takes up to 70% of our support time. This means that users who experiences real issues with our products are not getting their replies in time. 

Therefore we are going to stop processing customization requests and severe server issues via tickets. In the same time, we’re opening Forum where users and developers can discuss these questions. At first it will be open for The7 theme buyers only. If all goes well, we’ll extend it to other products.


Thank you so much for understanding! Miroslav (from Dream-Theme)

SEO issues ?

I really want to purchase this theme, but i’m afraid that it will decrease my seo indexation :s

When I use an SEO tool to test the indexing of the site, I cannot find the content of the pages …

Especially the contents of each portfolio’s item !

Is there a possibility of indexing each portfolio item?

And is there a solution to make each portfolio’s item had its own url ?

thanks a lot


First of all, EVERY theme change will result in seo-result decrease. (Though most time this is temporary: as far as I know, Google does not like significant site code changes.)

Second, due to its design Depth is not the best choice if your primary focus in SEO results.

After clean install, I am getting odd url when clicking any menu item. For example : http://www.testing.co.nz/#!/http://www.testing.co.nz/homepages/contact/

Instead of http://www.testing.co.nz/homepages/contact.

Is this usual? Thank you very much


Yes, this how theme works to make sure that back/forward buttons in browser works correctly. Don’t worry, search engines will index correct links.

Hi i have a problem that i urgently need help with. I have 3 portfolios set up…however on the portfolio page they do not display. been trying to figure it out for hours. i can see my portfolio categories displayed but the thumbnail images that display below it dont change :-(

Please submit a request via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our staff will consult you regarding it. Thanks!

I loved the look of this theme but having run it for a few months now on my photography site I think I will need to remove it as there are just too many issues that have not been resolved.

The biggest is that despite the assertions this theme does not work on mobiles in any meaningful way. This is feedback from customers not my opinion. Text is too small navigation next to impossible

The second problem is you cannot point people to an individual blog due to the way they are displayed. In fairness admin emailed a bodge but this does not allow others to reference a post.

I’m also a little concerned clients may not spot the little + on collapsed text pages. Really their need to be an option where the text section showed on load then then slid closed to show the slideshow. This would help people realise it was there and not simply a menu bar at the bottom.

Finally the bit about SEO optimisation is simply not true and I bought in part on this. The only build in SEO is that provided by Wordpress and that does not work properly in all situations.

I need to have the social media icons open in a new page and have tried everything. Please help!


Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

Great theme guys and gals! Got a question: what ecommerce plugin would look good or is compatible with this theme? i prefer woocommerce but want to know if it is compatible with your theme. thanks!

I’m afraid Depth intended to be used as is. It will not accept any plugins.