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Thank you very much!

Awesome design ;) I like it man!! That’s why I wish you good luck with sales ;)

Many thanks for the kind words! I am glad you like it.

Its a great theme

just one issue which you may like to fix. There is an annoying horizontal scroll bar in every browser which mean the content is always little bigger than the frame. The theme is responsive so there should not me any horizontal bar ever which i believe is the first rule of responsive layout.

Anyway i am really impressed and going to buy as soon as the issue is fixed.

The update has been approved and is now available for download.

Hi dear, thanks, i have bought the theme and its wonderful :) just a small thing if you can help…

when the permalink of latest picture post is being shared (which in my case is http://360.oberliner.de/post/58084304457 ) it only shows left ARROW key instead of RIGHT. The left arrow key will do nothing as its already the latest entry.

I would love to explain further if you are not clear.


I saw on your page what you mean. This is a bug, which I will have to fix. I will let you know, as soon as the updated theme file is available. Great photos by the way! Would you allow me to use you website as an example for the theme description? This way people can get a better impression of real world site compared to my demo? Many thank in advance. Best regards, Alex

Hi,I would like to know how well this theme would work with a Blog type of tumblr.


H there,

There is a bug when on a permalink of a long text post, the Top Button and the Disqus are overlapping the Text, would it be possible to auto scroll those to the botton of the page? (kytori.tumblr.com see page for visual example)



great, I can see now that you implemented the update and it’s working.

Another question Alex, is it possible to change Background image per post? If so how…

This is only possible for the photo posts, unfortunately not for text posts, which can only use the default background image. Tumblr possibilities are limited in this regard.

Thank you very much!

Is it possible to have different background images behind the smaller photos? Or can I only change the background image when there is no additional content in the post?

Hi there, I am not entirely sure that I understand you question. With smaller photos, do you mean the photo sets? If so, then always the default background image will be shown and this can only be one for the entire theme. I hope this answers your question. Best regards, Alex

Hi Alex, i cant find the way to remove logo color background, can you help me please?

Hi there,

in order to solve this, you need to enter a small piece of CSS code in the Custom CSS box. You can find this under the options panel in the advanced section:

header div.logo {background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);}

I have also sent you an email with a screenshot.

Knd regards. Alex

Hi Alex, thank you! I followed your instructions, but seems not to work. The logo still have a black background. Im using a transparent .png http://imgur.com/OwLaXHK

love your work!! bought it an its awesome.

thank you

Thank you very much for the kind words! I am glad you like the theme.

Hi, is there a way to have a slideshow in the backdrop that automatically changes, thanks

Hi there, as you already bought the theme and emailed me a few other support requests, I have replied via email. Kind regards, Alex

Hi I just imported the new version v1.4 onto my sandbox tumblr, and all I get is text. There is appearance of the DOF theme? IS the html correct that you provided in the update? I am glad I tested this out before putting it on my prod site…


I followed the steps outlined in the doc.. but this is all i get… I see a total of 239 lines of code.. is that correct?

I have tested the update and got already 2 positive replies from customers that everything is working as expected. What program did you use to open the main theme file? You should see 953 lines of code in the latest HTML file. If you only see 239, I guess you did open the file with a standard editor like Notepad or Textedit. Should that be the case, please refer to the documentation in order to see which programs I recommend for this task. Kind regards, Alex

Hey Mr 2lip,

I just ought the design yesterday and am absolutely thrilled and happy!!!

May I ask, as the site will probably have many visitors, is it possible to also add a word like ‘menu’ really small to the [] on the upper right like [ menu + ] and to make the [] on the lower left about 1/3 smaller than the one on the upper left? The first feedback was that people first click on the lower left [+] if they find it at all?

Are they images I can just reupload/recreate? Didnt look that way though.

I think this is the best theme that I ever found for tumblr, thank you so much! Hope this question is not too bothersome…thank you for consideration.

) ( Lia

Just gave you the third rate for it to finally show publicly :-D Can’t believe the others didn’t rate you yet!

)( Lia

Awesome! Thank you very much!

HI, is het mogelijk om de iconen (rechtsboven/linksonder) kleiner te maken en te veranderen in Z/W en hier eventueel een woord :menu: aan toe te voegen om het navigeren wat duidelijker te maken?


Hi Michael, toevallig ben ik net met een dergelijke aanpassing bezig voor iemand die deze template heeft gekocht. Als je mij een email adres geeft, kan ik je begin volgende week laten zien hoe deze alternative implementatie eruit ziet. Groet, Alex

Dat zou geweldig zijn, het uitzicht en de werking van dit theme vind ik geweldig. Enkel mag het iets lichtgewichtiger (de buttons) zijn voor mij. Maar als je dit kan aanpassen, ga ik je theme zeker kopen! je kan me mailen op mvdb_15 @ hotmail . com Groeten, Michael

Hi Michael, ik heb de icoontjes iets lichter gemaakt. Je kunt ze op de demo site bekijken. Ik ga hiervan alvast een updated themefile bij themeforest uploaden. Mocht je beslissen om de theme te kopen dan kun je binnen 48 uur meteen de goede versie downloaden. Groet, Alex

Thank you very much!

You`re always welcome :)

Simply the best!;

Many thanks!

Hi, I was wondering if there was the ability to set solid colors for the background in lieu of photos. I didn’t see it in the documentation. Thanks!

as this theme is meant for photography websites, I did not implement this option. I will add this to my short list of theme additions, which I will release within the next 2 months.

Hi there, Just purchased your theme but am having a little bit of trouble getting the photos to fit to the frame of the browser correctly. I have read through all your instructions and couldn’t find anything that would indicate why the photos get blown up a too big in the browser. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, can you please post a link to your Tumblr page, so I can have a detailed look at your issue? Many thanks. Alex


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