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To whom is deciding to buy or not this theme:

Here are few reasons that will make you choose this template:

- Theme is superfast: i’ve compared many using services like gmetrix.com and you can verify by yourself that designy theme is the lightest,fastest and smooth loading theme.

- Theme looks great on mobile: i’ve tested it on an iphone 3g and it runs smoothy on that device, so you can imagine it will looks great on a common iphone4 device

- Super- modern flat design: the whole theme is really up-to-date if you think at the new design standards introduced by IOS7 and windows 8, this theme will really looks great if combined with your own flat graphics.

- Custom Support: the support team is super fast and gives you custom support, i needed a couple of custom changes and they did it for me within 12-24 hours, this is what i call SUPPORT, i would have paid double the price if i knew they give such a great support.

- Easily customizable theme if you have someone with dev/programming skills he will love this template as it is really well structured


It’s just 40 dollars, it will be the best investment you could do to enhance your business.

Enjoy :)

What a lovely and comprehensive comment. Thank you so much! It’s comments like this that keep us motivated to keep working hard and looking after our customers :)


Is it possible or expected in the next update to have/include a slider with large images instead of 1 now on the homepage?

Please inform greetings

Yes on point 1.

On point 2, the images on that page are all constrained to a container. You’ll be able to get that kind of effect with Designy already with a background tile + main image in the homepage item.

The portfolio items are fixed to 2 per row in the space you see on the demo.

no problem at all :)


Im currently testing your theme for a friend of mine but the following occured. I have installed Version 1.0.7 with Wordpress 3.5.2.

I have the basics installed but the theme is aligned to the right. And i cannot find what is causing this.

Can you tell me if im doing something wrong or is the theme not compatible with wordpress 3.5.2? Sorry for not having the purchase code, but my friend is on holiday for 3 weeks.

See the link: http://www.dtales.nl I hope you can me show into the right direction. Greetings


Never mind, i found it. My title was to long, now its fixed.

Thanks anyway. Greetings

Good stuff

Cela faisait longtemps que je cherchais un thème comme celui-là ! Je suis tout de suite tomber en Amour pour “Designy”; voilà ce que cela donne une fois installé sur mon Blog : http://collectionner-l-art-contemporain.com Un grand Bravo à “meantheme” ! PS : sur tablettes et smartphones les vidéos débordent ! Que peut-on faire ?

Hi there, sorry I don’t speak french but I have google translated :)

We don’t support those kind of video embeds, just YouTube and Vimeo – However I do think there is a solution, in the embed code, update the iFrame width to 100% – I’m pretty sure that will solve the issue.

Thanks for buying the theme and the kind comments.

If you still need help please head over to http://www.meanthemes.com/support to our dedicated theme support :)

Sorry, I forgot to thank you, it works with the “100%”!

Excellent, thanks for getting back to us :)


Why does the mobile navigation keep disappearing from my site?



Hi thanks for purchasing. Please make sure you are running the latest version and jump on our support page if you are still having problems http://www.meanfhemes.com/support

Gallery Post: My questions: 1 / I would like to embed images in the post other than those already present in the gallery of this post, how? 2 / How to delete photos in the gallery without deleting in the Post? 3 / it is desirable that the blog reader can itself stop the automatic scrolling of the gallery, something is planned? PS : The proposed video tutorial is not complete, no sound and the video image jumps! thank you

Hi thanks for purchasing.

1. You should be able to embed images separately as long as you didn’t upload them to the post at the same time.

2. You have to delete the images to delete them from the gallery. Unfortunately this is just how wordpress works with image attachments :(

3. You can switch auto on off and if they hover over it should stop. We’re not planning on adding a pause/play

The video tutorial on the support page doesn’t have sound and it works fine for us without skipping.

If you need anything else please head over to http://www.meanthemes.com/support thanks again for purchasing :)

Thank you for your quick response! I’ll translate it into French and study … If I have more questions, I will go to the support as you advise. As I already said, I love this theme and I would like the beginner that I am able to use it to its maximum potential

No problem

Hello – Great looking theme! How easy would it be to add your cool “Homepage Item” feature to the rest of the pages? I’m looking to have multiple sections on a number of different pages and have had some trouble implementing custom posts on other themes. An easy addition, or is it a pretty big deal to add those sections to other pages? I’d consider myself a mid-level Wordpress user / developer – certainly not pro, but I know my way around.


Hi Ryan. It would be fairly tricky. You would need to clone the homepage template and rename it and then edit the queries to tie them down to individual homepage items by ID. It certainly isn’t impossible and the code is well structured and easy to understand but I would say it wasn’t the easiest of things to accomplish.

Is there anyway to change the font sizes when the theme goes into responsive mode? They need to be made a lot smaller.

Hi there, the main lead “We Design & Build Things” and the main page titles in white on grey have minimum values you can set in the theme options and they are controlled with FitText.js http://cl.ly/image/0z233o2J2Q2v & http://cl.ly/image/3G0r0B3D2Y2N If you want to control other elements, you can do so with some extra CSS which we can help with via support should you choose to purchase.

Thanks for looking

MeanThemes Support

Hi, I just purchased this nice looking theme. Have an issue right away. Please take a look at http://www.stam.se/testsajt/ – Why and how do I get rid of the white lines underneath the words “Cool stuff”? Thanks!

Hi there please can you raise a support ticket at http://www.meanthemes.com/support and we’ll look into it for you. Thanks for purchasing.

Thanks, I will.

Hi there,

How SEO-friendly is this theme? What are the SEO features?

Is it possible to install a newsletter plug in on this theme?


Thanks for your quick response :) Is it also possible to insert a calendar plug in?

Hi again, its the same answer for the calendar plugin. Our themes are built to standards, so any plugin should work, but it depends if the plugin was built to standards.


I’m thinking about purchasing this theme but I have a couple questions.

Is it easy to change the color scheme (is it in the options) or does it come with just that one orange color scheme?

Also, I didn’t see a homepage slider in the demo. It does come with a slider, right? And is it a full-bleed slider?


Hi there. The colour options are pretty vast. You can control colours on almost all of the theme. There is no slider built in to the homepage though, slider plugins should work fine with the theme, you may need to make some CSS and possibly JS tweaks though.

Great great theme. Great design.

The font-face does not seem to be working on (the latest) firefox. I know firefox seems to do this lots of times.

Thanks Culas, can you log a support ticket with all of the details via http://www.meanthemes.com/support and we’ll get to the bottom of it

Hi, I just bought the theme and tried installing thru WordPress and thru FTP. Both failed because it’s stating that the stylesheet (style.css) is missing. I don’t see anyone else mentioning that here. I didn’t modify anything. Any help? Thanks

Hi try signing in via email at http://meanthemes.ticksy.com

Maybe the solution is simple: I have this theme installed but the Google fonts that are setup default are not showing on my site. It’s showing Times Roman and Ariel instead but I haven’t touched anything in the theme for that yet. I have it exactly as it came. Do I need to do something to get them to display correctly?

It sounds like a permissions issue, if you can’t get a support ticket through at http://meanthemes.ticksy.com please send an email to themes@meanthemes.com with all of the details including a link to your website.


I really love the theme and want to use it for a current project, but the project requires WooCommerce. Is WooCommerce on the roadmap for Designy any time soon?


Hi Terence, not bad I hope you are well :)

Still above ground… By the way, the theme page on this site shows the details for version 1.0.5 but the latest release I have is 1.1.7 which has all that cool new SEO stuff plus, I guess, a whole bunch of other bug fixes/features we don’t know about.

Hi Terence, sorry what do you mean? The features page? We don’t keep that updated, we just update the changelog…


Hi! So, I want to make the logo (at least non-retina) a little bigger for this client. I can do it in firebug, but it calls it “the-logo”, and I can’t find any css with that name in the stylesheet. What would I edit to most effectively enlarge the logo size? Thanks!!

Hey there, we’ve just replied via your support ticket, thanks for purchasing :)

Prepurchase question:

I am a pet photographer and need a portfolio page with multiple categories and then a collection of images within each category. Say “black dogs” and then you click on it and have 8-10 photos of black dogs. Can I do this easily? Is each category a post in the portfolio post type or is each image a post?

Hi there, it sounds like you’d need to set up multiple categories and then link directly to each category.

Taking Designy demo as an example…

All portfolio items categorised as “Logo Design” are accessible via http://www.meanthemes.com/theme/designy/classic/portfolio-item/logo-design/

You would add all of your images to the individual portfolio item e.g. http://www.meanthemes.com/theme/designy/classic/portfolio/tenuous-link/

I hope that helps and is also what you intended.

In the portfolio item http://www.meanthemes.com/theme/designy/classic/portfolio/tenuous-link/, would the individual images appear as a slide show or a series of images? Is there the option to pin individual images in Pinterest via link? I know there are Pinterest plugins, I am just wondering if this functionality is part of the theme.

You can choose if you want stacked images or a slider on a post by post basis. There is a Pinterest sharer on the template at the bottom. Have a look and see if it works the way you want it to, if it doesn’t then a plugin would be the best route to take. Thanks for looking :)

Hi, I started to set up items via portfolio but they do not always appear next to each other, instead sometimes there is only one item per row. It is a mystery to me as to what might be causing this. Could you please have a look and help: http://heik.net/ ? Thank you !!

Hi there, can you raise a support ticket with temporary admin login details and we’ll take a look http://www.meanthemes.com/support

This has been a great site for me! Lots of comments on how professional it looks. I’m wondering, is there a way I can use this site to be simply a landing page on two other domains I have so I can point back to my main site?

Thanks! Jason

Hi Jason. I’d advise just setting up a simple html site on both those sites rather than buying the theme twice over again and having Wordpress running in th background.