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if you not give me the adress what you show that I can downloud with php and so one as the real prewiev you show people I ll take my money back. nothing work here we got.if I have time to write php or ajax and so one I dont but item from you think the other people like this.Here mostly buy experienced people but we buy idea and We buy work to save time. .if I write ajax and php and dizayn more then you Why I spend money.On the other hand 15 dolars not much money but you have to sell what you show here. Give me the adress real preview download or I take money back from paypal. regards asap

I’m sorry, if it will sound rude, but your inattentiveness is problem of you and nobody else. You haven’t read item description and now making stupid demands… but also you even haven’t read ThemeForest (Envato) user agreement: templates are digital goods; they are not returnable and not refundable. If you will claim refund via PayPal this will be considered as an attempt to fraud, which may lead to your account suspend and ban.

Once again, I’m very sorry, but we can not help you.

will this ever be a wp theme?

Yes. But I can not tell anything about release date. not soon – that’s for sure

HI, Im japanese.

I would like to change “English text”?of this template into “Japanese”. If I have problems you help me to solve?


You need to generate ( http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ ) and embed font with support of your charset.

You can submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will assist you.

can you make this with music player all your templates without music player i want t buy it but i need a music player i wish your word-press version would have a music player in it. thanks


I’m afraid at this moment we are not planing to integrate music player

Nice Template ! I wonder How I can make a POPUP link in the MENU section.

Example : PORTFOLIO PAGE , In the images links , A popup show on a click (post-photo.html) .

  • Can you help me on this ?

    Thank you !

    wow! this will be a bit tricky.

    First of all you’ll have to add some unique class to your menu item. Like this:

      <a class="to-popup" href="http://your_site_address/in-popup.html">In popup</a>

    Then in the “js/scripts.js” on the line 391 you have to bind the click on this link to open a modal window. Rewrite the line like this:

    $('.to-popup, .button.highslide, .link.highslide, .pholio-info, h3 a, .com-info').click(function (event) {

    Finally, we do not want to load content of popup to the main content area. To avoid this in the “js/load-content.js” on the line 190 add an exception to a selector. Like this

    $("#nav:not(.ignore-ajax, .to-popup) ul a:not(.ignore-ajax)").click(function(e){

    Hope, this will help you ;)

    Hello , Thank you for your help. It’s seems to work at 90%. Lol The 10% remaining is due of the folowing:

    When the popup Opens, All the content in the <!- BEGIN : Content holder -> Disapears. Only the banner of the top of the website remains!?

    What to do please ?

    Thank you very much

    I’m afraid these 10% are up to you ;) I think I’ve messed up with the ”:not” selector. please google it’s syntax.

    hi lovely theme, great work and I would highly recommend this to anyone…

    just a quick question- on the homepage when i click on the right hand side image thumb which then brings up a box allowing me to 'Read More', it doesnt follow through on the link to "http://dream-theme.com"..I thought on the demo live preview that is was a deadlink just, however when i implemented it for a site I am doing (which can be found at http://www.eventplannersni.co.uk/temp/) the links do not seem to work for the small thumbnails for example the find us on facebook link on my site- can you please advice on this? i am using safai..many thanks nick


    sorry, comment is not readable :(

    hi- can you tell me what you mean by its not readable? thanks nick

    to sum up basically what im saying is that when you go to http://www.eventplannersni.co.uk/temp/ and hover over “find us on facebook” on the right hand side thumb image and then on “click here”, the hyperlink does not follow through to the facebook page it is linked to. Can you explain please? the same issue is on your demo site. thanks nick


    try to add something like this to your links onclick="jQuery(function($){ $(window).location.htef = $(this).attr("href") })"

    Hi…great template.

    I have encountered an issue when opening a lightbox that contains video with sound.

    If you close the window while the video is playing, the sound still plays as well.

    Is there a way to have the sound end when you close the window?


    In js/plugins/highslide/highslide.config.js prepend this line of code:

    hs.preserveContent = false;

    And don’t forget to clear your browsers cache – js files are being cached insanely.

    sorry tried to post part of the source code in but it doesnt appear on the forum. I have tried the onclick query you suggested with no success, perhaps i have entered it in the wrong place, where exactly should i enter the code? many thanks

    Hi, can you, please, submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – we’ll try to help.

    How can I add effects without breaking the system slide

    example: http://www.themepunch.com/codecanyon/revolution/index-fullwidth.html

    need to add this effect in photos


    it can be done by a pro developer.

    bump for WP hurray!!!

    Hi! I need to add one more item to the menu, instead of 6 I need 7, however when I add it to the HTML it’s not working, I suppose I have to modify some js, and add the number of items of the menu, but I don’t know what js is the correct one… Can you tell me file and line? Thanks a lot, it’s a great template.

    So why can’t I see your buyers badge you say?

    I have no idea why Chrome is not recognizing my purchase, or my credit or the others items I’ve bought… Strange. Looks like that for Chrome I am another “Varenya”, though I logged in as usually with my pwd. I usually use Safari. I suppose now you’re going to see that I have purchased the item. And that I am not a thief, as you suggest in your answer… What I say is: that was a mistake, and you could have been nicer asking me what the problem was.

    Sorry. There was no buyers badge and zero purchase in that profile.

    Please do not hesitate to submit a ticket via our online help desk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will take a look what the issue is and try to resolve it.

    Kann mir bitte hier sagen für diesen Template; wie mann den popup funktion einschalten kann? bzw. auf die bilder wenn mann klick. Ich werde mich sehr freuen wenn mir jeamand beantworten kann.


    English, please. Thanks!

    Can anyone please tell me something specific about this template: How am I able to activate popup functions?

    also in combination with clicking on a picture or a button.

    I’d really appreciate your support.

    I can not see your buyers badge.

    Hello, A pre-purchase question. I love your site. I’d like to know if the pop-up scoll pane for content can work a little differently: Instead of closing and popping up every time you click on a nav menu item , could it stay open if it is already open? thanks!


    Since this is only a HTML -template – all can be done with proper skills ;)

    Any news on the WP version… I’ve got zero HTML skills, don’t know anything about Ajax, except that it’s a brand of washingpowder… and I really really really want this theme :crying:

    Can the dream theme make my dream come true? :)

    just started working on it today :D

    Love your theme. Would buy it and use it if this was responsive. I do not use Wordpress, so do you have a HTML responsive version as well?

    Gr, Mark


    no such plans for wp version.

    wp version will be adaptive: it will change layout on mobile devices.

    Can’t wait :) Will be checking up regularly for the WP announce :)

    we are thinking about early October as a release date ;)


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