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I’ve purchased this theme and had a few questions. The search feature seems to be having some trouble automatically highlighting. Any way to change the text that appears below?

My home page also seems to be having trouble. Whenever a image is clicked it says “portfolio.php on line 76

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/coaeye/public_html/wp-content/themes/devendo/single-portfolio.php on line 94”

How do I fix this problem?

You can view the site to see if yourself if you need to.

Sorry for my late reply. I have been sick the last few days.

Yes I noticed that the input highlight is not working well in all browsers. I will have a look at this and try to fix it. The text below is changable by using the translation files and a software called Poedit. Are you familiar with that software?

The single-portfolio error indicates that the image slider array is empty. Have you added any images to the portfolio image slider?

A very nice template!

Unfortunately, not everything works. Request for information and short help.

Questions and problems

1. Link to home How can I change the link on the bottom left? The link leads to the location of WordPress installation, but not to our URL “home”. We have the WordPress files in a sub order. The link sould lead to “” In the demo it ist the camera symbol with “J.D.”

2. Portfolio are not working on the iPhone! On the iPhone the images in the portfolio are not displayed. It appears only the first page with the text of the porfolios, but no way to scroll? The same problem exists on your demosite. You can see above the page, but how can I scroll? That seems to be so only on images, not with video in the portfolio?

3. Contact form I get a error massge trying to send a Email. I have text in “message” but the error note say, there ist no text? Were could be the problem?

3. Project informations – change Where can I change the fileds name or make some new?

Project informations: Year -> Name Client -> Email Project manager -> Telefon NEW field -> Website

Thank you verry much,

Best wishes,


Hello, any reply? The are big problems with the theme!!! We are waiting for support!!

Hello stelzer! Sorry for my late reply. Can you please send me an email via my profile page with the errors you have found and I will look at them ASAP!

Sorry, it´s to late. We chancel and changed to another theme. We had not much time to setup an new website and the delay for you repley was to long and we were not sure we need a secure working webseite and support.


Is there any possibility to change the favicon so I can put a logo instead of what’s already done with the theme ?

Great stuff guys !


Hello! Sorry for my late reply. Have you tried changing the “Theme options” -> “General” -> “Favicon” setting?

Hi Its a very nice theme! I have a question before purchase. Can I make more portfolio page? I’d like to use portfolio function like common page.


Hello! Thank you.

The portfolio consists of a custom page template which can be assigned to multiple pages, however it is populated by custom post types.

In other words: You can have many portfolio pages but they will all have the same content since it shows posts/portfolio items from all categories.

Hey themeroyals,

I use Poedit to do my translation but after export into “” and “de_DE.po” this theme is still remaining in english. So I have done this way in a lot of themes, but here it doesn´t work.

I put all two files in “wp-content/themes/devendo/language/”

Any ideas? Greetings Thorsten

Oh, I have solved my problem :) The File “functions.php” does not have any folder specification.

My solution: load_theme_textdomain( 'themeroyals_devendo', get_template_directory() . '/language' );

Hello Thorsten That would work. If you need help with anything else, please refer to my support forum for assistance.

Where can i set up the email on contact page???

I got it!.

Information about this is available in the attached documentation

The template is not set up on android and iphone. The responsive is not working fine…there is some troubles when open the image portfolio…

how fix?

You need to clarify what problems you are talking about. I can’t help you fix things if I don’t know what they are. It’s also highly unpractical for everyone involved to provide support in the comments section here at Themeforest. Please send me an email with your issues or submit a topic in my support forum (info in documentation) and I will gladly assist you. Thanks!

It’s simple. On iPhone, i cant navigate between photos on post. Your link happens the same.

Try open a post and navigate on photos.


As mentioned before (and in the documentation), I don’t provide support in the comments form. Please email me via the profile page (email is also in documentation) and I will gladly help you.

As I want to know that, I am able to see 8 block in home page. It will be extended or are they fixed. If it will be increase, on which direction it will scroll, right or down. Please reply me soon… as I am planning to buy it. Vaibhav Jain My email id is


You can have an unlimited number of items on your homepage. You will be able to scroll down once they are added.

I just started to add stuff on my site and it seems to have a problem… In the homepage, the first portfolio item name Quebec Rural works, but the other… (how to say it… I speak french…) euh… it’s not doing the same thing, such as link to the page presenting the portfolio item…. ?

In waiting your response, I’m gonna try to add other ones, to see what it looks like… (It is a temporary adress, when it’ll be ready, it’ll be

Seems to be only “Beauvais Truchon” that doesn’t work…


Looks like you figured it out? I can see four items in your portfolio now?

I bought this theme and have had multiple issues. Who ever did QA didn’t do a great job. There are no excuses for some of the issues. My issue right now is just trying to get the Horizontal blog working. I’ve tried everything so far and the documentation is bare!


That’s weird. Themeforest says “gabethegeek has not purchased the item.”

Anyway, I’m happy to help you with your problems. Feel free to email me or post at my support forum (as described in the documentation) and I will get right on it.

My client purchased the theme. But I will follow up on the forums. Are there any scheduled updates coming soon that will fix the problems?

Let’s start by figuring out what problems you have. The theme is currently used on many websites without any problems so there’s no scheduled updates.

Live Preview not found.. :(

I’m not receiving emails from site. Everything was working fine…update problem?