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looks great :) looking forward to getting to grips with it

Great template but whow can i popup a image in a modal in the slideshow page. I put the href=”usr/xxxx.jpg” but it wont open in a modal.



You will need to use onclick="return hs.expand(this)". If you need more advanced settings, please refer to the highslide.com

Great job on the template! I renamed my page extensions to .php and changed the links in the navigation. However, now the navigation links don’t work. It appears the hyperlinks need to be to a .html page. How can I change that limitation?




may I have a link to your project, so I can take a look what’s wrong

Sorry for the false alarm. I’m not sure what I did wrong but it’s working now. Thanks for your quick reply!

Hi love the designe look and feel of youre theme are there any plans on bringin out a Wordpress Version ? regards Etuonu

Hello seller. I am interested in buying the template, but I see that people had trouble with the popup in a modal image in the slideshow. If I have problems you help me to solve?


emmm, all seems to work fine… But you can always double-check it before purchasing :)

Hi, exceptional template. But how do I remove this “zoom” button correctly? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31930766/Screen%20Shot%202012-05-28%20at%2004.45.31.png


I’m having trouble with the element.style, which is setting “display:inline; ”. Not really sure which JS is overriding the CSS .


You can always use ”!important” statement in css. So js will not be able to override it. E.g.: “display: block !important;”

”!important” did the trick. Thanks!

About the greats! tell me how to make the blog work on my site?


unfortunately, this is simply HTML template. there’s no PHP to power it :(

Don´t run the Video full screen. Can you help me please?

http://bestraoil.com The video is: http://bestraoil.com/videos/bestraoil.mov


have you installed the jw player correctly (installation process described in the template manual)?

any idea why the website causes safari to crash on the new iPad running 5.1.1? I’d like to buy, but this iPad issue is stalling me…

also, any plans to make the portfolio etc touch enabled so mobile users can swipe as opposed to trying to press those tiny arrows??

hmm. it works fine on the same iOS version on the iPad 2 and the new iPad… But we’ve never tested it on first iPad.

what page/pages causes this crush?

Yes, i upload the mediaplayer and put all in the js/jwplayer.

hmm. that’s strange. can you, please, submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – we’ll take a look what’s wrong.

Love the design.

I’m trying to replace the logo with a much wider one but I can’t find where in the CSS to edit? Wider logo keeps resizing.

I don’t see it in #brand or logo?

Duh, sorry I see it in index.html line 69.

*figured it out

How do I get the portfolio sort to work?

How do I get email form to work?


this is HTML ONLY template. There are no PHP (or any other) scripts to power forms, sorters, etc. As it was mentioned in template description “We’d like to note that all our PSD and HTML templates are for professional use only. This means that they are addressed for web development professionals and enthusiasts who have skills to master them.”

I’m afraid, you will have to code it yourself.

Tebrik Ederim. Güzel ve Yaratici Bir Çalisma…

Thank you so much!

My problem is resolverd. Thanks.

I haba another question. I want to combine video & static supersize. How can i do this?




Unfortunately with this we can not help. Please try to google if it is possible to embed video within supersized slides.

what happend whith de contact form no works!!!?


this is only HTML template, not the ready made site. there’s no PHP in the template package to power it. this is clearly mentioned in template description.

i put a like button on the pages, updated the meta tags to show my info but when the like button is pressed, the data passed to Facebook is Depth | Slideshow Homepage….it says this nowhere on the page anywhere, where is this coming from? Do you have something buried in a js file or something??? I want my info to show up.

Hi, please consider that content in depth is being loaded via ajax…

portfollio not work :( ... e-mail form not work sorry you dont sell . do dont put php page.. whats up man !!! I bought .. you show buyer other sell other . you have to give all information to poeple before to sell.




We are really sorry you had some bad experiences with our product.

But you cannot “RECOMENT EVERY BODY NOT BUY THIS ITEM ” because of your sheer inattentiveness.

It is clearly mentioned in item description: “We’d like to note that all our PSD and HTML templates are for professional use only. This means that they are addressed for web development professionals and enthusiasts who have skills to master them.”.

And: “ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD , JPG Image, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files”. No PHP files as you see.

> “you show buyer other sell other”

Here’s what mentioned in item description: “Attention! Photos on the preview are not included and can be purchased from www.shutterstock.com. IDs can be found in the templates user manual.”