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How exactly does the thumbnail scroller work? Where does it get the images from? I can get it to work on a page where there are photos within the page already, but it won’t work on the Home Page because I don’t have any pictures in the home page. I was thinking it would feed from the post thumbnails, but it just isn’t showing up at all. Any tips?

Also, in a lot of areas, I see that you say “I highly suggest downloading the sample content and copy/paste the examples out.” But I don’t know what you’re referring to. I’ve dug through all the files in the download and the whole Wordpress dashboard and can’t find anything. I’ve gone through your step by step instructions on the attached index as well. Thanks.

Hey Sean,

The sample content is the XML file included in the man download package that you will import from the “Sample Content and Exports” folder. —


Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

Just purchased this. How do I upload this to wordpress?

Be sure you’ve unzipped the download and read the help html file in the documentation/help folder and that you are only uploading the theme itself.

Howdy, this is a pre-purchase question about the Design Ave theme. There is no mention of eCommerce on this theme’s details page, can you recommend any specific plugins that are compatible with your theme?

Hello hello, honestly, I don’t have a recommended list unfortunately. I haven’t heard of any conflicts but it’s hard to know without testing thousands of plugins/installs. Sorry I can’t be of more help there!

How do you get the social media icons to open the links in a new window or “_blank”?

This code is located in the end of functions.php, you would need to modify it there – thanks!

I tried adding target=”_blank”

$social_icon_output .= “”;

it made the site start coming up as a blank page. i ahd to restore the functions.php

how do i make the social icons come up in a new window

How can I see an example of the dark version?

Looks like author no longer supports… I’ll pass.

I’m sorry, there isn’t a demo of the dark version live at this time.

Is there a responive version also?

Not at this time, it’s as the demo is shown. :)