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Nice little one pager, but here my hint for you. When I saw your item before the live preview I thought, because of the envato standard pictures, that it would be a 08/15 boring theme.

So better take some cool works from creattica or something else in the slideshow instead of this envato pics :)

Good luck with sales.

Nice… it may be useful to me… in the meantime good luck with sales.

That’s a very nice, slick theme! I love it!


Interesting one page concept, looks nice.

I bought this template and think it is great. I can’t find the .psd though. It is not included with the rest of the files. Can you post it please or send it to me?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

I forgot to add it the last time I did a few changes. Since last friday, everything’s included again. But thanks for the notice!

Yours, Innovatics

Thanks dude very nice template, i cant design for toffee haha :P

Great one page template! My Compliments!


How do I get the contact form to work?



I sent you a reply per mail.

Regards, Innovatics

Hi! I bought this theme! Very nice!

I have a question. How can I get the contact form to work?

Thank you!

Your templates looks nice.

Hi there! Is there a ready-made solution for the contact form to work? Thank you!


How do I get the contact form to work?

Where do you include the email address you want the form to be sent to?

Wow Awesome.Good luck for sale.;