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great theme. looking forward to use it :)

thankyou. Hakha

Beautiful work mate!

thank you very much!

Interesting theme, one thing. If you know something about ecommerce you must know, in order to receive the best conversion, you should ALWAYS have the buy now or add to cart button above the fold. So in this example of your own template, this is totally wrong. I suggest to place the add to cart button also above the price. This way the conversions will increase with at least 50% IF you have a long list to scroll as in this example.

Just my 2 cents.

Brilliant Excellant work


Hello! Can this theme can be transalated?? tnxs keep good work! i.

You can find the languages in Extensions and can install and it works fine for every language.


Hi Sainath,

Love the theme, been back and too looking at it so many times. I’ve just got a couple of questions regarding the theme.

1) Is it possible to change the images to either fit the circle or be a square shape? (My Images dont really fit the cut out style).

2) Would it be possible to set the currency to auto detect their country? with an additional script?

3) Do you provide extra customisation? and if so what is your rate?

I need the multi currency thing urgently!

If you could reply or email me:

Thanks, Chris

Hi, just purchased this item, however can you tell me what the dimensions for the images should be, as the circle hover area is a bit askew.

regards E

Its 140px X 140px.


I'm interested in purchasing this theme.

I am new to OpenCart as i normally use Wordpress. Could you let me know if, once you purchase this theme, it comes with good instructions.



Just send message from my profile page i will show you the details.

Great theme, sai did a good job, I asked him many questions, he replied very patiently, thanks. If the installation document cover all level of users, that would be great appreciate.

Hello Sainath I was just about to press the buy button but noticed that this theme makes no mention of supporting the latest version of OpenCart 1.5.2

Can you confirm this theme will work with this version? as soon as I know ill be happy to purchase.

Best Regards.

Hi Sunburn,

I am working on new version of and very soon i will update. Mostly in 2 days you can see the Diamond Rings latest version.

I will inform you once it is updated. Ok Thanks

Thanks Sainath, Looking forward to purchasing.

Will update asap and let you know. Thanks

hi sunburn diamond is updated to and in the download you will get all the colors updated to latest version.

I’m getting an “Undefined variable: text_items in /my/directory/to/theme/header.tpl on line 93” error…

I’m using OC 1 .5.2.1…the latest version.

What’s the fix?


Thanks for purchase. Diamond theme is in version and its under process of converting into, thats why you are getting error. In this week i will update to new version and you can download. I will message you once i update in Themeforest.

hi diamond is updated to and you can download and updated now you won’t get error.

Great theme! I rated it 5-stars… however, I still cannot see a star-rating as themeforest says that you need a minimum of 3 ratings for the starts to show… I guess my only question is, why haven’t the other guys above given you any ratings yet? Come on guys, get behind this! Show some 5-star appreciation to go with your complimentary comments above! :)

Hey, have had this theme installed now for a few weeks, one quick question, when a “special” price is added to the product, the product display page retains the original price, is there any way of updating this?

not to worry got it sorted, just needed a bit of common sense in relation to the coding, this is what i used.

in catalog/view/theme/Your Theme/template/product/product.tpl find line 26:

<?php echo $text_price; ?>
<?php echo $price; ?>

replace with:

<?php echo $text_price; ?>
<?php if (!$special) { ?> <?php echo $price; ?> <?php } else { ?> <?php echo $special; ?> <?php } ?>

works a treat.

Hi sainath

When comes the Diamond Rings OpenCart Theme in responsive (for iphone)?

Redards Tom

I am still learning on that :) takes time for me….

Hi, How do I change the circles to be the right size on “List” View For e.g look at :

As i saw your link what you gave and as per my view if you just increase the pixel sizes of images from the admin then it will get set in the List and also Grid view. Just try once.

What ever image sizes you specify in the admin that sizes will come on the site and the sizes are not ment default. If the background of the product image is in rectangle or square then it can be edited with css, where as in my theme as it was designed by taking some view i made it unique and i tryed with circles with images. So if you want to edit then you would have know a little bit of photoshop.

Yes Sainath it has worked brilliantly when changing to 140px by 140 px! Is there a way to remove the Exc VAT price that comes underneath? Thanks in advance

Hi, That we have to hide form the code area manually.

Great theme! Great respect to author!

Thankyou very much :)

Great theme! Congratulations!

I have a small problem. How can I resize (larger) the product pictures that are in the circles?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks. Can you just drop me a message from my profile page will help you out.

Plz Do rate my theme if you like it. :)

Hey, love the theme.

I want to add a small paragraph of text to the return page, i have tried changing the return.php file, but whenever i add anything in there the website just loads a blank page.

Any idea how to implement this?