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Oh, thank you so much!

Lovely work – you are already taking a grasp on the Concrete5 market!

Lovely work – you are already taking a grasp on the Concrete5 market!

Thank you Charlie, yes, decided to try new horizons:))) Not that it sells but to work with C5 is pretty nice process. Hope it will become more popular in time, to my opinion it seems be very comfortable and simple in use cms for end user.

It def is – we build a number of client sites in it and I imagine as it becomes more creative and recognized here so will its popularity grow. For now WP is just the most recognized I guess.

The revolution has to begins somewhere so keep the great work up!

Congrats Virtuti, great addition to the section, wonderful color scheme.
And “Der Golem” is a very nice name by the way ;)

Wish you the best with sales.

Kind Regards,

Thank you so much Bedros, you are always so attentive and friendly, thank you! And yes, the title came on mind because it is one of my favorite legends, very odd legend… which might be not a legend at all but pure truth…

Thank you very much!

Awesome Template Virtuti

How was it to use the concrete5 cms? I was thinking to try it but was not sure if it was for me.



Hello Lester, thank you! C5 is not difficult, the hardest part for me personally was an user interface, coding part went much easier. I am sure you will cope with it, no reason you will not.


Can I add an extra page (Gallery) and use some of C5 image galleries add-on

Regards Flemming

Hello! You can add another page (simple.php page template I think–since you need something different from portfolio.php, right?) but I have no idea about this add-on, never tried it. Thank you for your interest!

I am having an issue where the top navigation menu is not showing up in IE7 and the footer does not display correctly. Please advise asap.

Sorry, IE7 is out of list of compatible browsers. Thank you!

I would be willing to pay for you to fix this problem.

Hello, oh, regrettably, I work on Mac and “borrow” Windows from my husband (when I need to check how my themes work on Windows). His Explorer version is 11. So I even have no any access to this “dinosaurs”. Try to ask on Envato Studio, maybe somebody there has possibility to access IE7 + knows how to tailor modern website to IE7. Thank you!

We are using your Der Golem theme, Concrete5 version on Mac OS 10.6.8

Right up front – I am an inexperienced user! Here are 2 problems I am experiencing:

Responsiveness with 2 column layout – about page template

We have a problem with the responsiveness of a 2 column layout using the about page template. We have created a 2 column layout in the main section. When having an image block in the left column, and a content box in the right column, the copy in the content column reduces to a long skinny column which makes it unreadable in mobile format. I have been adding my content and pictures using the “add to any content” block. Should I be using the “add to article block?

It seems like using the layout/columns feature is an unusable option in order to be responsive, unless you use extremely minimal copy. Should the content column be jumping below the photo? Is it possible that the padding we are using is affecting what the 2 column layout should be doing when reduced to mobile size? Or should we just not use any columns in the layout? I have copied the urls of 2 pages that are having this problem, although it is throughout the site:

http://historicgrandinvillage.com/index.php/meet-our-angel/ http://historicgrandinvillage.com/index.php/welcome-historic-grandin-village/

Cannot see Der Golem auto-nav in blocks

We have been unable to see your auto-nav in blocks, even after continually putting it in your theme blocks section in Filezilla. The concrete5 auto-nav takes over and the drop-down menus are not visible. If we put a logo in the left of the nav bar per your layout it knocks the nav bar down when reduced to ipad size or smaller.

While we were working on the site, we selected the home page as our maintenance page using a maintenance editor plug-in. While working we could occasionally view the drop-down menu. Only occasionally. When we made the site live NONE of the drop-down menus are viewable, and the nav bar items drop down and can’t be seen. We are using the default attributes in the page types in dashboard.


We would really appreciate help with these issues as the site has gone live.

Hello, I see that my name is deleted and Kessler Designed is claimed as the author. I also see that markup modified. You should ask Kessler Design to fix all problems.

We don’t claim to the the author, at all! We just don’t want your advertising to come up when we post to a blog or facebook. We operate as Kessler Design, and as such, we use Concrete5 themes to design websites and we are upfront with our clients about that. It is confusing if your name and advertisement shows when we post to facebook – when we are making a post as, say, Historic Grandin Village, and the name Der Golem comes up with an advertising plug. That is not professional, and I don’t believe that it is standard practice. We don’t care at all if it is in a place that our clients wouldn’t see it. I don’t think that is too much to ask. I am also upfront in that we are new to this, and we thought that customizing a theme was an ok thing to do. It is ALSO not too much to ask for the navigation to work, and the responsiveness of the blocks to be correct. If we have done something to cause these problems then we want to know what we have done wrong. Yes, we have gone in and changed some colors, etc. We exchanged an email in which you told me to go ahead and customize the home page per the layouts that I sent to you. We don’t claim at all to know everything about what we are doing, and I did not mean to offend, but to use standard business practices. We may have to now purchase a different theme since we cannot get you to explain how your theme is supposed to work, and I am very sorry for that, because we love everything else about the theme and your work.

It seems I have done something wrong during my attempt to add your theme to my concrete site. I think I followed the directions pretty well, but when I go to install the theme, yours is not listed. Can you help please? I probably messed something up somewhere. Thank you.

Never mind, I figured out my mistake..Thanks for a great Theme!

Ah, thank you, I was going to ask you to describe in details what went wrong but got your second message and I see that everything is ok for now. Thanks again!

Hi, I just purchased and installed the theme and am not seeing the background photos show up. I added them to the Images folder using the same naming convention and replacing the samples in the following folder: theme-files>theme>your theme>images.

Is this the correct location and do you have any insight into why they might not be showing up. The other images like square.png are showing up just fine but not the background images.

Did you upload images to server?

Yes, I uploaded the packages and blocks independently. Loaded the ‘your theme’ folder (with images included) to /themes and then also to /concrete/themes. That is when the background shifted to grey but no images displayed.

Then I attempted loading the images bg_mini thru bg4_mini to an additional image folder at /concrete/images. Nothing changed.

I also checked the stylesheet to verify the naming matched.

What is the URL of the image in your site? When you check it in Inspect Element it should be identical to: header-content { height: 100%; width: 100%; background: transparent url(http://demo.virtuti.info/demonstrations/dergolem/themes/dergolem/images/bg_mini.jpg) top center fixed; background-repeat: no-repeat;

apart domain name and folder title (if you gave it your own title).

Will you be updating this theme for v5.7

Hello, I looked through release notes of 5.7. I do not see major differences with 5.6 (on which my demo is currently running). But I see that it is totally new migration, not an upgrade.

Is this new installation of C5 or you had 5.6 and now, after you upgraded C5, you can not access themes at all? Use in the meantime 5.6, see what is going on.

I think I shall make new install of C5 in nearest days, specifically to view what is going on with 5.7 and what is the difference between 5.6. I shall notify you, definitely. Best!

1st attempt was a C5 v5.7 clean install with blank site, 2nd attempt was C5 v5.7 clean install with demo site. There are differences in the installation of themes and also with the “controllers”. Hope this helps.

Ok, I see. As I said in my spare time I shall test what is going on 5.7 (out of curiosity). I do not mean to deal with this version for TF until it is announced stabile by C5 staff. In the meantime, the theme (demo and downloadable files) will sit on stabile 5.6 version. Later, I’ll see, if 5.7 is worthy to make big work of upgrade I shall do it and announce in theme description that it is upgraded to 5.7. Wish you the best!

Hello, I’m thinking of purchasing your theme, but only if it is compatible with the newest version of Concrete5 (v5.7). It is stable and would make a great platform for your theme.

Please let me know. Thanks

Hello, thank you, I did not test it on newer version of Concrete5. Thank you!

Hi, first of all thanks for making this wonderful theme, it really is a work of art rather than just hinging on a pretty logo and cover picture. Nice to see you found your way into Concrete5, it really is the best and most underrated CMS out there. And it needs designers like you. :)

One technical question: Can I tweak the thresholds somewhere of the fluid ‘masonry’ boxes? I notice even on your own live demo that with a lot of common screen widths, I see two columns and a lot of empty space that looks like enough room for a third. Even though the blocks themselves shrink with the screen width, so I’d expect them to stay fitting in rows of 3 until the screen gets really small. Is there something configurable here? :)

Thanks and best regards, Maurits.

Hello, thank you! I tested again and I see that indeed, on resolutions 1440, 1366 it shows now two boxes per row, not 3. Pretty odd because definitely in the year I submitted the theme, the browsers were providing enough room for the given percentage, now (I tested in Chrome) room is not enough. I set the class “box” width to 28.6%. Open stylesheet and find this piece of code:

.box {
    float: left;
    width: 28.6%;
    margin: 1%;
    padding: 1%;
    background: #f0f0f0;

Try to play with the width by decreasing it to maybe 28.4% or 28.3%. Me from my side will find an optimal width for mentioned resolutions and resubmit the update for TF in nearest weeks. Sorry for inconvenience!

No problem, thanks for the quick reply. :) 28.4 does the trick, I’m leaving it at 28.3 for now until I have time to try it in all browsers (including the one we shall not mention by name lol). Yeah the question of when browsers decide that something doesn’t fit on a line anymore, is always the big mystery in responsive design. :)

Here I am again :) It seems browser functionality-sneak caught up with this theme once more.. Since the latest version of Chrome (a few weeks ago on Windows and since this week also on Mac), the red/black line that’s supposed to go behind the main container, now goes over it on some (but not all) pagetypes. I see the same thing happening on your demo site so I’m sure you’ll want to fix this. :) I’m also trying to find out myself why this happens, but maybe with your insight you’ll spot it immediately. The key is in finding out what makes some containers good enough to cover up the lines (the pagelist for example, so blog index pages look fine) while the main body seems to be “under” the lines all of a sudden. Blog post and portfolio pages now have the line over the container.

Previous versions of Chrome were ok, and in MSIE and Firefox it all still looks fine today. (Imagine Chrome being the odd one out while MSIE works perfectly lol, what planet did I just wake up on). ;)

For the time being, I removed the red/black line altogether on blog posts and portfolio pages on my site, but I do miss them. :)

Hi :)

I wasn’t talking about the boxes now, this is an entirely new problem that affects your theme on the demo site as well and has nothing to do with sizes. :) So again: In the latest Chrome version (Windows AND Mac) the red and black line goes OVER most (but not all) of the content, it’s pretty ugly and somewhat destroys the wonderful balance you created. :)

Blog post pages are affected by this but blog index pages are not, because the pagelist container does cover the lines properly. I can’t figure out what’s different about them that makes them cover the lines while the normal page body does not. I’ve been playing around with z-indexes and background colors but they seem to make no difference, the red/black lines are just always on top no matter what I do. But only in Chrome. Unfortunately I can’t ignore Chrome as easily as I usually ignore MSIE lol.

Anyway by now most Chrome users (meaning most visitors) will see it in your demo site too so I think you’ll want this fixed too. :)

Nice to hear you’re doing a WP version, I try to avoid WP but sometimes I can’t so then it’s nice to know there’s an awesome design out there for it. :)

Hello, sorry for misunderstanding and for late reply! (We moved house, so I am a little bit more busy than usual). Anyway, thank you very much for notifying a problem! Seems I fixed it for the demo.

Now in order to fix it on your site, simply add “position:relative” to #main-base-block-generalpage (line#902). Looks this way:

/*-------FOR INNER PAGES-----*/
    margin:-250px 0 40px 0;

This should help. Thanks again!

Yep, that did the trick! Thanks again to you too :)


I have purchased this theme recently but unfortunetly have discovered it is now not compatible with the latest concrete5.7 with 4 areas of the theme, therefore I cannot use it.

Can I request a refund or a fix please. Thank you very much.

Kind regards Steve


Hello, as stated in description template compatible with C5 5.6. About refund: I am an author, you should address to to seller. Thank you!

To be fair, I am not looking at the version when I am buying a theme that is meant to be compatible with Concrete5.

You are the author and the seller but I will address to Envato for that if required, however will you be doing an update were this is fixed?

Thank you

“To be fair, I am not looking at the version”–it’s a pity cause it is important thing to pay attention prior purchasing.

“You are the author and the seller”–I am an author, I am not a seller. Seller is whom you pay, you paid Envato, not me.

As usual, Envato issues refunds if template does not work as described or description (including versions of CMS, browsers, etc) is incorrect, here is a guide: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- but you may contact Envato naturally if you consider that refund would be fair in this case.

“will you be doing an update were this is fixed”–unlikely (C5 requires new database, new installation and new set up of whole template (from scratch). I am limited with number of databases allowed by my hosting and being honest, I am limited in time too).

Template works fine on 5.6, so if you need this template you may download 5.6, not necessarily that 5.7. is better than 5.6, but you decide of course.

Thank you!

Dear Virtuti, Are you going to update this theme in the nearest future? Does it support RTL, by the way?

Looking forward to your reply, AliceIv

Hello, thank you for your interest! Honestly: no. But maybe WP version will suit you? http://themeforest.net/item/der-golemclassic-blogging-wp-theme-rtl/12922690

It comes with RTL and all my WP themes I update regularly.

Will this theme be updated for 5.7 and above? I am starting to have updating issues with my version and can’t seem to go beyond that.

Hello, no, I do not plan to do that in nearest time.