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It’s been a week since I posted my question, In the interim I have sent a private message here and on your windows live email, I need to get the answers to my questions if I am going to be able to use this theme.

In my email message I updated my request with just needing help moving the slider image to the right and down a bit …..like I did with the showcase buttons by padding right 30 px and padding top 16 px

Still need help with centering the navbar and the footer widgets are cutting images that are put there using a text box. The images 145px long and they are being cut off – need to know why?

I would really appreciate it if you could respond as soon as possible.

5 days ago you responded to comments on your Concise theme – is there a reason you don’t want to respond here, my first question is 11 days old and I am still waiting.

I have worked out all of the customization issues but once I moved the theme to its final home on another server it fell apart.

The images are not loading in the slider and thumbnails arent working.

The whole text from the post is trying to fit into the slider and the background on the individual post pages is shifting up.


I hope that you will finally answer one of my questions, I saw that you answered questions on another one of your themes 4 and 5 days ago.

If you are not offering support on this theme, please just specify that.

Can’t get the showcase working and even though I disabled showing the category for the Showcase as a post, the posts are still showing up…

thanks for your help!

Hello, do you have files for timthumb script tp work via php5?

Thanks, EMT

I have this message when I downloaded your theme on wordpress: Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-59393-desiredfolio.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help urgently!


David, info@uniguide.hu

Hey, after downloading the theme please extract it, then there will be separate folders in there for you to upload the theme. I do this so people don’t upload the PSD (photoshop) files so others can steal.

Thank you. I know it was my fault. Sorry. Now works. but…... I’m trying to put a picture to the frame on the head but its not work. I’m trying to put a picture to the showcase, but it does not work too, and always write this text for me in the showcase: ....featured post….. What am I doing wrong, and how to edit the header?


We’ve just purchased your theme but seem to have some issues relating to duplication of a ‘home’ and HOME page on the menu bar. Also, some of the changes do not work when saved. Have you checked the compatibility with newer versions of Wordpress? If the theme doesn’t work we’ll have no option but to request a refund. Didn’t give it a thought at the time of purchase which will be a real shame. It was what we were after.

Also have an issue of removing widgets from the side menu bar in the backend only to have default widgets showing in the sidebar. Is there a default set in the code that overrides this?

Hope to hear from you and our thanks in advance.

Hey to make a homepage button use wordpress 3.0’s Menus, are you using 3.0+?

The theme has just recently been updated to 3.4 but even before that it had support for it bar the post thumbnail feature.

So you would like no widgets? by default it shows a few sample widgets if none are selected but as soon as you start using wordpress widgets it will ignore those sample widgets. I can help you sort out having no widgets if that’s what you’re after?

OK…quick update. We’ve now realised you have the default set to show the sidebar widgets if no widget is set. This is ok but it would help to put this in the documentation.

Also, you have the date to be set on the page.php file which we’ve commented out – again, might be wise to add this in somewhere.

Big question, naturally you would want the home page to feature the slider and show the default home page content when using a static page and not the blog option. However, in doing so we have ‘home’ showing on the menu bar and homepage – the name of our homepage. Can you suggest a quick fix to show only one page? Thanks

Hello, I woluld like to add a link to a showcase. How I do it? Furthermore I would like to know it can change itself or not. And I cant change the text to bold in the showcase. Is there a solution? thans for your answer. David