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Can I buy for Wordpress? Thank you.

WordPress version is coming soon! Please wait! Thank you!

wp version???

It is coming soon :)

Hello, I tested template on mobile devices but on all of this right menu from blog pages or contact is not shown. I possible to fix this?

Thank you

PS: I am talking about “right1” position that is not show on mobile devices

Sorry for late reply. The right position will be disappeared on Mobile. If you want to display it on mobile. You can submit a ticket require customize template on http://www.templaza.com/ Our developer will help you.

Fixed. Thank you

Could help me to make popup article on tz portfolio to be responsive?

Yes, Please send me an email via http://themeforest.net/user/templaza Best Regards,

Hello, I have your diary template and i am facing certain problems, i need some help with. I cannot get all the categories to show under home button for the portfolio style viewing. Those categories also do not appear on the category blog page. They are not empty categories, they have articles in them. I would like to create an about page with a drop down that shows two single articles instead of buttons, with a more button. But i do not want the main button to be redirected to an independent page on click, just the sub menu buttons. Can i do that? For some reason when i select a single article for an about us page, i do not get the main menu on that page and the page format is all messed up. The content runs from one edge of the window to the other without any formatting. I sent you mail in your inbox, you asked me to show my purchase tag. I bought this template a few months back, do i need to re-download it for some updates? Hoping to hear form you at the earliest. Regards fs

Please send me your website via support@templaza.com I will help you check problem.

hello, i have sent you my website link through the email mentioned here. kindly respond. Regards, fs

Is this joomla 3 compatible?

Joomla 3 is coming soon! Thank you Allenmeline :)

Can you create a demo admin account ? for the noobs like me access and see how you put the pictures in the site, how you configure the contact like a book page…... and others!!! Ahhhh important, how you put youtube vídeos!!! I don´t know i try everything… if you put this account demo, i will see the admin configuration and put the same!!!

i´m a new user in joomla and if you do this i will can finish the configuration. I want the site like your demo diary. And is difficult to know what modules i use and what configuration i put. You can Create a new user and he will only see… block any others privilege. Thanks…

Please use quickstart package to install template. It’s very easy to use. Please check http://www.templaza.com/blog/how-to-install-a-joomla-template-by-quickstart-on-localhost/56

Thanks & Best Regards,

Thanks very much you helped me a lot….

Hi, I like this template, but my client is a man, so I want the cartoon have a boy instead of a girl

You can change images in the back-end. If you need help please create a ticket on http://www.templaza.com/ to request Technical Support.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

It says this is for joomla 2.5 but Templaza says 2.5 and 3.x Can I use it on joomla 3.x if I buy it from TF? I mean is it the same version here as on Templaza?

Hi, I bought this template but when I Upload an image appears in random orientation, I mean, If I have a portrait image sometimes I get an landscape image

How can I rotate an image ?


Hi Maow001,

If you want to display image landscape you can set this article is “Featured”.

Thanks & Regard,

Hi I have a problem with the template ( http://themeforest.net/item/diary-joomla-responsive-template/2716139?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=templaza )

When I choose “category” in the “filter type” something weird happens, when I select any menu item disappears… See this screen capture for more details


Can you help me please ??

Thank you very much

Thank you very much,

This is bug of Diary Template, we will fix it in next version. Now, you can open “default_categories.php” file path(templates/tz_diary/html/com_tz_portfolio/portfolio/default_categories.php) line 27 you change code:

<?php echo $item -> title;?>
<span><?php echo $item -> title;?></span>

Thanks & Best Regard,

I installed piecemeal, first the template then ell TZ Portfolio component in the latest version of joomla 3.3 ie, it gives me error and enter the TZ Portfolio. My question is compatible with the latest version my joomla? You will have an update?

Waiting for your reply

Thank you very much

A greeting.


We will update soon. You can follow at: www.templaza.com/update?layout=blog

Thanks and Best Regards!

does it say “wp available soon” 2 years ago ?? because i dont see the wp version yet… 1 question, i try to see the demo but seems to be stuck at the white page with the smile face icon

Hi Odesignc! Our Diary in WP theme has been available

Here is demo link. You can check it again


Thanks and Best Regards!