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All files in the preview are the same – no chance for the buyer to see the coding, how the portfolio works.

Many here sell templates, that are not well coded and I have a lot of trouble, to get the author for updates!

For copyright laws, as many are explaining away here, is ridiculous – nothing is easier, if one really want.

But for me as a constant buyer here at themeforest, it is really annoying.

Never ever buying a theme, which I cannot test out well here!

The sample images are different, take a good look at them, click on each :). There are 4 different sample images from four different pages :).

There is a live preview link too, a live demo for the template (the only change is a sample layer in the header image), click on the link above to see it, test it, take a look on the source (right click, and see source) and decide that it worth the buying :).

Themeforest increased the approval standards, now every template needs a complete help guide, serious markup in CSS and XHTML files. If this not enough, than I don’t know what :).

“Many here sell templates, that are not well coded and I have a lot of trouble, to get the author for updates!”

I don’t know others what do if something came up (a bug, or bigger problem), but as I see many authors do everything to satisfy their customers. Visit my portfolio and see my previous works and theor comments, if something come up, I’m done the changes and upgrade the template. I think this is the minimum and lot’s of authors do the same :).

Calm down colorit – You’ve absolutely no right to go off on a rant about the lack of interactivity on this template. By all means ask politely, but your abrupt tone is WELL out of line.

For €10 a template – you can’t honestly complain or even sight examples of previous bad experience.

On to the more constructive -

For the Record Captainm – Nice template, well designed and good luck with it . Bookmarked!

Thank you sticker :).

Nice file. I was not able to test the file. Please post a link where one can test it.

There is a link in the image above: Live Preview. Click on it and you can see the working website! :)

i get this error trying to view live preview. do you have another link? This website is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later.

Unfortunately there were no suitable nodes available to serve this request.

Thanks, I will look after this!

The live demo should work now :).

renew ya domain dude, no demos work :-)