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ooh love this! is it possible to change the portfolio to a thumbnail view?

Of course, it can be done with a bunch of CSS .

Very nice theme, soo cool ;)

Bought this template, and I am concerned about the contact form. Since installing it less than 24 hours ago I have already seen an alarming amount of Form-Spam showing up in the siteholder’s inbox.

Is there a CAPTCHA verification that comes with this theme? Please advise.

The design is attractive, but this SPAM issue is very worrisome.

PS – I will wait for a response on the matter before submitting my rating tomorrow. thank you!!

since the time I posted the previous message, the amount of spam generated by the form has TRIPLED .

Please advise!!!!!

@truffle I already sent you an email, but I will write my response here too, just to make things clear.

The theme is currently using a standard contact form like many other authors on ThemeForest do, with no built in captcha.

If you are receiving a lot of spam, this is due to the fact that you got a high traffic site and you should consider adding a good captcha verification system to the contact form, like

If you don’t know how to do it, you can:

1- remove the contact form for the moment and just write your email somewhere on the site in a “safe mode”, like: “youremail at gmail dot com”.
2- build a form on your own using (it’s a user friendly form builder)

We should release an update to theme soon and in the meanwhile, I will find a nice way to add a simple captcha verification functionality.


Yesterday i bought your theme.

I placed it in the theme map. But i can’t select it at wordpress. I use the latest version wordpress, do i need to use an old version?

This isn´t a WP theme, it´s a Html/CSS site.

This theme appears to be broken in the latest version of wordpress. I’m checking with the authors but at this point consider it very broken. Do not buy. :(

This isn´t a WP theme, it´s a Html/CSS site.