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thanks mate, appreciated.

Bravo! Mnogo dobra rabota. Uspeh s prodajbite! :)

Blagodarq, radvam se da vidq drugi bylgari tuk! Thanks!

Good work. Liked it.

Great work!!! Will you make a wordpress or magento version?

Thank you! As a matter of fact, I haven’t decided on the platform for the full version so any suggestions are welcome!

Live preview – CPU Limit Reached

fixed it!

CPU Limit Reached

fixed it, hosting problems :/

Great work! Make a wordpress version :D

Please make this template available on shopify or izzonet.com. Please email once it is available at thepeoplesartist@gmail.com

The template will be available only on ThemeForest. Shopify is still an option, thanks for your comment I will email you.

I was torn between this template and another, sadly I wish I had brought the other.

Compared to other templates I’ve used on themeforest its a little under par. Templating the header is awkward due to different styles for different headers on different pages, also would of been nice for the header slider to be more functional rather than just using CSS. So wont be using it now, thus a waste of money.

Look great but that’s it I’m afraid.

Thank you for your feedback!

I’m not exactly sure if I understand your statement – “Templating the header is awkward due to different styles for different headers on different pages”. The header is the same on all pages but I assume you call the header not just the top controls and the menu but the controls below it as well. Well, yes they are different because they are contextual and when the context changes I’m changing the styling as well, thus adding uniqueness to the page. You can wait for the full version where the header will be templated properly and the variance will be dealt with.

And about the header slider – I suppose you mean the home page slider. The text is customizable, the links also and of course the background picture. I can add rotation for the four categories as well in the full version, but as of right now this is just HTML template, so yes – styling is number one.

I apologize one more time that I couldn’t achieve quality to meet your requirements. You can contact me if you have a question in particular or you can wait for the full version where all the functionality and customizations will be available via the theme options.

Thank you for purchasing.

Hi, Thanks for the in depth reply….I understand what you mean and I have managed to work round it.

When you say Full version, is this not the complete package and will there be a download for those who have already purchased?


When I say the Full version I mean the full CMS Template not just the HTML Template as it is right now.

I haven’t decided yet but I think I will go with WordPress E-commerce plugin. I’m also thinking about PrestaShop or WooCommerce also for WordPress, you can tell me your preference. And those will be not for free. Only HTML and CSS updates to the current template are for free.


I am looking to purchase this site however your test site doesn’t work so I can’t view it. Can you please fix this ASAP!! Thanks

Yes, I have some hosting issues. I am waiting for my new hosting account to be activated. I will let you know ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s up and running!

Very nice template! Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

thank you!

Woocommerce, and I’ll be the first to buy. :D

Great design by the way.

Thanks, the CMS is going to be Wordpress and it’s coming soon!


By any chanace has this template been adapted to wordpress or shopify, bigcommerce or izzonet.

I am soon opening up my online store and would love to use this template.

I am going to release a wordpress version but can’t tell you the exact date since I got a lot of side projects going on right now. You can bookmark it and wait for it (it’s not going to be more than 2 months) or you can buy the HTML version and address another dev.

Would be able to hire you to set this template up for us on our site for June ?

Kind regards?



having some problems with IE8, IE9… can you fix it?

menus and content area…

thanks + great work :-)

It has been tested on both IE8 and IE9, can you send me some screenshots? Thanks.

yes… your email is?

can you please give a email? to send you screenshot?


ty, i just did, you have mail :-)

Google has changed the map api without key. Is there any update to the code (map.js)? Thanks.

I will update it, thanks for the tip.


Are you planning to update the theme to Bootstrap 3?

Greets, Frank