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Thank you very much GrafAS,

i instal joomla. but when i go to extension manager and try to instal Diachron & Gantry then error comes Error There was an error uploading this file to the server.

what i do now?

how i instal sample data after instaling my theme,

Hi Ridazh,

If you have an existing website, you must use the Diachron Template (Piece by Piece) Folder / Diachron & Gantry File. In this case, you can install in the Extension Manager.

If you install the only template file (Diachron & Gantry, sample data does not load. If you want install the sample data, please use the Diachron Template (Quickstart – recommended) Folder / File.

We always recommend installing a Diachron Quickstart first to trial and understand the template more efficiently.

These packages contain both a full Joomla install as well as the template release and accompanying extensions and demo content. These are strictly for use a new Joomla installation to provide you with a duplicate of our demo for that particular template.

Please try the following steps?

Step 1 – Upload Unzip the Upload the created folder to your server. Note: You can upload all the files via FTP, or use cPanel or SSH to upload the zip and unzip directly onto the server. (Enquire with your hosting provider.)

Step 2 – Installation. Go to or folder name Follow the Installation instructions Ensure you click Install Sample Data (Default English Sample Data) during installation Remove the installation folder in the Installation interface.

NOTE: Demo images are blanked out in Quickstart Package. Images used in the ArtofThemes demos for sample content should not be used by 3rd parties. These are for use as demo content only!

The demo images have been replaced with placeholder images. (All stock images are just for demo purpose only and NOT included in the final purchase files)

Hope could help you. Also, read the documentation file, please.

Thank you very much & Regards. AOT.


So far, I am quite happy with Diachron. I need to add a logo for retina devices. How can I do this?

hello, I need to hire you for some changes. How can I contact you?

Dear Todoperros, you can send message this email address:

Best regards…

Please check your email. Thank you very much & Regards,

Hello! And if I put the logo of the desired size, the hat I stretched down… what to do? that link?

Hi Respektos, Did you try this solution?

Thank you very much & Regards,

doesn’t help

Hello, i want to know if it’s possible to align the drop dwon menu to the left or center it. the drop down menu are always align to the right.

Thank you.

Hi Anasboussif, Did you try this solution? (line 39) You can use the text-align: center; instead of text-align: left;

Thank you & Regards,

I wanted to know how to make the connections underlink hover Ciao

I have posted two support questions on but unfortunately not had any replies, is this theme still being supported my post links are below with titles, I also would like to know how I change the full width to be narrow so I can see some of the background and how I can change the colour of the background?

“Module mod_tabs_gk5 ( Not Working)” “Installing Theme Error”

Hello you have for these thema quickstart pacakage for joomla 2.5 ?

Dear Apollo2005,

Yes. There is quickstart package for joomla 2.5 & 3 on this theme.

But Joomla! 2.5 Support Ended On December 31, 2014!

Of course, this is not related to the theme.

Click here for more information:!_CMS_versions

Thank you very much for your interest & Kind Regards,

The joomla 3 quickstart package does not include sample data

Im sorry it does but you dont specify which sample data is it. Cause there`s like 5 or 6 options all of which say “sample data”

By the way your template comes with some sort of malware which creates fake users automatically. It does it right out of the box.

I’m also having trouble with the sample data set up. Which sample data set up looks most like the demo?

Hi Ken, Please check your email. I answered your question via helpdesk. Thank you very much & Kind Regards,

Hi, I responded, but haven’t heard anything back It’s been about a week now.