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Finally, Great Job!

Fantastic job. Very beautiful. Good luck!

Very cool, my friend. Good luck in your sales!

Fantastic! Definitely waiting for the Responsive WP version ;-)

Email working ?


since this is HTML template, there’s no PHP -files to power it included.

What a masterpiece! Good luck with sales! You always put a huge effort and attention to detail of your design. And I personally like you for that :)

Congrats, love this one, great work :)

Great template! But i in Firefox 12. (Mac) if i click on a menu button the content window there goes not automaticly up, and there is now scrollbar if i open it after manual..in Safari all works fine?

And you plan make it mobile ready in the future?

Hi, thanks for feedback!

Can you please specify where are you getting this error – on our FF 12 .0 (mac) it seems to work fine… Also you can try a direct link (maybe TF frame causes some errors): http://depth.dream-theme.com/html/

Hi, it has integrated latin characters ?? like ÁÉÍÓÚáéíóúÑñÜü

Thanks and good luck

Hey, you will only need to change a Cufon font to one that supports these letters.

It suppots by default, thanks

When will the responsive WP version be released? AWESOME Template! Waiting on WP responsive version:)

Ochen krasivo! Udachi vam vo vsem i pobolshe deneg! ;) Really Great and Beautiful! Good Luck with Sales! ;) Bookmarked! ;) http://themeforest.net/collections/1645620-best-of-the-best

Responsive WP version? I’m in :) ETA ?

Works very smooth. :)

Hi, guys! Thank you so much for your feedback!

I’ve got a question for those who suggester to make this theme “responsive”: theme was optimized for desktops, laptops and TABLETS . Can you please suggest how this design can be converted for relatively small mobile phone screens (at this moment it works fine, but is not very convenient to navigate on a small screen)?

Same problem for me. When I click on a button, a scrollbar appears, and the menu is no longer fixed. The error occurs on Chrome v.18.0.1025 on windows.

Anyway great job, i will buy the template as soon as the bug will be fixed!

Hi, thanks for feedback!

can I ask you to provide a link to a screenshot of this issue. I can not replicate it in my Chrome…

Thank you so much for screenshot!

This is super-strange: in my Chrome v. 18.0.1025.168 m (I suppose, this is same as yours) on win7 it works fine… I have 1920*1080 screen. I’ll check this on larger screen this evening.

Amazing work, congrats ! :)

great theme, just looking to see how you make the background slideshow auto-play upon loading? thanks nick


In “js/supersized.3.2.7.js” on the line change the “autoplay: 0,” to the “autoplay: 1,”. That’s it ;)

its okay i found out- auto play at the bottom of the supersized js sorry!!

Sorry, haven’t noticed this comment :)

Ahh. I wish this was fully responsive! That would put it in a new league! Still, nice design.


>That would put it in a new league!

There’s a photography/portfolio product in our pipeline that will ;)

I have problems.

home-video.html play, pausa,stop and Mute not working.

    Only home-video.html not working. I have video format not mp4, is FLV format.

    Pls Help.


Please, submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – we’ll take a look what’s wrong.


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