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i just buy your theme, please tell me how to make a graph on your themes. ican’t see examples on ypur theme. thanks

I’m having same issue over and over again on iPad and iPhone, is not loadin on the middle of the page

Have a look at this link

Dose any one know how to solve this problem’ ...... It’s driving me crazy

hi guys, am having problems with nested tabs not updating the height when i add content dynamically to them. . i literally had to force window resize but that ddnt solve it.

Hello, before buying, I need to be sure that all the PSDs are included with all the éléments (tables, buttons etc…) Could you confirm that ? Thanks !

@nhayder – Its an issue with the css of the div id=”container” You can update the css file from “top:50%” to “top 30%” depending on how much higher you want the div to appear.

Waited a long time to expect a new item from you. GLWS!


I am Working on WordPress Theme. Soon it will release.


This template was compatible with Chrome until this week, it appears that a Chrome update has killed it. Now all of the icons appear twice and since this template is very icon heavy (the main reason we went with it) it no longer is usable in chrome. You can see the issue I’m referring to in the live demo.

Hello I have checked RTL version there is problem in menu

nice template, good luck


Viperay Purchased

Hello Sir. I just bought this admin template but I am not quite sure how to use it or implement the parts into my php and html files. Actually I have bought both of your nice templates and was able to use the error codes from the first one but the newestt one I want to use the login panels and the mail client. I am running EMClient right now and was hoping I could enter your script into it but I have no idea where to start. I run my own web and mail server so I don’t use xampp or nothing of the sort. So can you give me some idea of what to start doing or at least send me some links that will help me with these types of templates? Thank you very much in advance for your help. You write some excellent scripts Sir and I will continue to buy your script even If I know how to use them or not because I WILL learn how I just need a push. Thanks

Hi, I have been following the comments on the DATE TIME RANGE SLIDER but I am not getting anywhere.

I have developed a time-sheet system and need to use the theme slider controls to change a date range. When I follow the examples I get a partial fix.

How do I PASS DATE TIME [2017-10-03 08:34:00] to the slider control to control MAX and MIN Date ranges?

// Range slider
            min: 0,
            max: 1439,
            values: [540, 1020],
            //inputs: ['#demo-range1', '#demo-range2'],
            onChange: function(value1, value2)
                //console.log(value1, value2);
                var minutes = parseInt(value1 % 60, 10),
                hours = parseInt(value1 / 60 % 24, 10);

                var minutes2 = parseInt(value2 % 60, 10),
                hours2 = parseInt(value2 / 60 % 24, 10);


                                startTime = getTime(hours, minutes);
                               endTime = getTime(hours2, minutes2);


It break st getTime?? why wont getTime not work? is it a jquery function? did I format it incorrectly?

Thanks in advance!

ok so I managed to work out the getTime function, so I guess I just wanted to know how I can pass a fill date and time value to the slider control. Example

‘2017-10-03 08:45:30’ then slide time up and down automatically changing the date and time

Is there any support on this? I’ve submitted 2 support requests but haven’t heard anything back.


alexadm Purchased

How can I force the menu (#menu) to stay visible on ALL devices?