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Nice theme! Quick question- how do I switch out the icons on the pages?


You will replace with what icons r listed here, http://zozothemes.com/desirable/Default-Desirable/flaticon.html Use correct css code to replace old icons.

I would appreciate if you rate the theme. Thanks :)

Hello, thanks great site. how do I integrate a YouTube video instead of a Vimeo video?

Replace vimeo video with youtube video in data-property url like below: data-property=”videoURL:’uksE9lJHH7I’,containment:’#video_container’,autoPlay:true, showControls:true, mute:true, startAt:0}”

I would appreciate if you rate the theme. Thanks :)


Are there any plans to make this responsive for tablets? i have viewed the demo on my ipad and the design is the same as a laptop/desktop machine but with the screen being smaller I need to scroll left and right. The mobile version is perfect.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi we checked in actual devices. Its working fine. Please if you still having issues please send screenshot to support email. Thank you

EPIC!!! I will be waiting for the wordpress version from this theme if there is any, please do one like this for non-developers people

Hi we are working on it. Please follow use we will let you know once it will be ready. Thank you.

Hello, i would need some help setting up the blog. thx for your help

Yes how can I help you?

Well I really don’t know how to set it up. What do I have to do?

It’s HTML template u can use what we have.

Hey! Great theme! I was wondering if there was a way to implement a dropdown on the main nav without causing too much of an issue? Adding a child ul element doesn’t work.

I hope issues resolved. I would appreciated if you rate the theme. Follow me for further updates..Thank you.

Thank you. We did figure out a solution.

OK Fine

Hello, Having problemes with the contact form on the onepage template. I get a successfull message but i don’t get any eamil. Please help

Email working fine here. May be issue with ur server. Does ur server support php mail?

Please check it out with your hosting support and let me know. Follow us for further updates and i would appreciated if you rate the theme. Thank you :)

We’re experiencing one other issue, whereby we implement jquery functions for form validation. The functions aren’t working properly because they jquery is being executed in the footer. Moving the call for jquery is rendering us with no content. Is there a way for us to move the script calls to the header without affecting how the page renders?

By default all jqury and customized scripts will call through footer only….

Hi if you like the and support please rate the theme. Follow us for further update and new release. Thanks :)

Hi Team,

I am using your template but basically i feel website performance speed is bit slow for me. What i want to how can i remove parallax scrolling while onload website.

My site is http://www.reachall.in and it takes too much time to load

Just suggest me how to remove particular js file for parallax effects

Hi Arun, We didn’t use parallax. We use animation effect for each section. So you can remove animation like this for ex :

With data delay effects:
<h5 class="animated" data-animation="fadeInUp" data-animation-delay="300">About</h5>

You just remove those elements in html as shown below:
Thank you. If you like the theme and our support please rate the theme its much appreciated. Thanks again..

Hello – Purchased & Very Nice!

Using the one pager…

Problem: I would like to add drop down options on the contact form, but do not know how to get the form handler to work, will you help? I have tried what I thought would work such as: No Luck…

$selected_val = strip_tags ($_POST['department']); $option = $_POST['department'];

Thanks – Daniel

please create ticket and send ftp details of the site in support.zozothemes.com

Ticket Created. Thanks again for your fast help & awesome template!

Replied in Ticket

Hello. I noticed a strange bug in the template.

For example, in the contact page (shop version), in the session ‘Our contact details’, the background image does not load properly (check http://zozothemes.com/html/desirable/desirable-shop/contacts.html )

This also happens in the index page (default version), in the session ‘Responsive video for your convenience’ the background image somethings bugs out, and show only a part of it. You have to scroll up and down to see the bug. (Check http://zozothemes.com/html/desirable/desirable-shop/index-2.html ) There is also a console error for javascript in this page, custom.js line 777.

Am using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Thank you.

Please provide ur email id, we fixed now need to send file.

I have sent that file to ur email id. Please replace that in shop version of contact.html file.

Quick question… if we wanted to add dots to the Top_Slider, how would we go about doing that?

Your email id please I will send the CSS file

I think here we already added dots in slider. http://zozothemes.com/html/desirable/Default-Desirable/index.html Is it okay?


Nice tempalte. I wanted to have drop-down menu style with the default multipage variant. I had to struggle a while to copy all required CSS from the shop-variant to the multipage variant. It wasn’t clear that the css for the drop-down menu is split up into two different CSS files (styles.css + responsive.css)

One thing: Instead of using “skew(10deg) rotate(10deg)” you could simply use “skewY(10deg)” at any place you want to have the slanted border. This also solves the issue of having to define a width like 98.34%

greetings, Bernhard


I want ask to you. How to make flip design on desirable theme? Your template direction from left to right get to the bottom. how to make from left to right to the top?

regards, rio

To make the slant shape bottom to top, replace the below code in your style.css and custom.js files

1) Open css > style.css, line.no 181
/* ===== SHAPE ======*/
.slant-top-angle {
 width: 100%; 
 border-top: medium solid #fff;
 border-right: medium solid transparent;
 position: absolute;
 left: 0;
 top: 0;
 transform: scale(.9999);
 -moz-transform: scale(.9999);
 -webkit-transform: scale(.9999);
 -o-transform: scale(.9999);
 /*-ms-transform: scale(.9999);*/
.slant-bottom-angle {
 width: 100%; 
 border-bottom: medium solid #fff;
 border-left: medium solid transparent;
 position: absolute;
 left: 0;
 top: 0;
 transform: scale(.99999);
 -moz-transform: scale(.99999);
 -webkit-transform: scale(.99999);
 -o-transform: scale(.99999);
2) Open js > custom.js, Line.no 567
/ ----------- Slanting Div's ----------- /
var slantAngle = 3;
var valAlpha = slantAngle * (Math.PI / 180);
var valBeta = (90 - slantAngle) * (Math.PI / 180);

function slantSection() {
 var slantHeight = ($(window).width() * Math.sin(valAlpha))/ Math.sin(valBeta);
 var slantWidth = $(window).width();
 $('.slant-top-angle').each(function() {  
  $(this).css('border-top-width', + slantHeight + 'px ');
  $(this).css('border-right-width', + slantWidth + 'px');
 $('.slant-bottom-angle').each(function() {
  var slantPosition = $(this).parent('.slant-angle').outerHeight() - slantHeight + 2;  
  $(this).css('top', + slantPosition + 'px '); 
  $(this).css('border-bottom-width', + slantHeight + 'px ');
  $(this).css('border-left-width', + slantWidth + 'px');

ok thks,

and how to auto rotate in “Work with us” ( Client image ).

regards, rio

HI Rio Please change autoPlay: false to autoPlay: true on js/custom.js line number 499. Thanks :)

hi, very great theme, is there a way to change team members order when they are displayed on carousel parralax section? thanks

Hi if you are looking advanced theme please have a look on it http://themeforest.net/item/mist-advanced-multiconcept-theme/12023626. Thanks :)

Hi, how can i update plugin bakery visual composer? thanks

You need to buy wordpress theme to get visual composer updates which we include in theme file.

Do you have onepage version for html 5 template

yes pls check the demo, it have one page demo too.

i need to buy that if its availabel

Yes buy it.

We like 3 work boxes in work-area section not 4 – we modify to use class col-sm-4 which gives us good horizontal spacing. However, the vertical now leaves traces of the slant on the bottom of the work boxes. Do you have .css modification to clean this up? -aj

Hello. Just when I wanyted to buy the WP theme It was removed. why?

Hi you can go with Mist advanced multipurpose WordPress theme. It has many demo’s and features. Thanks

hello beautiful theme. Is it possible to have a slider for featured products like woo latest product slider ?.

yes will make it…


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