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Dream-Theme does not currently provide support for this item.

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How do you change the heading color?


you can do it in “js/cufon-colors.js” file.

Also, how do you adjust the size of the sliding piece at the bottom?


this will require significant amount of customization, which we, unfortunately cannot provide. sorry

Really beautiful template. Please let me know if you create the wordpress version to this temp.

Thanks! Sure, you can follow us on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/user/Dream-Theme/follow – you’ll get notifications about themes releases and updates

Can you also add in that 3D Slider gallery thing from the Chocolate theme for the WP version?

Hi, Great template. Very Creative. I wanted to know if there is a way i can stop the menu sliding while going from a page to another ?

Thanks, Khalid


Sure, it can be done. But will require considerable amount of customization. If you are familiar with javascript, you can explore “js/load-content.js” file. Otherwise you can consider hiring a freelancer to help you.

Hi does this play youtube video on homepage how i looked at the demo its local host? is there option to add youtube url to preview video?


youtube video can be played in “JWPlayer”. But, please note that theme is for pro use only. Purchase it only if have skills to master it.

i will wait for your wp version then because my html skills not good. when is it coming the wp?

Hi, I have an urgent requirment to make this template responsive. Can you accomodate this request ? if yes, could you please mention how much time it will take ? I could get it done but it will take too much time for me and since you know your template i thought i ll request you if your time permits to take up this small project ? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you


There’s no way to make it “responsive”.

When I click on a button of the page, instead of linking correctly, par example:


It makes something like:

http://www.mydominion.com/ #!/about.html

Why is this happening? Can you help me solve this?

The problem is: when /#!/ appears, the slide of the background does not work, and instead of going to the new link, it adds the new path to the previous link. Par example:


However, in your themeforest live preview this thing does not happen. I must be doing something wrong but I dont know what it is…

In my page it does something like this:


instead of:


When it happens, I have to click on the refreshing button to have the page charged properly. Then it runs correctly and the background slide appears.

It only occurs with the buttons of the navigation bar and its submenus. Can you help me with it?


Navigation behaves normally on your site. But it seems that you’ve messed something with background slider. please use our demo as a reference to find out what’s wrong. Thanks!

Hi Dream-Theme

Do you have plans to make a wordpress version for the Depth HTML – Full-Screen AJAX Portfolio template. When?


Yes. But I cannot say anything exact about the release date.


I want to link from the main menu to an external URL and the class=“ignore-ajax” isn’t working. Do I need to add more script into another file?

This is how I have used it:

  • Twitter
  • Is this correct?


    class=“ignore-ajax” should work fine if you’ll add it to A tag. No need to edit JavaScript. You can check this on our demo (Homepages > Video Homepage)

    Hi, I have a problem, from the menu link to a external page just put this #!/ + the new external link, and goes no where, The same for links in the same page, but in this case works O.K.

    Do you have a fix for that, or I’m doing something wrong?



    you can add a class=”ignore-ajax” to your link (A tag)

    Thank you so much, I was very worried about, because I really like this template, and don´t want a change it for other.

    hello plesae advice how to make the email form make work as there is no php sender and any action for sendiing the form in Depth HTML – Full-Screen AJAX Portfolio

    thank you

    Hi, this is HTML template for pro use only. You can use any script you like to power the form

    Hello I have aquestion is in the superslider of the tem I bought > Depth HTML – Full-Screen AJAX Portfolio . is possible or where and what to change for slider to begin automaticaly on the loaded page? As right now the first pic stop on the lodaing page and other pic doesn’t follow automaticaly if you don’t press the PLAY button,as example in John Doe templat the slider start auto. Thx for help

    Hi, please refer to the user manual. Enabling/disabling autoslide params described there.

    Hi. I have HTML skills, but I don’t know AJAX . Just want to ask whether I need to know AJAX or Java to be able to customize this template.

    Thanks! Great work! :)


    Intermediate skills in jQuery are required.

    hello Dream Team Support recently you answer to my questiin how to validate the mail form with answer I can use any script I like >>>> can you plesae advice a script sutable for this form as I’m kind of lost … or CAN ANYBODY HELP PLEASE as I try to write to Dream eam Suport web and there is no answer after a one week !!! thank you


    We are not providing any customization or any individual services. Support is there to ensue that template works as on demo.

    One other question:

    how do I make the email form to work?


    As it is mentioned in item description, this template is for professional use only. Please don’t buy it if you don’t know what to do with it…


    I have purchased the Depth theme, and it looks great, thankss for the great work,

    there is one serious issue, I could not find any documentation aout it on the manual.pdf, and I wonder I can get any help here,

    html layout is not working correcly with <form> tag, I am developing a dynamic site with asp.net 2.0 and as far as I know there is no way to do this without the form tag,

    bottom menu appears all the way at the top,

    I have created two plain html pages with and without the form tag,

    IE looks Ok, but there are issues with FF, Chrome

    I wonder if it is a css issue, but I could not find any differences when I investigated with firebug.

    http://www.nesneltest.com/depth/test.htm with the form tag http://www.nesneltest.com/depth/test2.htm without the form tag

    thank you for your help in advance,

    I look forward to hear from someone who can help as soon as possible,

    Hi all,

    about the form tag messiing up the layout;

    form {margin:0;padding:0;display:block; height:100%;}

    fixes it,

    I noticed that while the fullpage slideshow plays, the first three icons on the right match the fullscreen image. But when the icons on the right switch to the next set of three, they no longer behave in a sequential fashion with the grid overlay.

    Does that issue exist in the purchasable files?


    Downloadable files acts same as demo


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