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Hi there. I would really like to have the logo appear on every page in the main body area as Guernseydesignaward example as well as retaining existing logo in the top left, again like I thought of just attaching from media to every page but this means I would have to hide page title heading which I would like to keep if possible. This would also be necessary to also have on the blog I will later populate.

Any help would be greatly accepted. Thanks for the info on the value on the header, I haven’t tried it yet , but thats next on my list.



How about adding some html into a text widget in the header widget area? That would stick on all pages.

Hi – Thanks for another great theme.

In my instance, the values for the custom fields (e.g. “large” for “page_title_display”) are not able to be saved. The value attribute disappears when I click “Update.” Any suggestions?


Also, your documentation says “this theme adds a meta box titled Format.” I am not seeing that.


Sorry – ignore my last comment about “Format,” I see it now. But the Custom Field values are still not holding.

Thanks again

The theme isn’t doing anything special to the custom field boxes, they’re a part of the WordPress core it is simply using for overriding settings like that. Be sure you click add, even add a test second one and then publish the post to be 100% sure.

Thanks for the quick reply – I’ve used custom fields hundreds of times before. I don’t know why it’s not working. Strange this is: The imported content pages with the custom fields already set DO work.

I just cannot get any new pages to update and keep the field value.

Okay I think I found the problem.

Research ( indicates that the functions.php file must be completely free of blank lines. There were a lot of blank lines in the functions.php file for this theme. I removed them all, and it works now, but ONLY if you do NOT click “update.” You must enter the field value, click “add field” and then log off the page without clicking “update.”

I just installed the theme locally and can’t seem to replicate this & haven’t heard of this in nearly 100 purchases, there must be something else at play here.

I’ll keep an eye open… thanks!

Nice, clean theme!

Is there a way to remove or at least rename the Permalink link at the end of posts? We already have “Continue Reading…” and most readers don’t know what a Permalink is.

thank you! Marie

Hey Marie!

I would probably just do it via CSS vs. editing the theme unless you’re comfortable with PHP , you could add:

.post-permalink { display: none; }



I cant make the Manual Excerpt work; nor the “More” tag. I am not sure what I am missing here.

I re-read this resource, but can’t pin-point:

Thanks for your help.

The more tag is what’s in use on my demo, be sure you’re entering it exactly as-is:

<!--more Keep reading!-->

Great theme, how do I display my social media links on the left vertical bar?

Hi there,

Have you imported the sample content?

Add items to the social menu in the admin area.


Got it, thanks!

Hi there. Thanks for your previous help. I am struggling with my blog page. I was wanting to display the logo I dropped in on every page with some intro text before the blogs so I tried:

Image and intro text on blog page – but this disapeared and only blogs displayed.

Created a sticky post and added featured image and intro text – this worked but featured image has automatic link which I cant get rid of and also displays date which I don’t want.

Created a sticky post and added normal image within post and intro text – this worked but also displays date.

What I’m after if possible is a news intro before all the blogs with header image above, as seen on Is there something I can do in the back end to create this effect? I want dates to appear on rest of blogs.



Hi Alan,

You may just want to edit the index.php file directly and add some HTML in above the loop on a non-archive page since the blog doesn’t use a normal page title / content.

Contact me directly if you would like a theme customization quote.



I am trying to make the portfolio, and instead of uploading website screenshots, want to use this:

Do you think this is viable?


I would really suggest taking a screenshot and using the image on your site vs. trying to pull in an external URL for every visitor, especially if their site gets hacked, goes down or simply changes.

Hi Cudazi – after working with this theme for a few weeks now, I can honestly say that you have produced another winner. Just great, and thank you.

One more question / request:

Would it be possible to get the Featured Image Thumbnail Link field added to the Portfolio Post admin?

Many thanks.

See our application of your work here if you are interested:

Hey there, thank you!

I’m not quite following you about the link, the featured image thumbnail link in the admin area is found in it’s default location by WP –

Please update your theme to the latest version 1.0.1, see item description for additional information.

cudazi in wordpress 3.3 this theme keeps inserting empty

tags everywhere and most of the shortcodes are not working properly… please fix as it is impossible to use the theme other wise

The live demo is using WordPress 3.3 and has not run into issues.

Try using the sample content and the [ raw ] shortcodes, be sure to enter the shortcodes in HTML mode and leave the blank line between all shortcodes, eg:

[ shortcode_start ]


[ shortcode_start ]



Nice job on the template! This is the first website I have ever built and I only needed a little help from a friend. It was the exact template I was looking for and pefect for a PhD student looking for a post doc. The best xmas present ever for my wife.

Feel free to add the website to your example website.

Thanks again, Justin

Great work Justin, what a cool idea for a gift!

Added to the item description :)


Awesome theme! You did a great job! So hard to find a clean, simple template and this is perfect…

I believe this theme is only supported up to Firefox 4.0, but I’m wondering if you know what code I can change to make the background menu color different in Firefox 8.0? I found the correct line in the CSS file, but it only changes the color in IE, not FF 8 or Chrome. I see one of your sample sites figured it out and it looks terrific.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you again. S

Hey there,

The menu column background is just a background image, changing it will work across all browsers.


The menu list items (.sf-menu li) has a background gradiant that uses vendor specific CSS as it’s CSS3 , -webkit-gradient… and -moz-linear-gradient, etc… the standard background is set just before as a fallback item.

Give a tool called Firebug a try to “inspect” the site and track down any styles and even test-edit the site.


Great! It’s the menu list items that was giving me the mental workout, so I’m happy to know where to start picking at now. = )

I’ll check out firebug too. Cheers! Really appreciate the super fast response!

I appreciate the purchase, have a great day!


Love the template, it’s perfect for what I need. I have several questions.

1. How do you change the images in the slider for the home page?

2. How do you get the Custom Post Grid Shortcode to work properly?

3. where exactly do i have to go to change the CSS ? I just need change some colors.

Please be sure you have imported the sample content, I think that’ll help explain how everything ties together.

For the css, you can add it to the files in the /css/screen.css file or just /styles.css


I’m thinking of purchasing your template because I love the simplicity of the design, but I have a few questions. Does it come with any other widgets, like one for ads? Also, can I easily edit the header font so it doesn’t have a drop shadow? Thanks.

Hey there,

You can display ads in a standard text widget or grab one of the many (free) plugins from or (paid)

As for the shadow, yes it can be removed with a couple lines in the styles. (just remove these lines from the css/screen.css file



Thank you for the theme!

Just a short question: How can I hide the title of a single page (home) in the content?

Thanks a lot!!! John

See this box when editing a page:

meta box screenshot




I will have limited access to internet for a few days between Feb 27th and Mar 2nd.

During that time, I’ll try my very best to answer any support questions but please be patient and I will get back to you.

As always, I provide free theme support, not free customization work.