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Hey guys, how can I disable the Portfolio plugin you deliver with the theme? Because I don’t like this one and when I install an external plugin, it conflicts with your Portfolio plugin.

Thanks in advance!



We have not given a separate portfolio plugin and i suggest to get help on this matter please contact the support staff at support@webinane.com Thanks a lot – these guys can help you better about your needs.

I’m using the latest version (4.4) and still receiving the error:

Warning: include(/home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/opt/php54/lib/php’) in /home/…/public_html/demo/demo/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89

Doesn’t look like this was allegedly fixed in a previous version (searched on shortcode_output.php), but is back…

Please do NOT ask me for my FTP and WP credentials to fix. Please tell me how to fix it – then fix in the next versio

When deleted the code that is mentioned elsewhere here, then like your other client, it simply opens a miniature of the site. It did not work !

We think you need to update your plugin which is creating problem, please download the latest version from themeforest and update the plugin, if you still face the problem than you will have to give the access to your website to diagnose the bug. Actually some errors can not be diagnosed without checking the backend therefore we ask for backend information because these errors are non-existent on our server. We check the extra plugins that you have installed, we check the server configurations like memory_limit, Php version and such other things. Then we find the bug and give you the solution. I hope you understand this my brother. Thanks a lot for your patience and cooperation. You server information is highly secure if you share it with us. We respect your privacy but sometimes we definitely need it to help you overcome the bug. Thanks again.

Hi there… I am trying to figure out the tabs feature. Is there a way to make the tabs NOT group into threes? I have five tabs on my page here: http://elliswealthmanagement.net/february-working-draft-2/ and it doesn’t look as clean. Can you share how to make it not group together and have five tabs across my page? My support JUST expired but I feel like this should be a feature built in, and I feel like I just can’t figure it out. :) Thank you thank you thank you.

Dear, we are thankful for your email. We improved the styling of this section in the latest version of theme, please download the latest version of the theme from themeforest and update your CSS file. This will solve your issue. Next time please come with a renewed Support License. :) :) Thanks a lot lot

I downloaded the new theme and updated my CSS file and it took away all my custom changes that I had made during my support period. :( :( :( :( This was a solution that put me backward instead of forward and now I need to access all my old tickets so I can fix this unless there is a way to get my old CSS file backup. PLEASE HELP.

I am sorry to say, how can i bring the changes back. It is the standard criteria to take the backup of your changes and then make the update, you have not adopted the standard criteria. Please send a request to our support team at support@webinane.com and they will take a deep look into your issue. Thanks a lot

Hello Webinane! I need help! The Visual Composer plugin needs to be updated, and I’ve purchased separately a license for it. Version 4.9 is installed, but I need to update to version 4.1 (Feb 2016). How do I do this?

We have give free Visual Composer with the theme, you can follow these guidelines, which are mentioned in screenshot. visit this link for screenshot. http://prntscr.com/ac6f28

Thanks a lot – let me know about further help. :)

The FAQ template used to be one page, now it’s broken up into multiple pages. Did something change in the coding? http://elliswealthmanagement.net/faqs/

We have applied limit on the FAQ’s shortcode and we after the limit is over than pagination appears, if you want us to remove the limit, we will remove it but before that i request to please purchase the support license because your support is expired. Thanks a lot

Hi! I dont upload my logo. Can you help me?

Thanks for contacting us for support, we can surely help you before that we request to please renew your support license as your support license is expired. Once it is done, do come back to us for further help. Thanks

I’m trying to replace the footer stock background image and it won’t allow me. I’ve done this multiple times before, but now it isn’t working.

Definitely. Here’s my http://www.myluminescence.com. I’ll send the other info via email. Thanks!

I have forwarded your ticket to our technical staff, please send the required information to the support staff at support@webinane.com Thanks a lot

You can change the footer background in Theme Options > General Settings > Footer Settings > Footer Image. If having difficulty in changing the footer image, do contact us at support@webinane.com. Sometimes some commands are not executed properly due to server restrictions. We can diagnose it by accessing your server. Thanks a lot

Is this theme supported by WordPress 4.5? Also, with there be an update to the built-in plugin, “LayerSlider WP”? Thank you.

We will launch its update with the latest plugins within a day. Thanks for your interest, i will send you the reply as it will be live. Thanks a lot :)


I’m using the Dictate theme and for some reason the template is not center on any web browsers. How do I fix this?


You have updated the wordpress version to 4.5 but you have not updated the theme and premium plugins yet. Please update your plugins and themes first, we are hopeful that you will not face this issue. Thanks a lot – in case of more help you can contact us at support@webinane.com

I have installed the theme dictate and have upgraded to version 4.5. Layer slider on the homepage does not work (I installed version 5.6.6.). In addition I try to insert a shortcode and it appears Warning: include(/homepages/44/d524876868/htdocs/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/44/d524876868/htdocs/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/homepages/44/d524876868/htdocs/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/resource/shortcode_output.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5.4’) in /homepages/44/d524876868/htdocs/wp-content/themes/dictate/framework/loader.php on line 89 Please, could you help me. Regards

Please don’t worry about this error, we are launching an update today for this theme, your problem will be resolved once you will download and install the update. Thanks a lot

Please download the latest version now and you will not these problems any more. Thanks a lot :)


Dear Clients and interested buyers, we have included the following updates, bug fixes and features in Dictate,
  • New – Added 37 multiple demos installation options
  • Updated – Fully compatible with Wordpress 4.5
  • Improved – Improved demo importer speed to import data – now it takes only seconds
  • Updated – Updated all plugins in the theme
  • Added – Added 37 visual composer default templates to access your desired demo page on a single click
  • Fixed – Fixed – All known bugs which are mentioned by our dear clients

If you have suggestions or need bug fixed please email us at support@webinane.com Thanks a lot :)


ROGGOR Purchased


Visual composer doesent work, it is not possible to edit the theme after demo install.

And, if i ad a new logo, it doesent show up. Header php has the latest update: $Logo = ‘’;

I have set up my site in the html5 version while waiting for bugs to be fixed in the wp version. Please help me get visual composer to work and logo editing so i final can port the html5 to Wp.

Running theme version 4.6 and vissual version 4.9


ROGGOR Purchased


I still have an issue with the logo and changing it, this is the same for lets say the banner.jpg image. So there is an upload issue somewhere. Ive checked with my host and everything needed is enabled and activated.

I saw some others having this issue as well but their fix didnt help. Open for suggestions hehe :)


ROGGOR Purchased

lol, the theme lives it’s own life :)

The logo works now, did nothing, maybe some cache kept me from seing changes but, still weird, it just started working. But, the problem now is that even though i set it to use log instead ofg text, the logo slogan is added under the logo. I have not typed any in the backend, made shure its set to not show any extra text, but it still does it. Is there a setting im missing?

Do you need further help from our end brother?

Hi, I tried to email you guys about an issue I’m having and I got an error saying your support email wasn’t working? I updated my version of Wordpress and some plugins and suddenly the theme is doing weird things, like shifting to the left. Can you guys look into this? What email should I contact for help?

Please contact webinane@gmail.com and our support staff will solve this problem immediately. Thanks a lot

I have tried to upload the data.xml three times and it’s giving me a internal sever error message that says it can’t be uploaded. So I called the hosting company and they said I needed a code from you guys. I want to upload the demo.

Can you please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com so that we can diagnose for what reasons you are facing this error. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Hi! How i can import demo data on online site?

Out team has responded your ticket and required some information so please reply back to the team and they will solve you issue. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

I’m using the theme but it isn’t responsive?? How can i fix it so it shows up as responsive on mobile?

It is responsive my brother, can you please share the URL so that we can check why it is not responsive on your side. Thanks a lot :)

it’s donnybrookclinic.com

Thanks for sharing your URL, we can see that some of the new sections are added in the website which are not responsive. You will have to send your purchase code first to our support team to verify your purchase. Then we will need wp-admin and ftp information so that we can fix the issues with your new section. Our email address is support@webinane.com Thanks again for your cooperation.


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Good day, I’ve upgraded the theme to the latest version and now need to upgrade plugins: VC, Layerslider and the plugins come with the but when i click update i receive: Update Failed: Update package not available. where to find the packages in theme. thanks

We have seen your problem as you sent the email, the problem is not with the theme, the problem is with the third party plugin which you are using. The plugin is ‘modal login for wordpress’ please deactivate it and your problem will be solved. Thanks a lot :)


firas80 Purchased

Fantastic support as usual. you guys really rock. thank you..

You are welcome bro :) we will always be there for your help. :)

Hi, import function of theme panel is not working and I would like to import data by using Wordpress import feature but i couldn’t find the “data.xml” sample file. Can you please supply this file or place that I can find? thanks..

Hi, thanks for quick reply, I’ve sent an e-mail now.

Hi again, I would like say my opinion about localization. In Visual Composer there are some special element such as, Services, Portfolios, Affiliation etc. but none of them have Title attribute so I cannot localize this elements’ title from Visual Composer editor to my language e.g “Our Affiliation” is used for title of “Creative Our Affiliation” element on Visual Composer. In default editor I can edit the titles by adding title attribute manually, but I think you should add Title attribute to be editable. Regards.

We have seen that this feature is not given in the theme but we welcome this suggestion and we will include these features in the next update which will launch in the next week. Thanks a lot for your patience.

dear sir how to translate view all at recent events full page widget by using WPML it is displayed at the string translation

Duplicate Comment.

dear sir how to translate “view all” at recent events full page widget by using WPML it is not displayed at the string translation

Please submit your ticket and also please provide the url of the page where you want this issue to be solved, we will diagnose the issue and provide the solution for it.Our support center is https://webinane.ticksy.com Thanks a lot :)