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NielsenFamilyCreations does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hey you made it! Congrats – I know it has taken a lot of effort. Good luck

Finally your item was approved, Congrats :) Good Luck

congrats and already one purchase. great

Good job bud! Best of luck.

Congratulations johney, im happy for you. glws !

Finally. It’s great to see that you are now a “real author” on ThemeForest. I subscribed to your post and saw how many rejections you got.

Congrats and glws :)

Question, I’m a little lost with your instruction on mailchimp integration. Not entirely sure where to find the submit URL

In the “template” directory go to the “scripts” folder. In there you will find “subscribe.php” and from there follow the instructions in the documentation.
Hope this helps! :)

Hi there, I was thinking about purchasing the digital clock template. I was wondering though if we could possibly convert it into a widget on to a Woocommerce site. Thanks

This is an html template so it would have to be custom made.

Very beautiful design :)

Glad you like it! :)

Do you still need help?

No thx :)

I’m having trouble with the Mailchimp integration. When I submit a subscribe form I get the success message ‘Got it, you’ve been added to our email list’ however it does not add to the list and no email notification is sent. I have double checked every setting. The mailchimp API is correct, My mailchimp unique ID is correct. Turning to you is my only option because there is no issues at my end that I can see. I’ve tested all of my mail servers and they work okay. In fact, the contact form on your script works okay, it’s just the Mailchimp subscribe isn’t working. The URL is http://freelance.directory

Please help ASAP Thanks

You can send it on the contact form on my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/nielsenfamilycreations

You can just paste the contents of the file.

Hi again ‘NielsenFamilyCreations’ just wanted to let you know that everything is working okay now. I’m not entirely sure what fixed it but it could have been when I commented out the countdown like you suggested. Anyway, thank you for your excellent support and a great little template.

Glad it’s working! Your site looks great BTW!