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Nice work done here ! GLWS!

Thank you! :)

Woaw your template is really beautiful !!

I’m interested in buying it but I have a few questions: 1. I really like the full screen slider (because I would like to avoid to have the top tab in white).... but the full screen slider doesn’t show properly on my iphone (through safari).. is it smartphone/tablet friendly ? 2. Is it possible to change the color of the top tab from white to black ? 3. the font you used for the main text is really beautiful but so thin that it is not super clear on my iphone for instance. Could it be possible to change the font ? 4. is it possible to insert a video somewhere in the template (other than the top picture) ?



Thank you for the kind words.

1) With the coming patch we will remove the 100% height for fullscreen slider on mobile version and it will look okay. (will help you to do this ASAP)

2) Yes it is possible to make it black.

3) Yes you can change the font with any other Google Font.

4) Yes, you can insert video.

Best, bcMedia

itss really nice i like it :)
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Thank you!

Just want to let you know that the background image of your parallax section will be blurred on iOS devices. I’ve tested on my iPhone and it’s true.

Here’s the reason

Hope this help! :)

Thanks, we will check and fix this ASAP.

Best, bcMedia

Awesome and thanks for the great work! Where can i find some of the other pics that are not Alex Andreev?


Already replied on email :)


This is an amazing template. I know the preloader allows the site to load in full before it displays. Is there a way to avoid the preloader? I’ve had customers in the past call my websites “slow” when I’ve used preloaders. I love preloaders, but most people think it means the website has issues.

Also, a way to avoid the Parallax showing up blurred is to write a script on DOM load that detects mobile devices and removes the Parallax class for those devices, allowing a standard background image to show.

Never mind. I found it in the script.


Glad you`ve managed to fix the problem. :)


I just tried the sample site in the latest version of Firefox and its not working as it should, mainly the slider is screwed up.

I also tried Internet Explorer but it has the same errors.



This is because slider images are no longed available on server. We are working on update.


lost a sale, it doesn’t take 2 months to put images on a server. shame…

like it, good luck with sales!;

Beautiful theme!

1. Can you blog within this template? 2. What are the other color options?

The demo is broken for me – it doesn’t load. :( I’ll try again later