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Dude this is freakin’ awesome… this one will sell like cupcakes. :)

Thank you.

Quite Origional. Nice work…

Thank you.

Wow! very cool. Best of luck with the sales.

Thank you, Cosmive.

Great work, its a treat to purchase this. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you, mcausevic.

love this theme. do you plan on releasing a wordpress version? just wanna make sure before i buy

Yes, soon we’ll have an wordpress version too. Thank you.

yer i would be intested if you had a wordpres version or had a more features with this. Its a great template but i would like to see some more features/ page designs/layouts :-)

Cheers :-)

Is this theme suppose to cover the entire background? I am viewing this in Safari on a 15” MacBook Pro and the background picture only goes about 3/4 of the way across my screen. From the preview pics and screenshots it looks to cover the whole screen. I don’t have issues with other themes doing this. It’s a great looking theme and I’d love to use it but just wanted to see if it was an easy fix on my end

Hi, please send us an email with a print screen to see if there is a problem.

IE6 PNG support?

Not supporting IE6 , sorry. Thank you.

Hello PP, when do you think the wordpress version will be available??

We don’t know yet how long will it take, but we try to do it as soon as possible.

I have a question… Is it possible to make an image gallery with Facebox? I have purchased this item, and I need to display a gallery (some various images inside the portfolio_item page).


Facebox doesn’t support gallery, you can use for example FancyBox. This one has gallery support and it should be pretty easy to replace the Facebox with Fancybox. Thank you for buying it.

We just changed on the live version that plugin and now you can go next. :) We wait the approval of the update.

Very Nice work!

Do you allready know when the wordpress version is ready???

Thank you for buying it! Sorry but we don’t know yet when the wordpress will be done.


Can you replace the images with movies in the facebox? Is there a way to do this? Great template!


Yes. You can show an entire .

Here is the website of FaceBox

Example: <a href="#info" rel="facebox">text</a>

And “info” is the id of the div that contains the video.

Perfect! Thanks for the quick response! Do you have the .php to make the search bar work? Just curious. Do you know how this could be done?


No, sorry. You can google it and you will find one for sure. :)

VERY NICE !!!!! Question: when one clicks on an image in “portfolio” there is NO NEXT method… :-(


We just changed on the live version that plugin and now you can go next. :) We wait the approval of the update.

Waiting for that approval ;)

Thank you for buying!

Hi there,

I want to know how can I disactivate the sliding background that starts on his own when you call the site.

I would like to set a static image that can be changed by the menu on the top, but I don’t want the sliding backgrounds. Thank you!


Hi, thank you for buying!

You need to remove: imageInterval = setInterval(homePhotoChanger, 16000); from myJS.js and the slider won’t start automatically.

Awesome theme, waiting for WordPress version…

Thank you!

Awesome beyond words…...... “Awe inspiring!”, you hear me buddy? :)

Beatiful!!!! work!!!! amigo!!!!!!

I have a question, I am almost ready to buy your file.

Is it possible to make the template “center” instead to be on the left side?

Thank You,


Everything it’s possible but the design it’s made to look good like this, I don’t know if will look too good if you center it and you need to know some CSS to align it center is not like one click away! Thank you!

Hola after buying your file I can tell you that I am more than happy, excellent FILE !!!

Now I need your help, on the SLIDES , the first SLIDE contain the VIDEO , How can I do in order to make the slides to change manually, cause right now it change in the middle of the video, Thank You.