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Hi. Do you plan to add fullscreen mode to the galleries? I need to choose quickly which theme to buy. I love the layout of Derailed but whenever I click an image I need a fullscreen mode with thumbnails like the one in Camilla [removed] or just a lightbox mode with thumbnails like the one in ThisWay [removed]

Thank you

The image you posted is sending to a 404 error. Make sure it is a public link via Dropbox. Or try using to upload the image.

The image is public. Probably wasn’t available yet. Please, try again.

Send me an e-mail via my profile page contact form. I will walk you through how to do that (It would be no problem):

I have a question before I purchase. In the demo you have a gallery on the homepage. Could the gallery be replaced by items in the shop? Thanks in advance!

Yeah, you can easily remove the gallery and instead add-in a list of items from the shop. This functionality is already built-in :-)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Awesome. Thank you.

Hello, Progression Studios!) DERAILED is the Coolest theme ever here on the web for photography, I have bought it a year ago and like a lot, really. I have two questions. 1. Is that possible to build in a button DONATE by paypal in the header or footer of the theme without collpasing anything in its design and functionality? 2. Is it possible to also add Wordpress photoseller plugin ( to sell pictures I do? Or it will ruin the desing or anything? Please help me to decide how to make it better way. I would not like another theme, i like yours but need some upgrade like these two points. Thank you for your help! Good luck! Anton

Either one of those options will work with our theme. I would try the DONATE button that PayPal provides as that maybe the easiest. If you can’t get it to work well, try using the plugin.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to post in our support forums. We are happy to help:

Hi Is there any possibility to have comment form on the single portfolio page?

Regards Malin

Yeah, you can copy the comments template from the single.php file onto the single-portfolio.php file and that is all you need.

We can help you out in our support forums if you need additional help:

Thank you for your quick reply! Of course that works! I tried that before, but on my local site but looking at my external site :/ Sorry to take your time!

We are happy to help you out. Feel free to post in our support forums:


Nice theme. Is there is a way to change the portfolio photos after uploding them?


Yeah, you can manage all of the photos after loading them. The featured image is the easiest to manage as you can just add a new one. The galleries are all managed under “Add Media”. You can add more images, removing existing ones, and drag/drop to reorder.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, I was wondering: will you add a visual editor to this theme in the future? Reason is my cient wants to edit the text himself but with the shortcodes it’s a lot harder to find the right text and there’s a risk of removing parts of the shortcode by accident.

Kind regards,


We have no plans on adding a front-end page builder as this can be added via a plugin. Check out for some popular premium plugins like Visual Composer. Also, has a few page builders for free if you look under plugins.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post in our support forums:

Hello, I like the theme but before buying I have some questions .
- the theme is SEO optimized?
– and the HomePage is it possible to add text?
– When You build the gallery could I load the image from multimedia Library or only from the hard disk?
- After a gallery could I put text in the same webpage in order to work the SEO?
- Has the theme protected password gallery?

1) Yeah, this theme is SEO optimized. You can have further control by using a plugin like this one:
2) Yeah, you can add text on the homepage.
3) You control what images appear in the gallery. You just load them onto WordPress like any other theme and you can then add them to the gallery.
4) It depends on if you have relevant text. If so, then definitely add this. If you are just using keywords, it will probably not be very useful.
5) Yeah, this theme offers password protected galleries.

Is there site search functionality that searches the portfolio?

Yeah, search is built-in to WordPress. Here is an example search:

If you want more control your search results (Only display portfolio), you can use a plugin like this one:


in home page, below slider, I put the widget “progression home portfolio post”. How to display mini slider in this widget like your website demo ?

I pt many picture in portfolio post but the slide do not display.

You can see demo here (check the post “weeding celebration”

Thanks for help

We can help you out with any questions in our support forums. Feel free to post your questions in the forums. We are happy to help:

Note: You can also check out the documentation included with the theme. It will cover how to setup all the sections.

Hi, I’ve bought your template about 15 months ago, never asked you any questions, now I need just a little help, hope you can answer me without renew the support. In the site, customer wants to see the menu voice “Itinerari di viaggio fly&drive” (under “I nostri viaggi”) in portfolio list, below slideshow, too. Now this page is a link to the portfolio category, how can I see this portfolios in a page? May I add a shortcode in content to obtain this list? Thanks, regards

These pages are built automatically so there isn’t a page to edit. If you wanted a slideshow above listings, then you can re-use the homepage page template multiple times. That would be how to create what you are asking.

If you need additional help, you will need to post in our support forums:

I understood what I have to do, thank you


how to display picture in RANDOM order in portfolio ?

Thanks for help.

I recommend checking out for some plugins that can adjust post list to random. There are a number available for free.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post in our support forums:

Hello, I am considering this theme for a client. Is it possible to make a gallery private, so only users with login details can access?

Yeah, you can easily make galleries private. This functionality is actually built-in to WordPress. There are also additional plugins you can add for more control over the logins and what content is displayed.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, is it possible to make photos in a gallery products? – Or a gallery of photos a product?

Yeah, the shop supports selling digital products. Therefore if you wanted to accept payments for a gallery of photos, that is possible.

We also have the ability to password protected galleries if you would like to do that as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.