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Really nice, great work. :)

Straight awesome all over, nice work Curt!

This is the way a serious Show-Work/ Portfolio theme is made! Very intelligent design. Bookmarking for purchase in the near future.

Really appreciate the feedback! I can’t wait to see it put to good use. :)

Heck, why can’t I be the first buyer? So there I am…Buyer #1!

I appreciate it! Send me a message if you have any questions. :)

very nice theme! bookmarked!

Great theme. Awesome work!

Hey, sweet page design! I was wondering if the thumbnail scroller when clicked on could pop up videos (vimeo links) in the same way the pictures do?

Hey there, You could adapt the actual plugin script to do something like this but not with the default shortcode. It acts similar to the gallery WP shortcode where it pulls in images of various sizes and you can decide whether to link to the attachment or the full image (recommended). Thanks!

Top notch support!

I just got on a bump (only because of my own haste), and the total turn around time for Curt to my email on a Saturday afternoon was maybe 20 minutes.

In case you love the looks, but are undecided and wondering about support, please don’t hesitate.

Appreciate the kind words, glad to help out! :)

very good design. styled and with a clear view on the content. would be great for usability if the menu will stick on the site and dont scroll out of the viewport. as they are good for usabeility too i’m missing tabs and toggles. and, for mobilie devices, is it possible for you to make it fluid to minimum of 800px. important details for me, but first its kind of timeless design. thanx for that.

Thank you, good advice to keep in mind!

Great template! Two questions before I buy:

- iPad view in portrait does not fit the screen. Can you adjust that? Landscape is fine!

- Do you plan more shortcodes in the future (i.e. Boxes, Tabs etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

I don’t have an iPad to test at the moment, sorry!

There are many free shortcodes out there that I really didn’t want to pack into the theme, I found that most buyers didn’t use them but I will do some exploring for more common shortcode elements to add, thanks!

Nice template! Quick question, which fonts did you use in your theme? I had a client ask thought I’d go straight to the source. I didn’t see it mentioned (but I easily could have missed it). Thanks!

Hey there!

The main body copy is Arial / Helvetica and the headings are Georgia / Times New Roman / Times. No cufon or font-face magic, just the classics. :)


Great design. I wonder where/how I can change the size and orientation of the portfolio thumbnails. I am doing a site about books and book covers are portrait not landscape, and because they also have text, they can’t be cropped like the thumbs in most portfolio-equipped themes are cropped. With that capability, this theme is perfect for my purpose. Thanks!

Not a problem! Check out the libraries/featuredimages.php file, it will list the image sizes for you. (Be sure to read the comment in that file on re-generating the thumbnails if you have existing images)


I really appreciate the rapid response. Will check that out later today.

You’re more than welcome.

Here’s the official documentation too:

Thank you! The image resizing worked great. I just had to see which size showed up where (e.g. grid_3).

Now I can’t seem to get the portfolio thumbs to link to their portfolio items. I see a custom field named “featured_image_link_to” and I gave it a value of “post” based on logic and what I saw in the functions.php file, but that doesn’t seem to work. Also, if I might trouble you again, is there a way to have multiple Portfolio pages: one for each Portfolio category?

I see a shortcode for a Post Grid [cudazi_postgrid title=”My Custom Title” cat=”12,33” max=”6”] but I think of a Portfolio as a specialized kind of post and don’t think I am supposed to use the Post Grid shortcode; it seems that would make Portfolio pages useless if the way to get a portfolio grid was to use regular posts and the shortcode and not by using portfolio items.

If you’re using a portfolio page template, like the link happens automatically in the hover-icons.

If using the thumbnail scroller shortcode, it’s like the gallery shortcode with a parameter of …link=”file”...

The post grid is shown on the home page at the bottom.

Be sure to watch the videos just added to the item description too, thanks!

The featured_image_link_to may be coming from a custom meta box for the blog posts. (Its value is stored in custom fields once saved)

Many thanks. The video identified that the skills tags are the same as the portfolio tags. I missed that concept, so the video helped. The theme really is very sensible once you get the hang of it, and much is covered in the help file.

But I don’t see the hover icons on my portfolio pages, or the destination URL when I hover over the thumbs, and that is also true when I look at your sample pages that I imported.

As for the the thumbnail scroller, I assumed that it uses all the images attached to a page, but that is not the case. In fact, when I enter the shortcode, I just get the shortcode when I publish a page, even though images are attached.

Sorry to be a pain in the butt. My questions are coming fast and furious because it is so easy to move along and make progress with the theme.

That seems strange, maybe send me a link via my profile page and I’ll dig in.

You are using the thumbnail scroller correctly… BUT , I just updated the help file yesterday, it had _sc at the end of the shortcode which was not accurate, it’s just: cudazi_thumbnail_scroller.

Great theme! I’m converting my current html site over to your wordpress theme and I’m really enjoying the design and layout. I did have a quick request or maybe you might know how to do it that I may be missing.

Is there a way you could create a video gallery portfolio option similar to the other options with images? I like how the portfolio section for the images is automatically adjusted when a new entry is added, with the video gallery I seem to have to rearrange the order of all the videos in the html if I add a new video to it.

I like how the image portfolio has the rollover option that lets you view the image in a light box or see more info on the project. This would be great to have on the video gallery as well, except a video from vimeo would pop up instead of an image when you click on the thumbnail.

Thanks, and great theme!

Hi there!

Yea, the video gallery is more manual than the photos which can be auto-pulled/sized/cropped using built in functions.

Easy-fancybox does allow videos to open in lightboxes and such but it would not be an automated process at this time.

Easy-fancybox uses which has some neat tips & tricks, just somthing to look at too.


Hi, great theme!

A question: I need to upload many galleries, and divide them into categories. For example, under Fashion will be 12 galleries, under Wedding some others, and so on. Is it possible to reach this with Wordpress? Maybe something like creating more than one portfolio (one for Fashion, one for Wedding, .. )?

Hey there!

You have a few different options:

A: Separate them by tag and add the tag to the menu, displaying the “archive” page:

B: Separate them by tag again but tell the portfolio page template to only pull in that specific tag. This would allow a bit more flexibility and full control of the content above the gallery instead of using the tag name/description as above.

C: Use a standard page / gallery shortcode on multiple different pages

Hope that helps!