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when using tab whistles how does one make the font match with the rest of the site

That specific plugin has it’s own stylesheet, you would need to override it based on that plugin.


Can I get a demo of the admin area? I really like the theme, but I wish to see how customizable it is.

Let me know which screenshots you’re looking for and I’ll grab some for you, I can’t give you a full admin demo unfortunately. Thanks!

Hi, thanks so much for replying. I went with another theme. Thanks!

I would like to buy this nice template, of course for pictures gallery purposes. I want to have a blog with main site (with the blog structure – one photo below other and so on). But I would like to have also other bookmarks like “gallery”, where I will have bulk of photos in a way of instagram gallery (like on this page: and then gallery: Will be that possible with this template? Tnanks!

Hello! You’re welcome to set any page as the home, whether it’s in the blog structure or a static page. As for the gallery, you can use what’s included or any plugin you wish on a page to get creative. :)

can I go full screen (edge to edge) with a photo on the main blog page? or even in the post page?

i’d love to get my featured image on pages (and on blog posts) to go edge-to-edge. Do you have any code for that to work?