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Hi Mike,

Can we see at least 3 sites that have your theme on it so we can check out the code.

Thank you


Hi Michelle,

You can view preview site to check the code but we don’t give any of our buyers website info to protect their privacy.

Thank you :)

Hi. I have been unable to change the “fancy box” colors to anything other than what your examples are. The help/text states “You can create unlimited color fancy boxes by simple change in fancy box title background color value”, but again this is not working for me. If I put anything other than grey or orange, as are the examples, the title bar of the box becomes greyed out. How can I change the bar to match the skin, such as for scarletgum? thanks…

Hi slwinter,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You have to add Scarletgum color style in css file and then use that style name in fancy box

For example

Open shortcodes.css and go to #12 Info Boxes section

Add below new style for scarletgum color

#content .myfancy-box h3.scarletgum-box { 
background-color:#492d56; } 
<h3 class="scarletgum-box">Info Message</h3>    

OR you can change background color value of any default style to use it.

thank you SO much for your quick response and for not calling me stupid! That was so obvious and yet I didn’t even look there. Have a great day!

Hi I have bought this template but I would like to be able to have multiple prettyphoto galleries in the 1column-portfolio.html page so each item opens up to show a different set of pictures. Is this possible?

Thanks, great theme.

Hi sowens8212,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Desire theme is using quicksand for sortable portfolio items and it is not working properly with 1 column portfolio. You can use classic portfolio by adding horizontal menus like preview website to display different portfolio in 1 column.

Hello, Thank you for a great theme. I have a problem with the menu aligning to the left of page rather than centered. I thought it would be a simple css fix but I am wrong.

Are you able to help? And thank you in advance!


Hi Amy,

Could you please post a support request with the envato user name you have bought the theme to verify your purchase.

Thank you :)

Hello again,

I apologize for the delay but the project was temporarily put on hold. The client is ready to proceed again and I am hoping you are still able to assist with the issue above?

As for the user name, this is the account I used when purchasing the theme.

Please let me know if you need anything further from me.

Thank you!