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where i can find purchase code? i already buy the theme , how to get the purchase code.


Hello, there is no validation for the template work?   I’ll start converting Joomla Template and need to know, I usually use the template on a domain of development and migrate to the end address.    Thank you!

Please explain your question as it is not clear what you want to ask. Thanks

Hi webinane how can I set the form to receive in my email?



We are here to help, please wait our support staff is off at this time, they will respond you as they come online in the next support session, please send an email to support@webinane.com and they will send you the required file. Thanks and sorry for inconvenience.

until now have not got hold of the file contact.php !!!!!

Did you sent any email to support, sorry in advance if you have not got the answer, if may have been because busy day in support. Can you send your email address at the sugotech@ymail.com. As the support is off now till Monday and i will try to send you personally. Thanks

I am very disappointed. I think there should be a disclaimer that what you get as a download does not look at all like what is available online because all the images are replaced with placeholders stating the image size. I purchased this theme, partly, because I liked many of the images and thought they were included with the content.

We are very sorry that you are hurt but i am sure you have not read themeforest policies yet, dear no author can deliver any theme with the picture in themeforest otherwise the company does not allow our products to be allowed to sale on themeforest. Please be sure that no theme from themeforest will provide you images because of themeforest policy so we can not provide it to you. You can download from the Demo for experiment purposes but you can not use them as these are purchased images.

Sorry we could not help you in this matter but we will surely help you in other problems if you face any in Dictate.

Thanks let us know if you have any other concern.

Any possibilities to display advertisements “page on load” – modal box?. If yes, how to?

Please share your URL so that we can see which Header style you are using for your website. Thanks

Is this template video compatible?

Also, I purchased the $16 version, but it won’t install correctly. I’m wondering if I either need to A) purchase the $58 version instead, B) it won’t work because it’s not yet compatible with WordPress 4.0, or C) Both.

That is supposed to be a B, not a smiley face with sunnies…

Donot worry dear, we are going to launch the latest version today, it will be fully compatible with 4.0 Thanks :)

The site is not compatible with IE8: the principal menù is misaligned, the footer semitransparent background doesn’t work, etc


Thanks for asking us for help, dear we donot give support to IE8 and this is mentioned in the theme, Themeforest says it is not mandatory to make any template compatible with IE8 because the World Wide usage of IE8 is less 2% now. Thanks


I resolved with a couple of js. Rgba aren’t supported in IE8 but I can replace it with transparent png.

HI. I already bought this and realize that the wrong version. I would like to buy the Dictate template with wordpress but this one only template :(

Is there anyway can you guys give me the Wordpress version without buying it ?

Thank you.

Thanks a lot for contacting us for this issue, i am sorry to say that you will have to purchase the Wordpress again as far as this purchase is concerned you can contact themeforest about it, hope they will tell you the solution of it. Thanks – let us know if you have further questions to ask.

We bought the theme because I thought that would come with the Header – Wrapped Header ( index21.html ), but downloading it did not come . How to solve ?

Thanks for purchasing our product, please donot worry about it, our theme was down for the last few weeks, we have submitted the update of the template and it will be available for download within few hours. If you need it urgently please send your request at support@webinane.com and you will get the answer within an hour. Thanks a lot :)

Is there a way to change the title fonts in this theme? I am at the end of the project and the client now wants all the title to be Nixie One. I don’t know how to change Google fonts. Would you be able to give me a tip? The link to the website is: http://dev.studiojcreative.com/~vermonthealthfir/index.php

Thank you for any help, the theme has been great to work with!

Go To https://www.google.com/fonts . Type the font name in the search bar. It will show the font if it exists in the google font library. Click on the “quick use” button will take you to the next page. On that page it will give you the code to include in your website. Copy the code and open the html file of your template. In the head tag of each page you will see this code.
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans+Condensed:300,300italic,700|Open+Sans:400,300,300italic,400italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic|Noto+Sans:400,400italic,700,700italic|PT+Sans+Caption:400,700|Lato:400,100,100italic,300,300italic,400italic,700,700italic|Roboto:400,100italic,100,300,300italic,400italic,500,500italic,700,700italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
Add the copied code from google fonts right after this code. And then you can change the font family property of the heading in the css file to change the font.

Thanks a lot, let us know if you need further help

I am having problems with the . The drop down menu links does not work. Please advise. What am I missing. Here is an example: http://www.generateeducates.info/classes-Grip.html. None of the drop down links located on sidebar under the heading “Generate Educate Classes”. Please advise?

Having problem specifically with the toggle drop down links. They do not work. In other words, I have links associated with them, but the links are not active, they do not redirect to the page(s) they are suppose to go to. It does nothing. Please advise.

We have solved your problem and sent you a reply through email. Thanks a lot for your patience. :)

Really like the Side Menu but when a dropdown menu is clicked I would like it to toggle the dropdown on and off, is this possible please?

We have corrected it, please download the file from the above link again and upload on your server. Your problem will be solved. Thanks a lot

Thank you very much, works a dream – great service.

You are very warn welcome dear, let us know if you need further help.


If i have a local video (.mov file) that i upload to a folder on the server, and use lets say http: // site/img/mymovie.mov – the file starts only to download if i start the video player. Do i need to use a specific video file format?

Thanks for helping if you can

Please send your ftp and wp-admin details at support@webinane.com and our support staff will change the code according to your requirements. Thanks a lot

Hi guys, This is the html 5 version so wp-admin details is not required. I will create the ticket and send ftp details. Thanks for helping :)

Sorry i thought it is WordPress, it is right to submit a ticket. Thanks a lot

​Hello Team,

We are facing a issue on Header Menu on Iphone version, when we try to open a Menu then its take a too long time for open.

for review you can see the demo url: http://chavezwebdesign.net/AmpexWebsite55/index.html

I have request that please help out to fix this issue..

Thank you! Have a good day..​ Warm Regards Luis Chavez Chavez Web Design

Hello Team,

We are unable to erase a ticket for this templete : https://themeforest.net/item/dictate-medical-salon-and-fashion-html5-template/5341411

I have a 6 month support time but still when I am try to submit a ticket for this template then have not found this template on Drop down …

Please look this issue as soon as

Thank you! Have a good day..​ Warm Regards Luis Chavez Chavez Web Design

Here is a link to what I see: https://www.screencast.com/t/2NJmFfGe8


Thanks for asking us for help, yes we can’t see Dictate HTML template in the drop down, we will check the reason and fix it very soon. You can mention your issue here in comment area as well. Once the option will appear in the drop down you will be easy to submit a ticket.

Thanks a lot